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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Photo Hints at Martha Jones’ Return to Doctor Who… Or That Martha Just Likes Hanging Out With Mickey

Read into this picture of Freema Agyeman, Noel Clarke, and a random kid (Mickey and Martha’s son?), tweeted by Agyeman, what you will. (Nerd Approved) has yet again re-enacted Game of Thrones via the medium of Facebook.

Tomorrow, May 4th, sees the opening of Tentacles!, an art show curated by Bonnie Burton, at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington.

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  • Tim Gin

    Sweet! Ghostrunner…

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    The possibility of a Ghost Rider Film with someone actually visually and age-appropriate to the role who isn’t shitting pure scenery? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind to see Martha again, especially if she had more to do than usual. That being said, then I’d have to remember that she wound up marrying Mickey instead of the guy she was engaged to for absolutely no reason given in the show. I’ve been working very hard to forget that.

    I know most of you people don’t like Moffat, but when I look back on crap like that… I feel a lot better about how things are now.

  • Anonymous

    I want to say that her fiancee decided he wanted to go be a pediatrician in Africa, and he and Martha found the long-distance thing didn’t work, but I can’t recall offhand whether that was in the show or in the tie-in media.

  • Anonymous

    He was said to be in Africa (Doctors Without Borders, I think) during Martha’s season 4 return, but no mention was made of the long distance relationship not working out. As far as I can tell, that’s actually the last time Thomas Milligan was mentioned in show. Jack mentions she’s on her honeymoon in Children of Earth, but he doesn’t say who it’s with, so at the time it was assumed to be Thomas because… why wouldn’t it be the person she was last seen to be engaged to?

    I can’t find it, but I seem to remember some explanation being given by RTD later on, but it’s never explained in the show. It really rubbed me the wrong way. It’s confusing, and there’s no reason for it. Without any stories planned for those two as a couple, there’s really no reason at all to suddenly have Martha marry someone different for no apparent reason. If RTD was going to keep running the show, and had a reason for pairing the characters up, like a story concept, or just as an interesting relationship to explore, I could understand. As it is, it’s just tying up the loose ends. And I don’t think I’m the only person to say it feels a little bit racist. Either way, I think it’s fair to say it was a terrible piece of writing.

  • Robin S

    I read somewhere (but I can’t find where) that RTD was considering folding Martha and Mickey into a rebooted Torchwood, pre-Miracle Day. Hence why they ended up as freelancers the last time we saw them.

  • Kyle Freeman Ortega

    Matha is best companion, and in my head cannon she and mickey separate, only mainly because their shipping was strung together with wet noodles

  • Anonymous

    Which actually sounds like a decent concept, and I had no issue with them freelancing together. Actually that made some sense, as Mickey seemed to be hoping to do some form of Torchwood like work at the end of Series 4. But that doesn’t really explain the marriage thing. They don’t have to be married to each other to freelance with each other. Even if, in the theoretical spinoff, you wanted them married, you could establish and explain that in the spinoff, where you have the time to do so. The issue with Martha being engaged to someone else, but prefering Mickey is a plot that writes itself. … Not a good plot, but if done well maybe it could work. Or you could just explain it away somehow, that’s fine to. But squeezed with no explanation into the last few minutes of another show is not the place to put that particular plot point, even if you are working for a new show.

    I’d kind of like to see that show actually. I really wanted to like Martha more than I did. Given more focus in her own spin-off, and the chance to shine more, that could have worked out.

  • Robin S

    Instead of a new Torchwood with Gwen, Mickey, Martha and Jack, we got Miracle Day. Womp womp.

  • Lynda Bowen

    Noel Clarke does have children and, let’s face it, if your dad was in Dr Who, you’d be visiting the set…

  • Lucille7777

    Russell T. Davis, Tennant and Freema Agyeman should come back for one series (Tennant should regneratate backwards just this once), and give us some laughts agan while the next show runner and the 12th Doctor Who can be made ready.

    Also, Martha should be a grieving widow with a son (sorry Mickey), and the Doctor has to prove himself to Martha as her son is now the most important man in her life and not the Doctor; that would be great fun.