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The Mary Sue

Things We Saw Today: Katee Sackhoff Teasing Us Terribly

Stop it, Katee Sackhoff! Just stop it! We’re rooting for Captain Marvel. (via Katee Sackhoff’s Twitter

  • Yesterday we showed you some interesting electronic ugly Christmas sweaters, today, The Frisky shows off a “mood sweater” that changes color with your emotions.
  • BBC America announced the premiere date for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, also Matt Smith’s last, for those of us in the U.S. – December 25, 2013 at 9/8c. (via Doctor Who tumblr)
  • Chris Hemsworth is kissing his wife at the end of Thor: The Dark World, not Natalie Portman. MIND BLOWN. (via

66 famous robots from movies and television. It’s by Scott Park and it’s called “Synthespians.” (via Laughing Squid)

  • Black Phoenix Trading Post has two fun scent packages available for the holidays. They write, “NAUGHTY OR NICE INQUISITION! For $48US, you will receive both a fairy tale-themed Bath Oil and a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fragrance that coordinates with your holiday judgment. You have a choice: let the Black Phoenix goblins determine your fate, convince us of your goodness (or wickedness!), or cut to the chase and order items individually.”
  • Time Warner Is Setting HBO Free For $30/Month (via Gizmodo)
  • A Florida theater played a sexually explicit scene while waiting to get their copy of Disney’s Frozen back on track this past weekend. I think someone needs to go through their computers more than once a lifetime… (via FilmDrunk)

Twitter user David Collins discovered what looked remarkably like a Game of Thrones direwolf in his niece’s spilled milk. Save your tears for this spilled milk, there’s plenty to cry over in GoT… (via That’s Nerdalicious)

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  • Anonymous

    Does anybody see the “Electric Grandmother”?
    PS – Some of those are cyborgs, not robots.

  • J Ritchey

    And some are mecha; others holograms, programs, or mechanoids. Not sure exactly how Daleks are technically classed–they could arguably be classed as cyborg, mechanoid, mech-pilots, or just armoured. I think that’s all beside the point, though.

  • Lowprices

    Well, I read the story about the sexually explicit scene in Frozen, then I saw a picture of a white puddle on a floor. Now I’m going to bed, because nothing else I see today will make up for that experience.

  • Anonymous

    Well, hope she has her acting chops like she did in BSG sometimes she doesnt deliver. But be nice to see a bad ass super powered female character pop up!

  • Anonymous

    What if Katee is Power Girl instead of Capt. Marvel?

  • Anonymous

    lol, I did the same thing!

  • Thomas Hayes

    Please be Captain Marvel please be Captain Marvel please be Captain Marvel

  • JMH


  • Emily Neenan

    So, Natalie Portman said Chris Hemsworth’s wife wore “my wig and costume”. Did Marvel give _both_ Natalie Portman _and_ Chris Hemsworth wigs that look really really similar to their actual hair, but then make Tom Hiddleston grow, straighten and dye his blonde curly hair into Loki’s black hair? And if so, WHY?

  • Anonymous

    Let us try to play stupid analytic:

    “No, not Star Wars” What can that mean?

    1. It’s not Star Wars – it’s the other big SF-series Star Trek! (Katee going Klingon? ;-))

    2. It’s not Star Wars – it’s the other big epic series: The Hobbit! But as this is already not possible anymore, I go for the alternate option: World of Warcraft (Katee becoming a dark warrior elf? ;-)).

    3. It’s not Star Wars – it’s another SF series coming back to the big screen: Battlestar Galactica, getting a big cinematic Spin-Off / New Version / Series / Reboot with Katee in it. (I think I like the last one most of all.)

    Miss Marvel is a given for me at this point (should it not be than I will boycott the Miss Marvel movie when it will come out in 2083! ;-)). But with my luck it probably will just be that finally someone has set a filming start date for that female “Expendables” movie with Katee & Gina Carano in the lead roles. Which is fine, too.

    I would be really surprised if they just right along had her play a Miss Marvel cameo in “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Avengers 2″. But hey, sometimes a surprice can turn out nice! ;-)

  • Samuel

    It’s possible, but there’s been no rumors of her talking with WB, but there has been numerous feeds of her speaking with Marvel/Disney.

  • Samuel

    Yeah, there’s some piloted mechs in there, good number of cyborgs, as well as a good number of bodyless AIs.

  • Mark Brown

    Because Loki is the only one who can shapeshift, duh.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t suck.

  • Anonymous

    The real question is why didn’t they supply him with Elrond’s conditioner.

  • Anonymous

    Well there were rumors of her talking to Disney which means that people were speculating that it was either for Star Wars or Marvel. Given those choices If she’s saying it’s not Star Wars then there is only one other option. It can only be…Pirates of the Caribbean 5

  • AnnaB

    Don’t mind.

  • Anonymous

    So, we all in the dark! ;-) And only because Katee didn’t dare to tell us that she’s so excited because “Longmire” gets a third season! ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • Anonymous

    No offense but I’m still salty over Katee’s bait and switch “Let’s just say I’ve been talking to Marvel…” “Wait, what are you talking about? I’ve never talked to Marvel!” stuff, so I’ll wait and see before I get excited about this.

  • Anonymous

    I hope SO MUCH that it is! I shrieked. I need movie Captain Marvel in my life.