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Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Cheerleader Wonder Woman Formation

Well here’s something you certainly don’t see everyday. This photo is from a cheerleading competition in Russia and features the gals dressed up like Wonder Woman. Now if only they could have gotten teh guys to dress like Steve Trevor… (via DC Women Kicking Ass) Full steam ahead for all the other fun stuff we saw today! 

  • There’s a new woman stepping in to replacing Piers Wenger and Beth Willis as executive producer of Doctor Who. Her name is Caroline Skinner and she also produced the BBC horror/fantasy series, The Fades, which will be premiering on BBC America this Saturday. She had this to say about the Doctor Who movie, “I think that if a Doctor Who movie ever happens, that’s something that will be done hand-in-hand with Steven [Moffat] and the production team. But any movie’s a very, very long way off.” (via io9)
  • Speaking of movies, Benedict Cumberbatch has dropped a few hints about his role in J.J. Abrams Star Trek 2, particularly questioning that he would be the villain. (via Blastr)
  • Beware, Wikipedia is doing an anti-SOPA blackout tomorrow.

I’ve seen a few items here and there but check out Forever 21′s new Black Widow tank, available for just $13.80. From the looks of things they may have a deal worked out with Disney as there’s tons of related Disney products, so don’t be surprised if you see more Avengers wear soon. (via Fashion Tips From Comic Strips)

  • Artist Kate Leth has another wonderful piece up on Comics Bulletin. This time it’s called Crossing the Threshold: A Vote for Girls in Comic Shops, and talks about not only Leth’s experience working in a shop but her experience shopping elsewhere and what to do to create a more female-friendly environment.
  • CNN GeekOut speaks with the cast of Portlandia, their Battlestar Galactica obsession and BSG guest-stars.

Artist Jake Parker gives the Batmobile a neat redesign. (via Robot 6)

  • The Hunger Games books/movies are getting a line of a merchandise from Wizkids including a blind box series of 27 figurines, a Jabberjay card game and District 12 strategy game. (MTV Geek)
  • The Goosebumps film, based on R.L. Stine’s classic book series may have found a screenwriter in Jack The Giant Killer’s Darren Lemke. (via Empire Online)

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  • Elizabeth-Amber Delaney

    Those cheerleaders look great!

  • Anonymous

    Wait, wait. Goosebumps film???

  • Angel H.

    I really hope those girls aren’t in high school because those shorts look waaaaaaaay too short in the back.

  • Bel

    They’re doing gymnastics, who gives a crap?

  • Abel Undercity

    What does Steve Trevor look like?  Are there that many Lyle Waggoner hairpieces in existence?

  • Adam Whitley

    that was my reaction too

  • Adam Whitley

    I’m curious as to why one girl has pants on.

  • Angel H.

    Pedo-Bear, is that you?

  • Bel

    I’m sorry, you’re accusing me of being a pedophile because I think we should be sensible about the fact that people who do gymnastics wear leotards rather than being scandalized about how high school girls shouldn’t show skin?

    What exactly is wrong with you?

  • Bel

    I was wondering that too – I suspect she simply wasn’t comfortable in the shorter outfit.

  • Angel H.

    I don’t know fo any gymnast who competes in shorts or leotards that short.

    What’s wrong with *you*?

  • K B

    Um, what? If anything, the gymnastics leotards are shorter than the short shorts shown in the picture. More like bathing suits.

  • Angel H.

    Leotards are made to be high in the leg, but still cover the ass. I don’t know what competitions y’all have been watching, but I’ve never seen one where a competitor has has of her ass-cheeks hanging out like the girl on the bottom right.

    Then again, if these are young women and not minors then there’s no problem. I just can’t find anything saying whether or not this is a high school or college competition.

  • Terence Ng

    No one has commented that ONE of the cheerleaders is wearing WW’s kick-ass albeit shortly lived long pants?