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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Portal Cats

These are Portal Cats. Your argument in invalid. (via @8bitwhiz

  • Check out the first clip from Amazing Spider-Man! It features Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker going to visit Gwen Stacy and running into a little trouble. (via Daily Blam)
  • Ok, this is adorable. There’s a dance team from Corona del Mar High School called Orchesis, has put together “Tales of the Incredible Super Orch: Dancing in a Comic World.” And yes, they were inspired by comic books. “They’ve been hard at work since August — practicing nearly everyday and even reading comic books and working to understand character orgins — to bring the Hulk, Superwoman, Captain America, Catwoman and more to the stage during a 20-piece performance featuring everything from jazz and lyrical numbers to ballet, tap and modern dances.” (via Daily Pilot)

LJinto is one of my favorite photographers. He captured this Supergirl cosplayer at YoumaCon in front of a very Kandor-esque model city. (via OMG DJ Judy)

  • Robert Pattinson said he’d probably be too old to play Edward Cullen if Stephenie Meyer chose to continue her Twilight series. Wait, I thought he was really a vampire? My dreams are crushed. (via Yahoo)
  • Red 2 has a director. Dean Parisot will be replacing Robert SchwentkeBruce WillisHelen MirrenJohn Malkovich and Morgan Freeman are likely to return. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Yes. This walked the runway at Fashion Week in NYC. Designer Jeremy Scott unveiled an entire line devoted to The Simpsons. (via Entertainment Weekly)

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  • Anonymous

    I’d hazard a guess that’s supposed to be Argo City, with its force-shielded dome?

  • Francesca M

    Love that picture of the cosplayer. 

  • Anonymous

    Being too old to play a teenage vampire never stopped Angel. S’all I’m saying.

  • Frodo Baggins

    “Wait, I thought he was really a vampire?”

    Nah, he just sucks the life out of whatever scene he’s in.

  • TKS


    The more of this new Spider-man I see, the more I wish the old Spider-man never happened.

    Also, it took me entirly too long to combine the Aperture logo and “Atature” together.  ”Catature Laboratories.”  Awesome.

  • Bruce Arrick

    The Supergirl cosplayer is CourtoonXIII and she’s got a lot of other amazing costumes as well.  I love her work so much.