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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Triptych Poster Set

These fantastic Star Wars posters are for sale ONLY this weekend – sale ends at midnight tomorrow.  Buy, buy like the wind! (via Collider)

  • The movie Dinosaur 13 which is about Sue, my family’s favorite dinosaur, and its discovery in the Black Hills of South Dakota, has been acquired by CNN Films and Lionsgate. (via Variety)
  • The founder of the Sci-Fi Hotel is working to bring his “Giger Bar” to the United States. Hopefully it involves a similarly terrifying/awesome design. (via CNet)

Benedict Cumberbatch is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly next week and he’s looking particularly Cumberbatch-y.  Enjoy! (via EW)

  • Comics app Comixology was the top grossing non-game iPad app in 2013. They also announced that they delivered four billion comics pages in 2013. Look at the power of all those geek dollars! (via The Beat)
  • One easy way to increase the visibility of women in science – put women on the teams that pick speakers at scientific conferences! Studies show it increases female speakers by 72 percent. (via LiveScience)

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  • Anonymous

    Wouldnt call Sherlock Holmes a Cult hit who the heck writes that? First season of Sherlock had many millions of viewers and so has previous seasons. A cult would imply it had less viewers. Considering the UK has like 60 million and Sherlock has been able to hit 12 million at its peak. It is far from Cult hit.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not on network or premium cable here in the USAlund so it’s a “cult hit”