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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Art Nouveau Katniss Everdeen

By Megan Lara, available in shirt or poster form at RedBubble.

2001: A Space Odyssey, according to a 1968 Howard Johnson’s children’s menu. Golly! (Film School Rejects)

Han Jan draws the cast of My Little Pony as the Avengers. (Neatorama)

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  • Beverly Ann Abbott Nelms

    My brother and I took a bus in to see the premier of 2001 in Oklahoma City. Everyone else there was dressed to the nines, and we were adolescents who had snuck out of the house to see it, planning to walk and hitchhike the 20 miles home. During the intermission we ran into our aunt with some guy we didn’t know and thought maybe she would give us a ride home when it was done. They left at intermission. It didn’t dawn on us until years later to wonder who was that man she was with and did uncle know they were there?

  • Elaine Lang

    DAMN, did this one skip TeeFury? I have Megan’s Luna and Hermione shirts, and my daughter proudly sports her Rose….

  • Andrew Paul Ross Semkow

    LOL, I posted a link to megan lara’s tumblr a few hours ago on another post, she’s really good, what I like about her work is how she takes the person and incorporates symbols involving them that are easy to identify, I have her shirt of Jeff “the dude” lebowski and I love it, I’d also recommend any of her game of thrones prints/shirts.

  • Kim Pittman

    Why RedBubble?!?!


    I want that shirt. :(