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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Giant Stuffed Cthulhu For Your Baby’s Nursery

Sacrifice Entertain your child with this giant Cthulhu plushie by Etsy seller KfiatekGiftedHands
(via: Nerd Approved)

  • Pepsi is collaborating with clothing company A Bathing Ape for a line of fancy camo soda cans. As you can see on The Frisky, their graphic designer really messed up one of the ads. Might want to choose a new font, indeed.
  • Comix Chix lists their favorite Important Social, Political and Autobiographical Comic Makin’ Ladies.
  • Visitors to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror nights will find something unexpected in the An American Werewolf in London maze: A TARDIS. “We had that in our warehouse forever and we needed to fill a space,” says Creative Director Michael Aiello. Hey, Michael, I wouldn’t mind taking it off your hands… (Zap2it)

Beast as a sock monkey, by Tamara. (F Yeah Marvel Crafts)

  • The website for a London science talk held by Entangled Bank Events warns “fanatical, misandristic ‘feminist[s]‘” (their words), not to “drone on about the lack of women in the line-up and despatch abusive, mis-spelt, ungrammatical missives to the organisers and presenters… Please save your talents for Twitter and Facebook, that is what they are for. We’re actually very disappointed that none of our female invitees accepted, but that is just how it was. As scientists we have no choice but to accept reality.” After people saw that mind-boggling bit of offensiveness and all the traffic caused their site to crash they passed it off as a joke. Well I don’t think it’s funny, but that must because I’m a fanatical feminist who’s disconnected from reality. (Jezebel)
  • Gail Simone writes about her site Women In Refrigerators being chosen as the #3 Most Powerful Website Of All Time by Mental Floss magazine.

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  • Gordon Borland

    As said in the Necronomicon “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu tries to get the baby to sleep”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what elder evil has been deposited in that baby’s diaper.

  • Sarah K

    Gee, with an attitude like that, I can’t IMAGINE why none of the female invitees accepted!

  • frodobatmanvader

    Thanks, now when I change my baby’s diaper, I’m gonna be worried about Yog Shoggoth leaping out at me (looks side to side, sanity slipping).

  • LifeLessons

    Well go Gail Simone.