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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Dorothy, Meet Iron Man. Iron Man, Meet Dorothy.

It took me a second to get the pun. By the always-amazing James Hance, via /Film.

  • Via The Frisky, blog/webcomic Hyperbole and a Half, “where blogger Allie deftly, and sometimes hilariously, chronicles what it’s like to live with depression” is back after a six-month hiatus. Check out the new entry over yonder.
  • Universal has released a statement confirming what we reported yesterday: Jurassic Park 4 is on hold to give “the studio and filmmakers adequate time to bring audiences the best possible version of the fourth installment in Universal’s beloved franchise.” (blastr)
  • How to draw sexy without being sexist (CBR)

For a mere $69.99 paid to 3D printing company Cubify you can have a three-inch tall Star Trek figure with your face on it. (Badass Digest)

  • A guide to fandom’s complicated relationship with Orson Scott Card, via The Daily Dot.
  • General Zod Michael Shannon has signed on to the sci-fi/”government chase picture” Midnight Special, directed by Jeff Nichols, with whom Shannon previously collaborated on the excellent Take Shelter and Mud. (And Shotgun Stories, which I haven’t seen, but I assume it’s good because Nichols and Shannon.) (/Film)

This shirt, for sale at Skreened, combines two of my favorite thing: Sci-fi and Dr Pepper. All other sodas can go home. (Not you, Cherry Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Cheerwine. You can stay.) (That’s Nerdalicious)

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  • Robert Vary

    Allie Brosh has actually been on hiatus for a full EIGHTEEN months, not six.

  • Anonymous

    2012: He supported his home state North Carolina’s constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage by arguing
    that gay marriage “will be the bludgeon [The Left] use to make sure
    that it becomes illegal to teach traditional values in the schools.”

    Well… yeah, Mr. Card. Considering your definition of “traditional values” is “anything but gay marriage, eek!”

  • Anonymous

    For $69.99 I want a figure with (insert hottie of the gender of your choice)’s face on it. Will they do that?

  • Magic Xylophone

    “Rrk rrctrr.”
    “He’s saying ‘arc reactor!’”

  • Anonymous

    Hot damn, that Hyperbole post….feeling all teh feels!! I have not gotten to a point where I felt nothing for that long, but my PTS brain likes to take me “away” when “things are not good/safe in Reality Land”. From the outside I might look like a zombie, cuz my eyes get all blank, and I just focus on feeling nothing, because feeling anything that might come from being triggered is just Too Much.
    Also glad for the post about Mr. Card, since my husband is still a fan of his; trying to show him how to be a fan yet note the problematic things (I know that’s putting it lightly).