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Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The First Poster for NBC’s The Sound of Music

You remember: This is NBC’s upcoming live production of The Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood as Maria and True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp. My brain doesn’t know what it’s doing. Am I indignant? Horrified? Amused? Do I even care? If I have to be subjected to these conflicting emotions then so do you. (Entertainment Weekly)

  • Shut. Down. Everything. Italy’s Smallest Pony Has Been Pony-napped! (The Frisky)
  • Yo, NYCC attendees. Did you know that one of the con’s exclusives is a personalized S.H.I.E.L.D. badge, ID card, and wallet? And that starting tomorrow at 9am EST you can pre-order your badge for pickup at the con? Well now you know. Visit eFC Inc. for more info and to place your order when the time comes.

Tumblr Calvin & Muad’Dib pairs Calvin and Hobbes strips with quotes from the Dune books to, er, interesting effect. (io9)

  • Alice Lee talks about the Riot Grrl movement, her experience as a transwoman who transitioned post-teenagerhood, and computer game Gone Home in an excellent piece over at The Toast.
  • British newscaster Jon Snow reportedly hates that he can’t look for himself on Twitter without reading all about Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow. I don’t even want to contemplate how many times he must be told he knows nothing. (The Telegraph)

Our first picture of the Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) from season two of Arrow has both him and Stephen Amell‘s Oliver Queen sporting less-than-dignified facial expressions. Oh, and for the show’s new set of character posters they went ahead and had all the guys pose shirtless. Not even Teen Wolf goes so far in pursuit of glistening pecs and ridiculousness. Arrow, I don’t watch you, but I think I love you. (SuperHeroHype)

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  • Claire

    Carrie Underwood in the same role as Dame Julie Andrews? Waaaaaat.

  • Pepper

    The butthurt in the comments over on the new Arrow posters is decidedly hilarious.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Ohhhh noooooo, the female gaze! There’s no way any REAL comic book fans could be into THAT!

  • Anonymous

    I thought the Carrie Underwood thing was a joke? Is this the VonTrapp family of the midwest?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    When I mentioned it on twitter I had a guy say the images made him feel like the characters were “less badass.” ORLY?

  • Anonymous

    Audience: ‘They’re in the attic!”

  • Claire
  • Brady Darnell

    As a pre-emptive mollification on the Carrie Underwood thing: at least she makes her living as a singer. Julie Andrews did, too, of course, but when we look at classic film musicals like the King and I, My Fair Lady, and West Side Story: they have one thing in common: Marni Nixon. Ms. Nixon’s is the voice we hear while the stars of the era (Deborah Kerr, Audrey Hepburn, and Natalie Wood, respectively) “Milli-Vanilli’d” their way through the musical numbers.
    Would I rather that they had chosen Annaleigh Ashford or another “legit” musical theatre performer? Sure.
    But it could have been worse.

  • Melynda

    Carrie Underwood has a creepily vacant expression on her face on that poster thing. I’m not a fan of The Sound of Music but even I’m finding this a little sacrilegious.

  • Anonymous

    So I clicked on over to Superherohype and boy did I enjoy reading the comments from (mostly male) readers about how annoyed they were about the topless characters. The irony was deafening.

  • John W

    Jon Snow should just go with and start doing all of his tweets as THE Jon Snow:

    “I think I have a crush on Ygritte. Is that wrong?”

    “Man it is cold as a &^%#$ up here beyond the wall.”

    “I think Ygritte is crushing on me. Should I go with it? But what about my oath? YOLO.”

  • javakoala

    I don’t know if NBC’s marketing team went too photoshop-happy or if someone used the wrong file, and that’s actually concept art for a SPN monster-of-the-week.

  • Anonymous

    Carrie Underwood and Vampire Bill leading a movie with Broadway royalty in it is a whole lot of NO! for me. I mean… Audra McDonald and Laura Benanti in bit parts and those hacks in the lead? come on, NBC!

