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Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Game Of Thrones Faceswap Cersei Has Been Waiting For

Cersei Lannister always wished she’d been the one born a man. She gets her wish (and looks badass) thanks to The FW. Check out their other Game of Thrones faceswaps which are equal parts terrifying and intriguing. 

  • Breast Cancer Survivors Tell Their Stories Through Mastectomy Tattoos via The Frisky.
  • The 12 Worst Things in the Star Wars Expanded Universe via io9. I’m sure there’s a few you’ll disagree with.

Interstate 79 in Harrison County, West Virginia was temporarily shut down due to LEGO EVERYWHERE! (via Geekologie)

  • Girl Meets World has cast Teo Halm as Cory and Topanga’s son. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Jim Mroczkowski writes for iFanboy, “Comics’ War On Children.”

Ashley Eckstein of and Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be hosting a new support and advice column on her site from Ellen Connell. ”Ask Ellen” will be a monthly column talking about everyday issues that affect fangirls. Eckstein said, ”This past summer after attending San Diego Comic Con together we both felt a need to do more for the fangirl community. I wanted to find a way to offer advice to fangirls dealing with everyday issues like bullying and Ellen felt compelled to put her knowledge from her studies in clinical psychology to good use.” And if you haven’t nominated your favorite Fangirl yet, what are you waiting for?

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  • yumen957

  • Magic Xylophone

    Being a Kingsguard is the last thing Cersei would want.

  • Anonymous

    Which shows that Lena Headey looks brilliant any way you slice it… and Coster Waldau is only handsome under a certain angle. lol
    No seriously, she’s rocking that haircut.