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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Random Oscar Winner Generator

To create their Random Oscar Winner Generator, TIME took the IMDB keywords of the 233 movies nominated for Best Picture since 1970 and plugged them into an algorithm. My favorite is “A movie star and a film producer in the 1860s cope with fame and adultery,” because time travel. Share yours in the comments.

Twitterer @Samvalasam, bringing the honesty. (Fashionably Geek)

  • Tumblr has let you tag other users for a while (I know, I was surprised too), but now if you tag someone in a post said user will actually get a notification about it. The Daily Dot has more.
  • Via The Frisky, Monday’s How I Met Your Mother put three of its white characters in yellowface.

James Hance does it again with this Thorin Oakenshield wood carving. (Nerd Approved)

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  • Marcella Florence

    A gay singer and a police officer struggle with nostalgia, pain and violence in the 18th century

  • Deborah K.

    In 1900s New York City, violence, politics and mental illness echo for a pipe-smoking housewife

  • Glitchy

    And the nominees are…

    -A baby in the 1990s works through violence, mob violence and passion

    -Friendship, writing and loneliness plague a pirate

    -A songwriter, a musician and a serial killer face country music, transvestism and classical music in Illinois

    -In 1970s London, childhood, childhood memory and religion mix for a pregnant child, an author and an expectant father

  • Anonymous

    Fraternal love, male bonding and violence resound in the jungle for an Australian orphan and a murderer.

    Idris Elba as the ‘murderer’. Chris Hemsworth as the Austalian Orphan. Hemsworth was adopted by Elba’s family after his parents death so they’re brothers. They go on a trip to the jungle for [insert plot motivation here] where it’s revealed that PLOT TWIST Elba’s character murdered Hemsworth’s parents when he was a kid because they were physically abusive. The two fall out, go their own way get into peril and finally realise that they can only survive in the harsh amazon rainforest by working together.

    Shit, I probably failed the Bechdel test.

  • EleniRPG

    If putting their characters in Asian-style costumes with Asian-style hair (and facial hair) offended people, then HIMYM made a bad call and should apologize. But I don’t think it’s that bad, and calling it “yellowface” is going too far. I mean, can a white person cosplay a black character? As long as they don’t try to darken their face, and stick with just a costume and maybe a wig, I don’t see how anyone would call it “blackface.” The two HIMYM actresses have red lipstick, dark eyeliner, and I guess makeup to enhance their eyebrows. They don’t have makeup to change their complexion or make their eyes look narrow, which is what I’d consider yellowface. They also thankfully stayed clear of fake accents, which would have definitely tipped it into offensive territory. Wearing an Asian-style top and a hair bun also don’t seem like yellowface, either. The facial hair on Radnor is a little weird, but it sure beats tape on the corner of his eyes. The point is, I don’t think they’re trying to pass anyone here off as Asian, so it’s not yellowface. What they are doing is dressing them up so we get that they’re doing a nod to a certain genre of Asian film.

    Also, that Frisky article is really bad, because it says the characters are supposed to be Japanese, with the women wearing kimonos, when they are wearing Chinese clothes that are definitely not kimonos. Kimonos look VERY different, so WHOOPSIE. I was against Katy Perry’s AMA performance, but the makeup and cultural caricature weren’t nearly as bad in HIMYM. At least that’s my interpretation.

  • Anonymous

    A piano-playing attorney and a Buddhist reporter in a rural setting confront injustice hope and hate. Sounds like it could happen.

  • Alberto Cox Délano

    A Catholic suicide bomber, a terrorist and a child confront rivalry, melancholy and sibling rivalry in the desert

  • locuas

    wouldn’t the catholic be a terrorist too?

  • locuas

    Some of the gems i got:

    In Tokyo, greed and fear mix for an African-American prostitute, a fireman and a firefighter
    because i assume a fireman starts fires while the firefighter ends them…

    A blonde babysitter and a virgin violinist cope with infidelity, existentialism and adultery
    I have to guess the violinist is the odler brother/sister of the kid the babysistter takes charge of…

    A Muslim teenage girl and a Hindu teenager work through Christianity, friendship and class
    I hate those movies that try to impose christanity as the one true religion…

    An American priest and an artist in 1910s Mexico cope with kindness, police corruption and love
    Aren’t kindness and love the same thing?

    A Native American cowboy struggles with fraternal love, jealousy and blindness in 1960s Kansas
    A blind cowboy in the sixties? i smell tardis nearbyyyy!

  • Alberto Cox Délano

    Thought the same, but if the character is not IRA, then it’s just a deranged person.

  • locuas

    Not really, a terrorist is someone who causes terror. it does not need to be IRA to be called a terrorist.

  • locuas

    In the jungle, a gay assassin and a mafiaso struggle with wealth, paranoia and organized crime.
    i am not digging this Book of the jungle sequel

  • locuas

    and the winner is…

    “In the 1920s, a workaholic terrorist and a Jewish bodyguard confront justice, illiteracy and fear”

  • Anonymous

    Can we grant Idris Elba Bechdel immunity? For reasons? OK, I can’t think of any, but I still want to give it a go.

  • Alerrison

    In the 1890s, a pipe-smoking child, a writer and a detective confront a dysfunctional family, surveillance and humiliation

    I wasn’t going to share any of mine, and then I got a pipe-smoking child. Someone help the pipe-smoking child.

  • Supookeed8087

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  • Alissa Knyazeva

    I AM. (especially because this one arguably makes a bit of sense…)

  • locuas

    Idris Elba is enough reason. no matter the gender of the characters, talking about Idris Elba is OK.

  • Anonymous

    A prime minister, a political prisoner and a playwright confront terminal illness and temptation in 1939 England.

    Dang, some of these sound like they’d actually be pretty good movies.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I would watch that.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Starring Woody Allen.

  • Laura Truxillo

    “A Chinese-American thief, a criminal and a gangster in a 1950s small town confront mob violence, suspicion and death.”

    I WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE. (As a dramedy.)

  • Anonymous

    An old man in 1940s Tokyo works through melancholy, friendship and death

    I think Kurosawa already made that one…

  • Ashe

    Uh, are you Asian?

  • Joanna

    None of those white people had yellow faces… O.o

  • Anonymous

    Nope. And the linked article has a few facts wrong.

  • Joanna

    She incorrectly associated Japan and Shanghai cos lol all Asian places are the same! And those are not kimonos. The irony… I just can’t…

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    “Tragedy, memory and family relationships haunt a tough guy in the jungle.”

    Seriously, though, this generator has now been bookmarked. I write fiction, and I’m always looking for prompt generators for those times I need a little inspiration. I can definitely work with the one I got! Ex-British soldier turned mercenary fighter after his wife and son were killed in an IRA bombing… excuse me, I have to go jot some notes down…

  • Anonymous

    “Love, guilt and adultery haunt a pregnant boy, a Christian psychiatrist and a blonde dancer”, here.

    Pregnant boy.

  • Anonymous

    - In Washington, D.C., a Catholic assassin, a child in peril and an alien cope with tragedy, government and betrayal

    - In 1890s Paris, an upper-class servant copes with terminal illness and filmmaking

    - In the World War II era, photography, marriage and temptation echo for an African-Anglo prime minister

    - In Washington, D.C., a refugee, a Nazi and a voyeur struggle with sexuality, corruption and coming of age

    - Love, guilt and adultery haunt a pregnant boy, a Christian psychiatrist and a blonde dancer

    - A millionaire engineer, a German judge and a college student face inheritance, injustice and mental illness in Houston

    I am addicted.

  • Alerrison

    Sounds like the pregnant boy and the pipe-smoking child would get along.