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, when female comic characters are posed for the male gaze, there’s usually at least a token effort to have them engaged in an action, place them in the context of a scene or give a nod to their character. For example, I think a photo of Oliver Queen shirtless, flexing and oiled up while drawing a bow, or of a shirtless, flexing, dripping wet Roy Harper who just happens to be climbing out of a pool for some unknown reason would be more analogous. Point is, it’s not the beefcake that looks weird to my eye; it’s that they’re just standing there flexing for the camera with no apparent context or apparent.

  • Anonymous

    Here, try this. (Just for fun.) Google image search “male gaze example”.
    Now try to find one that is engaged in an action.
    Note: unless you count leaning into a car and sticking their ass out as far as possible an ‘action’, you might be scrolling for a while.

  • Anonymous

    To counter you I am just going to say White Queen.

  • Brian

    The Sound of Music had Marni Nixon also, but on screen for once. She played one of the nuns. Anyway, the supporting cast of this includes Audra McDonald, Christian Borle, and Laura Benanti, so they’ve got some cred there.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, for the purposes of my point above, I probably would count that as an action. These posters just have the guys standing there, staring off into the middle distance, without even a tangible background for context let alone an object like a car that they’re physically interacting with.

  • Anonymous

    As I think about it more, I think the lack of any reason why they all have their shirts off is a big part of why these posters are jarring. Shirtlessness isn’t an aspect of their usual appearance / costume, so it’s a specific choice for this image, but again, the image gives no context for it. Like I said, even something as flimsy as climbing out of a pool would suffice for a context.

    The White Queen, by contrast, has a very revealing costume normally, so showing her standing there in that revealing costume isn’t jarring. Now, taking a character like, say, Batwoman, and having her pose in a bikini for a publicity shot would be jarring in the same way that these posters are.

  • Anonymous

    Out of character sexy poses are pretty much par for the course for female superhero representation. For every picture of white queen in action there are two of her leaning against something, arching her back, or touching her mouth.

    As an even more relevant example, most promotional images for Nikita (another WB show) show the star posed in a sexy way with a gun she isn’t actually aiming at anything. Turnabout is fair play, does it make it harder to enjoy male superhero shows if you know some people are ogling them?

  • Joseph Finn

    Look CBS, when Carrie freakin’ Underwood gets the lead and Audra “5 Tonys” McDonald gets 5 minutes in your live musical broadcast, you’ve chosen the wrong project.

  • Anonymous

    Neither of those examples are analogous, though, Merlyn, for the reasons I already stated. The White Queen normally dresses in sexy, revealing clothing, so it’s not jarring to to see her depicted that way; it’d be like seeing a poster of Namor in a speedo (i.e., what you expect for the character). As for the Nikita images you’re describing, she’s at least engaged in character-appropriate action (aiming a gun). Like I said, if you stuck a bow in Green Arrow’s hand, it’d go a long way toward making the image less silly. In fact, I think there was a GA poster in which he was shirtless but had a bow in his hand and a quiver slung across his shoulder. No objections there.

    Anyway, I’m not actually objecting to “sexy poses” for the guys or the use of the female gaze in marketing of a show that’s clearly aimed at a female audience (although I thought the usual feminist critique is that ripped guys flexing their muscles in comics is actually a male power fantasy, not sexy fan-service for the ladies, but whatever). All I’m saying is that these posters are particularly jarring because they have no context, no action, and they are depicting the characters in a way they are not normally depicted. They’re Batwoman in a bikini, not the White Queen in a corset.

  • Melynda

    Audra McDonald? Dammit, I love her. I might have to watch it now.

  • Alisa Ann Kreuzer

    New Sound of Music? Big fat NOOOOO!!!

  • Brian

    They did tell Hepburn, I know, because they didn’t tell her until after she showed up to film after taking six months of voice training at personal expense. She was… not happy.

  • Brian

    Yes. As we all know, the real Maria Von Trapp had a British accent. That’s much more accurate.

  • Brian

    Yeah, she’s playing the Mother Superior. A bit young, perhaps, but she’s going to rock the hell out of “Climb Every Mountain”.

  • Dessa Brewington

    You can’t hope to outdo the original. If it was a remake with a twist (like setting it in the modern day, somehow), I could at least see the point, but this seems destined to always be “the bad version” of TSoM.