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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Matt Smith’s Eleven Gets a Doctor—Sorry, Mr.—Potato Head

The official description for this Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head, which will be officially on sale this November, reads:

The Eleventh Doctor as played by “MASH” Smith! Hop in the TARDIS with Mr. Potato Head as he pays homage to the last known survivor of “Galli-Fry”, DOCTOR WHO in his quirky eleventh incarnation! Set comes complete with 8 removable parts and pieces.

Grrrrroan. (io9)

  • Via The Frisky, Pepsi-flavored Cheetos is a thing that exists. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
  • Entertainment Weekly has posted a deleted scene from season three of The Walking Dead. It’s unembeddable, because that’s how they roll, but you can check it out at the link. (via /Film)
  • Head to A.V. Club to check out the nominees for this year’s Ignatz Awards for excellence in independent comics.

Production has officially wrapped on X-Men: Days of Future Past, but not before director Bryan Singer could Tweet the above picture, accompanied only by the word “artifacts.” But what does it meeean? (SuperHeroHype, MTV)

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  • Nirali

    Shouldn’t Strax have gotten this honor?

  • weiwei

  • Robert Vary

    Are those really the best puns they’ve got? “Galli-fry” is acceptable, but surely he should be, I don’t know, a Time Spud traveling in the TATERDIS, or something. And, as your headline points out, it really out to be Doctor Potato Head.

    Also, I really hope that soon they’ll put out accessory packs to dress him up as the other ten Doctors. Though, would the other regenerations need to be other types of vegetables? One as cauliflower, Four as broccoli, Five as celery, etc? Hmm….

  • Anonymous

    My main problem with the toy is it’s not designed as a proper Mr. Potato head.
    The arms and body are all one piece, so too the eyes, nose and mouth. In a traditional potato head, all those part are separate. Even in the various Star Wars models, there was a lot of customizability as you could swap arms and facial parts. Not so here.
    I’m not 100% sure the pieces on this toy are removable.

    I don’t care for the slow inexorable march from “toy” to “collectible”.