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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Hanie Mohd’s Wonder Woman Gown

I admit, I’m terribly biased because Hanie Mohd is my Womanthology artist but I have a pie ready to hit the face of anyone who says this isn’t gorgeous. She previously illustrated a stylish, but more casual Wonder Woman dress but decided to draw something more “mature and glamourous” this time around. Please, someone pay her to do an officially licensed clothing and accessories line. We will buy it all. (via Hanie Mohd) Now, let’s take a look at what else we saw today… 

  • While we’re on the subject of clothing, our sister site Geekosystem is holding a caption content to win a t-shirt from Give it a shot!
  • GeekGirlCon 2012 is now open for panel submissions. Got an idea for one? Go here. Deadline to submit is March 15.
  • Comediva has a list up of Rebooted Hollywood Rom-Coms Starring Cthulhu. There’s something I never thought of but would not put past Hollywood to actually do.

Here is a plethora of Gary Oldman roles realized in 8-bit. Aww yeah, Zorg! By Andy Rash via Culture Popped.

io9 has a few looks at Dark Horse Comics’ covers for their upcoming Dragon Age comic. Nifty! Read some more about it on Dark Horse’s site.

  • Author R.L. Stine recently published an entire horror story on twitter, line by line. (via io9)
  • There are over 800 characters in this Lord of the Rings genealogy project. (via Reddit)

A set of three Lord of the Rings commissions by Katie Cook. Now someone commission her to illustrate the entire series. Seriously. (via Katie Cook)

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  • Kath

    At least they didn’t hire OSC to write this DA comic – that was one of the most blatantly ridiculous decisions I’ve ever seen.

    Guy 1: “Hey, guys, we have LGB characters, right?”
    Guy 2: “Sure”
    Guy 1: “And we’re gonna get a comic done, yeah?”
    Guy 2: “Sure”
    Guy 1: “Why don’t we see if Orson Scott Card is available? He’s a noted writer.”
    Guy 2: “But he’s a homophobic activist who’s a member of organisations that seek to re-criminalise homosexual activities and restrict their civil liberties, including their ability to marry.”
    Guy 1: “Oh… but still, let’s see if he’s available, it could do us great”
    Guy 2: “Sure could, Guy 1. Sure could.”

    I applaud BioWare’s ability to promote LGB characters, insult transpeople and hire homophobic bigots to write tie-in media.

  • Frodo Baggins

    I laughed allowed at “Why don’t we see if Orson Scott Card is available.”

    Nice buildup. 

  • Abby Hernandez

    I like the CDC in our universe significantly more than the CDC in The Walking Dead universe. 

  • ainok

    Somebody needs to be doing spell check or editing or something because lately I’m seeing a lot of plurals with apostrophes for no reason on this site. Not just in this post, I mean. Elsewhere. Repeatedly.

    I realize that’s very insufferable of me to point it out, but on the other hand it kinda makes things look unprofessional around here. So, y’know. Do with it what you will.

  • Anika Guldstrand

    Yes, we absolutely would buy all of her Wonder Woman clothing & accessories. I’m so hoping to replicate one of them for SDCC. 

  • Timothy Tankersley

    Katie Cook should start illustrating LotR  now and then publish when it goes into the public domain, which is not too far away in some countries. It’ll balance out all the inevitable crappy adaptions.

  • Sarah Maple

    Wonder Woman in pants vs no pants…I vote gown!!

  • Anna B

    Since I work in publishing, I’m almost obligated to agree, but I can’t help but recall this video whenever I read similar posts: