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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Who Is This New Batman Character?

And who wants to create  shrine with me to worship her hair? The image above was tweeted by Scott Snyder, who noted that that she’ll first be appearing in BATMAN #28. (Comic Vine)

  • Actress Eleanor Parker, best known for playing Baroness Schraeder in The Sound of Music, has passed away. She was 91. (Deadline)
  • Guess who made Whitney Matheson of USA Today’s list of the 10 best websites of 2013? This guy site!

This ring is made of meteorite, dinosaur bone, and titanium, and if you have $698 you can buy it on Etsy. I’m curious as to how one gets all those things. (Neatorama)

Hugh Jackman Tweeted the above picture of the angriest latte you will ever not-drink. (That’s Nerdalicious)

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  • Brian McDonald

    Nightwing, Inc.?

  • Anonymous

    I really hope Clock King wears his swanky Bavarian outfit, but I know I’m going to be disappointed.

  • Lilian Bobadilla

    That was my first thought upon seeing her, Female Nightwing???

  • Samuel

    Because DC owns Wildstorm now and integrated Wildstorm characters into their new combined universe, I almost wonder if that’s the new Ladytron from Wildcats. She certainly looks fairly similar, though she’s missing the reconstructed jaw.

  • Ivy

    We bought our wedding bands from Johan on Etsy. They have metal from the same meteorite, plus my husband’s has gold. We’re giant space nerds, so it was perfect for us.

  • Miss Cephalopod

    That ring sounds like it’s creation must’ve been an Monkey Island-style hunt for ingredients. (Or fantasy RPG, take your pick.)

  • JMH

    $698? No missing decimals? Mine was white gold and was more than that. That’s ridiculously awesome for a ring that ridiculously awesome.

  • Pink Apocalypse

    Yeeaaahhhh, if those rings are still available after next year (detailed financial plan), we’re totally buying two of them. My boyfriend and I just geeked out and made a pinky promise.

  • Ryan Colson

    I bet it’s Harper, the tech geek chick from Snyder’s run, as the new Nightwing after his beating in Forever Evil.

  • Anonymous

    A female “Nightwing”? Oh, my… but it might be okay, as there have been four (am I still up-to-date?) Robins, and the Frank Miller one was a girl. Big question: If the girl becomes the new Nightwing, what does Nightwing become?

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Female Nightwing? Are they actually going to off Dick as part of Forever Evil?

  • protoformX

    fingers crossed… Cassandra Cain?

    Is that too much to ask?

  • Brett W

    Whoever she is, I doubt she’s part of the Bat family. For starters there’s that massive GUN. Based on all the toolboxes, my first thought was some kind of bizarre re-imagining of the Carpenter.

  • Fisty

    Yeah, I’m guessing Harper as Nightwing.

  • Fisty

    Definitely. Or maybe not.

  • Cowtools

    I think I see a streak of purple in the hair, which suggests Harper to me.

    The thought of Harper and Steph meeting up fills me with glee. Can’t wait!

  • Cowtools

    If that IS Harper Row in the costume, it could be some kind of electric/disruptor/tool gun. It has a swiss-army look about it. Along with the toolbox, it goes with Harper’s ‘Ms Fix-It’ M.O.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    It looks like Nightwing and Arsenal had a baby who got design advice from image comics O.o

  • Lowprices

    It’s part of a complex series of promotions: She becomes the new Nightwing; Nightwing becomes the new Batman; Batman becomes the new Superman; Superman transfers over to Marvel and becomes the new She-Hulk; and She-Hulk is becoming the new Aunt May, to replace the original, who retires early next year.

  • JJ


  • Anonymous

    my husband and i got our wedding rings from that etsy seller. green wood and meteorite. he does really great work, and he’ll work with you to customize.

  • Fisty

    Does look a lot like her.

  • Samuel

    Sadly, after some digging, apparently that’s Harper Row’s new look, so no Maxine. =(

  • The Lewd Ood

    Looks kinda like Magpie to me. Although a female Nightwing would be pretty sweet…

  • Mark Brown

    Exactly. There must have been a Quest involved.

  • Ryan Colson

    or maybe.