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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Summer is Coming

You should probably click through to read the puns happening for this image on reddit. (via The High Definite

  • Diablo Cody is getting her own talk show. (via The Frisky)
  • Iron Man 3 has passed the $1 billion mark at the box office. (via Vulture) unveiled a few new classic Star Trek items in celebration of the new film release.

  • DC’s Justice League is getting a product line at Target. *crosses fingers* (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • There’s going to be a fantasy competition reality show on ABC called The Quest. It takes placed in a made up place called Everrealm and is described as “a land of magic and malevolence, where mythical creatures lurk in the woods, agents of darkness stir in the shadows and mystical beings infiltrate the keep.” Wut. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

In case you hadn’t seen it yet, above is my very own Gutters web comic featuring art by the awesome Amy Mebberson. Click the image to view larger or head over to the page on Gutters and read some more details on my tumblr.

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  • Magic Xylophone

    So wait… Ryan Sohmer had you do a guest strip? The guy who wrote this?

  • Jen Roberts

    Well, the Gutters runs with other writers/artists on a fairly regular basis.
    On the other hand…I’m kind of surprised too.

  • Andrew Paul Ross Semkow

    Chairs is cool

    Diablo Cody, really? the woman who wrote the absurd dialogue for Juno?

    Does this mean we’ll start getting lesser known comic book characters on the big screen?

    Is there a male version of that? I’d love to wear it.

    I’m iffy on the JLA, personally I’m a marvel guy.

    After King of the nerds I distrust any reality show that features me in its demographic.

    Damn the feels from the lat panel.

  • Emily

    I work at Target and today I saw some pretty amusing DC craft/party favours for kids that came in. Four words. Pom-pom Superheroes With Googlie-Eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Diablo Cody should give up her “freak celebrity” career and go back to actual writing.