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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Disney’s Ariel As The 4th Doctor

The Doctor finally gets to be a ginger in this Little Mermaid/Doctor Who mash-up. Artist Lar deSouza even made Flounder into K-9 but made sure to put a stipulation on his tumblr post, “Don’t get excited for a series though. I’m exhausted just by the thought of doing a dozen more Princess Who’s!” Pretty please! With sugar on top! I’ve already done one FemmeDoctor cosplay group, I would totally do another in this vein. (via Ashley Hay

  • Singer Donna Summer has passed away at the age of 63, losing her battle with cancer. The Frisky has more.
  • Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is teasing us all about something very important. A fan on twitter said, ”I could see Rock playing in DC movies. Gravedigger or John Stewart (JL’s Green Lantern).” To which Johnson replied, ”Funny U say that.” Now, I have long held the belief that Johnson would make an epic Black Adam and while his reply was completely non-specific, I will now believe that is what’s happening. That being said, it was recently announced that DC/Warner is moving forward with a Lobo film…the director of that film? Brad Peyton, who directed Johnson in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. I doubt this is a coincidence. (via Blastr)

Speaking of DC properties, here’s our first look at the new Green Arrow in action via Blastr. You can also see the real action (and a clip from the CW’s another new show, Beauty and the Beast) in this first teaser trailer on Collider.

  • Earlier today we showed you the first footage from the new CBS’ Sherlock series Elementary starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui. You told us what you thought of it, now here’s what the BBC’s Sherlock and Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat had to say about it. “What we did with our Sherlock was just take it from Victorian times into modern day,” he said. “They’ve [Elementary] got three big changes: it’s Sherlock Holmes in America, it’s Sherlock Holmes updated and it’s Sherlock Holmes with a female Watson. I wonder if he’s Sherlock Holmes in any sense other than he’s called Sherlock Holmes. It’s almost like they should have made Watson a woman but kept the show in Victorian times. Actually … that would actually be quite interesting.” YES, STEVEN MOFFAT THAT WOULD BE INTERESTING. (via Blastr)
  • TBS has purchased a minority stake in Funny Or Die. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

With the Olympics starting up soon, it’s nice to see they’ve adapted their logo to fit their new overlords in. (SevenHundred on RedBubble)

  • While we’re on the Olympics, are you ready to have a fan freak out? According to Tor, we’re going to get a Doctor Who mini-episode on May 24th. And it will be Olympic themed. In my head, they are required to at least utilize David Tennant’s image from his 2012 Olympic episode. It’s only right.
  • Researchers at Virginia Tech created an interactive, 3D printing vending machine, and grad student Amy Elliot tells us all about it in this video.

And now, prepare to have your mind blown. As if learning Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) was singer Lilly Allen’s brother wasn’t enough, I just learned today that Jack Gleeson, who plays Joffrey on the show, was in Batman Begins!! (via The Keyboard Hero) But the best part is that besides getting to keep one of Batman’s technologically advanced gadgets (smooth move, Bats), this also happened to him in the film…

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  • Kath

    Lol, no-one likes Joffrey.

  • Sarah

    Yes Moffat, it would have been interesting to do Victorian era female Watson. The clothing alone with the societal gender roles being violated, OH DEAR GOD I WANT TO WATCH THAT. 

  • Kimberly

    And now, so do I. Why wasn’t this done? :(

  • Lauren Seals

    I wasn’t really sure it was possible to keep disliking Moffat more, but every time he opens his mouth I cringe. Have some decorum. He sounds like a petulant child who thinks he invented gravity. Spoilers: modern interpretations have been happening since ever. Don’t act like you patented the idea.

  • Anthony Neves

    Try “Ruse” by Mark Waid. The old Crossgen series and the new marvel stuff. It’s a victorian era “Steampunk” Holmes with a female character filling in for the Watson role …

  • Chris Howard

    He just does things well. He’s not petulant, he’s right.

  • Anonymous

    Little Mermaid/Doctor Who mash-up – now that is a hot cartoon!

  • Lauren Seals

    I respectfully disagree that he does things well! Technically, perhaps. Narratively, his treatment of women and minorities is definitely something to examine critically. They all seem to end up as wives and mothers and/or wholly enraptured to the men in their lives. If they once had thrust and a personal set of goals, those seem to dwindle.

    However, I’m not really originally arguing his technical skill. This particular quote suggests that Elementary is DOING IT WRONG because of ‘too many’ changes. I don’t honestly care if Elementary looks terrible or Sherlock is the greatest thing that’s ever graced this earth, he did not create the idea of modernizing Sherlock Holmes, and honestly, the suggestion that a different interpretation is somehow wrong or less valid (“I wonder if he’s Sherlock Holmes in any sense other than he’s called Sherlock Holmes.”) is ridiculous. I wonder if House is less a Sherlock Holmes story because they changed so much of it? To distill the story down to time, location and sex/gender is to miss some seriously critical elements of the story.

    And it comes off as whiny.

  • Anoona

    What’s not feministly interesting about the idea of strong female character Joan Watson, woman doctor with military field background, in the Victorian world of societal gender roles? 

    Or Sherlina Holmes, brilliant woman detective, respected for said brilliance in the Victorian world of societal gender roles? 

  • John Wao

    R.I.P. Donna Summer. Beautiful woman. Great singer. Icon.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that it might not work in a Victorian context is why there’s not a gender-swapped Sherlock Holmes set in the Victorian era (check out this old comic book from the 1980′s, if you want: Honour Among Punks: The Complete Baker Street Graphic Novel)