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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Disney Villainpuff Girls

By absolem studio, available for $10 today only at Ript Apparel.

This Mondo Kill Bill poster by Rockin’ Jelly Bean is a few days old, but let’s be real, with how fast those things sell out it’s not like you would’ve been able to buy a copy anyway. (Firewire)

The faint of heart might not want to see the uncropped version of Rodrigo Alexandrino‘s Adventure Time/Attack on Titan art. For the gutsy, here it is. (Kotaku)

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  • Patrick Denny

    I just saw Frozen for the first time yesterday (I have a 4yr old daughter, there will be multiple viewings, I am sure). I think my favourite part of the experience was hearing audible gasps of horor and disgust from pre-teen/tween girls in the audience when “the big Hans reveal” happens.

  • Anonymous

    That shirt…. wantssssss it!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s topical in more ways than one.

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    TeeFury had a Sailor Puff Girls shirt yesterday, so I’m gonna have to skip this one, even though it’s better…

  • Anonymous

    From the Frozen article: “The key difference is that they don’t unfold as Disney has long conditioned us to expect.”

    as Disney has long conditioned us to expect

    as Disney

    This is precisely why I can’t get on the unmitigated Frozen praise train. How many points do you deserve for slightly improving a universal formula, if you’re the one who created it in the first place?

  • Attorney Matthews Bark Orlando

    I love your out fit its awesome