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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Celebrate Thanksgiving

Ugh. These two. They do Thanksgiving better than anyone else, and they’re not even American. (Twitter) sells a zombie dildo. Or sold, because since this hit the blogosphere they’ve removed it. Spoilsports. Here’s the cached version of the page to prove the above screenshot (blurred in case there are any super-industrious geeks reading this at work on a Sunday) isn’t the brainchild of some Redditor. You can see the toy in all its rotted flesh glory at Jezebel.

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  • Anonymous

    If they really wanted to cut a turkey they should have put a copy of X-men 3 on the plate.

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    Glad you pointed out the picture is blurred because I thought it was a Minecraft zombie dildo.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. That’s a mental image I’ll be scrubbing from my brain for *weeks*.

  • Lisa

    Totally saw the zombie dildo while it was live on the site. Hilarious. My friend had a whole thread going about who was going to give it to whom for Christmas.

  • Ashe


  • Lowprices

    That Zombie dildo, I mean, really? Who sees zombies and thinks: “Aw damn, I need that inside me!”

    I guess the internet is a strange and terrible place sometimes…

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps Walgreens also sells Brain Bleach, for those tough… brain things.

  • Anonymous

    I already checked Amazon. It doesn’t seem to be in stock. :’(

  • Saraquill

    Those two are so adorable.

  • Fisty

    Can you believe Barbara Hershey is 65? She looks amazing.