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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The New Logo For DC Comics?

So…this happened. On the left is the current DC Comics logo. On the right is what Bleeding Cool is reporting as their newly designed logo for both DC Comics and DC Entertainment. BC points out that when the old logo was revealed in 2005 it was universally panned but well-liked now. And guess what? Everyone already hates it. We can’t imagine why… Hit the jump for all the other stuff we saw today! 

  • It’s official. Lionsgate is buying Summit Entertainment. As the Hollywood Reporter points out, “This means the privately-owned studio behind the hit Twilight movie franchise will now be part of the mini-conglomerate that will release The Hunger Games movie in March, and has such TV series as Mad Men and Boss. The deal is valued at $412.5 million in cash, plus stock and debt.
  • An opinion piece by Colin Campbell over at IGN titled “Boobs, Bad Games and Misogyny.” It focuses mainly on Bioshock Infinite’s creator Ken Levine speaking about main character Elizabeth’s cleavage but also touches on marketing of a lot of other popular, mainstream video games. From Cambell, “Images like this, from Soulcalibur V’s ad campaign, speak of a certain kind of target audience; an ogling fool, a vile, drooling slob chomping on onion rings at Hooters, cracking poor jokes. It’s douchey and uncool.”

I feel very uncomfortable looking at these. That’s why I felt the need to share them. Here are depictions of Boo and Lilo along with their companions Mike and Stitch, from Disney’s Monsters Inc. and Lilo & Stitch respectively, courtesy of DevianArtist Atom Basher. Thanks for making us want to burn out eyes out! (via io9)

  • Congratulations, pneumonitis! You’ve replaced murder as one of the top 15 causes of death in the United States. There’s always next year, murder. Heart disease is still number one. (via Yahoo)

Here’s a new image of Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer from the upcoming Dark Shadows film. Depp looks even more bizarre than the first photo of him as Barnabas Collins we saw a few months back. (via Blastr)

Speaking of pasty, monstrous killers, did you know there’s a book sorta like Twilight but with zombies instead of vampires? It’s Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies and it’s being made into a movie. Coming Soon has some of the first shots of the totally hunky zombie (Nicholas Hoult) who resists eating the girl and falls in love instead. Here he is now…

  • Three words: Edible. Gelatin. Typography. (via Colossal)

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  • Jenny

    The new DC logo looks like some kind of… scratch-n-sniff ad. I guess if you sniffed it it would smell bland.

  • christianne

    God, that new DC logo is awful. Boring typeface, ragged outline, fails to communicate any brand image, looks like someone has failed to peel the old image away. Horrid.

  • Alana Beltzer

    Hmm..I must be attracted to bizarre because I think Johnny looks rather nice in that pic. I mean, he’s no Damon Salvatore but he’s still rather easy on the eyes. Plus, that is a lovely frock coat and vest combo.

  • Alex T

    Oh! I so saw that coming! Lets see,we did Wizards, Werewolves, Vampires, the only thing left is ZOMBIES! But in all seriousness, I am totally gonna see/read that. Just because.(At least the actor for this one is good looking!)

  • Anonymous

    “did you know there’s a book sorta like Twilight but with zombies instead of vampires?”

    ‘The Forrest of Hands and Teeth’ and it’s sequel-ish, ‘The Dead Tossed Waves’.  There’s lots of interesting ideas in both, but they go from a believable if limp-wristed lead female character in the first to full-on Bella style simpering in the second one :-/

    Might read the first one again, actually …

  • JoAnna Luffman

    He’s no Johnathan Frid either, to be honest. 

  • Eric Lindberg

    I’ll admit, I was iffy about the 2005 DC logo since I thought it looked like a detergent. But I warmed up to it. This new one though just seems very bland.

    In other news…hunky zombies? How does that work? Vampires I get since they’re eternally youthful. But aren’t zombies in the process of rotting? Being Human did an episode with a cute party girl zombie and while she started off attractive, pieces of her kept falling off.

  • Francesca M

    The new DC logo is just a bore.

    I don’t hate the pic of Boo and Mike Wazoski. Its less provocative than the one of Lilo and Stitch. I mean the Paw on her hip and then the way his tag is almost dangling phallicly. Yeah. Do. Not. Like.

    Also that picture of him in Dark Shadows is way less creepy than the one of Depp in that hat and goggles look. This … I almost see a kinda sexy vamp.

  • Abel Undercity

    I had no problem with the “old new” DC logo.  This one looks like they plan to sell stickers instead of comic books.

    Johnny Depp looks… remarkable un-Johnny Depp-like there.  That I construe as a plus.  I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  • Jamie Murphy

    That new DC logo does look like one of the logos for a TV channel in the UK called ‘Discovery History’ (Discovery Channel’s very own history channel)…

  • Joseph Finn

    Wait, there are people who don’t despise the current laundry detergent logo for DC? It’s a hideous piece of work and even worse in that it vaguely resembles the 1972 logo.

  • Kaarel Jakobson

    Someone on a forum I frequent put it best about the new DC logo:

    “Great logo for a boring, stale, lifeless corporation that does business
    marketing. Horrid logo for a creative, colorful, comic company that
    deals in fiction.”

    I think that’s spot-on. I don’t know, maybe it’ll improve with color.

  • Edcedc8

    and better written than marvel

  • Edcedc8

    when they replace it in 10 years, you’ll complain.

  • Eric Bazilio

    A lot of comments on the DC Logo. One might’ve thought the article about female body portrayal in games would be more relevant in here, you know…

  • TKS

    The IGN article was one thing.  It is something TOTALLY MORE RELEVANT when juxtaposed with the article’s comments.

  • Kifre

    AUGH. NO. No sexualizing little girls from kids films!  Eyebath time.

  • Adam Whitley

    only because they will somehow make it worse

  • Adam Whitley

    to be fair they aren’t little in those pictures and the boo and mike picture looked pretty cool I thought.

  • Adam Whitley

    That Soul Cal ad….oh man it’s like a parody of how bad she used to be portrayed. I only hope they still include an alternative costume that has her actually wearing clothes.

  • James William Medina

    The DC logo looks like a sticker for a brand of deodorant. Drift Chill or something like that.

  • Edcedc8


  • Annathalia Nalapraya

    Seeing the DC logo story was enough to lure me into the horror, but then I opened a whole can of worms clicking on that link. And now I have to find some comfort food at 3 in the morning. Thanks a lot Jill :P

  • Ema

    The logo is dull, for a comic company at least. One would think it would be punchy and exciting. Not sure what’s so hot about zombies either.. it feels like we’re creating a whole new generation of necrophiliacs with the popularity of vampires and zombies nowadays.. ugh. I’d like to see a movie with Johnny Depp, where he doesn’t look like Johnny Depp.. He’s kinda like an over-played hand… 


  • Frodo Baggins

    So, are we all pretending that Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows and Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies are different people? Because come on. Those are the same guy.

  • Frodo Baggins

    I don’t even know why they’re being reported here. They’re not official art from Disney or anything, they’re just some random dude on deviantart who likes drawing weird fanart. Is Mary Sue gonna start posting inflation porn too?

  • Frodo Baggins

    “Douche Chill.” Heh heh.

    I actually don’t mind the logo, in and of itself, but I couldn’t resist that opening.

  • Mordicai

    Right, I didn’t like the old logo but that doesn’t mean the new logo can’t be worse!  I’m crazy, though; I think they should go retro with one of their old “stamp” looking logos.  This…I mean, could you imagine this in front of the new Batman movie?  Really?

  • Jeremy Martell

    I definitely like it more now then what first came out… more on the logo change here: