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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Bee & Puppycat Design Contest

We just recently found out Cartoon Hangover’s Bee and PuppyCat are doing a Kickstarter to fund a full season on YouTube but now are sponsoring a design contest to coincide with it! Find out more here

  • DoubleXScience put together pictures of women who grew up to be scientists. They’re pretty great.
  • Lady Gaga & The Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular is set to air on Thanksgiving night, 9:30 PM on ABC. My body is ready. (via Deadline)

When the X-Men meet Family Circus by Brendan Tobin. Just one of many fantastic items in the latest The Line It Is Drawn at CBR.

  • The Atlantic Wire writes, “Meet the Women Who Are Changing Marvel and Comics.”
  • ThinkProgress writes, “The Women Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Aren’t Competing Models, Just Different Ways Of Fighting Sexism”

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  • kevin

    My Uncle Colin just got an almost new Volkswagen CC by working parttime online. i was reading this