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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Effie is a Beautiful Flower

We saw this fabulous trio walking in the first trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this morning but they deserved another look. Collider has one more shot of President Snow and Plutarch. 

  • Our thoughts and sympathies go out to those who were affected by the explosion in Boston earlier today during the marathon. ThinkProgress has more but if you’re looking to help you can call 1-800-RED CROSS. If you’re in the area, consider visiting the Boston Red Cross Blood Donation Center  at 274 Tremont Street. And if you need to talk to someone about the tragedy, do not hesitate to call the Disaster Distress helpline at 1-800-985-5990.

Just the other day we brought you Aaron Diaz’s designs of Zelda if she were the lead character of the Legend of Zelda games. Here’s a new illustration added by popular demand.

Speaking of strong female characters…Chaos and Confections created this awesome Arya Stark bento box. (via That’s Nerdalicious)

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  • Anonymous

    You’d think that the Shiekah design would be Divine and the purple would be Twilight.

  • Anonymous

    Hollaback Philly is awesome; just wish it would stop with the “appealing to teh menz” by stating a “relationship a female might have to you!” There are plenty of women, and people who identify as women, who get street harassment, who are not a “mother, sister, girlfriend, etc” More inclusion; we need it.

  • Laszlo

    Game of Thrones viewers/readers are actually a pretty good example of the concept discussed in that NY Times article. The “badass” female characters like Arya, Brienne or Daenerys are always appreciated, while the more “ladylike” ones like Cersei, Catelyn or Sansa less so, even though they’re just as well-written and talented in their own way. And that doesn’t happen with the male characters the same way, I don’t think anybody calls Sam or Bran useless, they don’t expect them to start fighting with a sword.

  • Randie Donoff

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  • Sophie

    It looks like the Red Cross has enough blood now.
    It may be safer to stay inside.

  • John Wao

    Now that’s what I call a bento box. What’s the Valyrian phrase for “all men must eat”?

  • Myomorph

    I always thought Sansa in season 2 was brilliant. She was alone, her whole family almost as good as dead, trapped in a pit of snakes and she keeps it all inside her. You can SEE her growing wiser and less naive and foolish and careful with her words and emotions. The toll that would take on an adult on that show,,,A different strength to Arya’s but just as impressive.

  • Mina

    I can sort of see what you’re getting at, but at the same time, Sansa in Season 2 got impressively crafty. I rather liked her. And it might be asking a little much for people to “appreciate” Cersei. It can be done, but she’s a character people love to hate, and I don’t think that has anything to do with any of her “ladylike” qualities.

  • Axey

    Personally I appreciate the hell out of Cersei. I dislike the cruel things that she does sometimes but I think her character is brilliant!

  • Laszlo

    I do know they still have quite the following, myself included, but also lots of people who dislike them for completely wrong and stupid reasons, like Sansa because she’s “cowardly” and “useless”.

  • Aeryl

    Valar Consumis

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t, the Shiekah are the shadow people in the timeline they’re using (dark Ocarina)

  • AnnaB

    I agree with the general concept, but the problem with Game of Thrones is that Sansa isn’t given much to be admired and Cersei sleeps with her brother, plus she couldn’t control her horrible son. If we’re gonna break with the usual BAMF archetypes, we need to be given something–anything, to like them. I think Dany was a very good example of this. She wasn’t terribly badass even after she began earning Khal Drogo’s love. She developed into a badass but she started from the meekest of meek. Catelyn, I think, started off really well, but she’s sort of plateaued. I don’t know if this is so on the books as well. Magaery’s pretty wonderful, though. I think she fits this “strong” woman in a “ladylike” cast.

  • Laszlo

    I think there’s quite enough to be appreciated about Sansa. I mean, she defied Joffrey to save Ser Dontos, kept the faith in the ladies during the battle, “tamed” the Hound, stuff like that. Kinda the same idea as Margaery, though not nearly as ambitious or skilled as of yet, and too scared to truly try.