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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Once Upon A Time’s Alice In Wonderland

Here’s our first look at actress Sophie Lowe from the Once Upon a Time spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Could they not have just called it Once in Wonderland? Anyway, apparently John Lithgow is set to play the White Rabbit, which I hadn’t heard before. (via Entertainment Weekly)

I already know two women planning to cosplay Atomic Age Wonder Woman, an Elsworlds version from DC’s upcoming Infinite Crisis free-to-play MOBA game. This is the first statue revealed. (via DC Women Kicking Ass)

  • Some idiot theater owner in Missouri decided it would be a good idea to invite an Iron Man cosplayer along with a bunch of other folks in tactical gear (complete with fake guns) to a screening of Iron Man 3. They were hired to “storm the theater.” Needless to say, police were called and a lot of people got the scare of their lives. (via Fashionably Geek)
  • Dr. Andrea Letamendi, one of our contributors, has a piece up on The Hollywood Reporter taking a clinical look at Tony Stark’s possible PTSD from the recent Iron Man film.

A few new screenshots have been released from the upcoming TellTale Fables game based on the Vertigo Comic series, The Wolf Among Us. (via Newsarama)

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  • Ribbonquest

    Once Upon A Wonderland would have a nice ring as well.

    The Downton Sims articles inspired me to start playing The Sims 3 again. But I don’t have a computer that can handle a big family nor the attention span to keep on one theme very long. Thus I have a town populated by characters from Arkham Horror, My Little Pony, Game of Thrones, and Disney Fairies.

    Joffrey is quite the player. All the Sailor Senshi have a crush on him.

  • Anonymous

    I either hate the outfits in OUaT or love them (more hate though) Snow’s outfits are usually my favorites. I feel like the show had so much potential but it hasn’t worked out at all…

    Thanks so much for the Downton Sims updates! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Anonymous

    I know one of the guys who “stormed” the theater. He said no “storming” happened; that that was just terrible reporting. They apparently walked in with Iron Man. I still think it was incredibly stupid, but it may not have been as bad as it sounded.

  • Crystal Lynn

    Now if they did a Wonder Woman reboot with that Atomic Age outfit, I think I would watch the shit out of it.