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The Auteurs Behind Vampires Suck Have Followed Up Their Magnum Opus With The Starving Games [VIDEO]

Why is Gandalf at the Hunger Starving Games? Which dwarf is that with him? How do the Avengers get killed so quickly? Who thought Tebowing wasn’t too dated a reference to use? Who is actually going to pay money to see this movie? I mean, might Netflix it if I’m particularly bored, but that’s it.


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  • Kerry Dolan Timony

    Ever time one of these is released, I wish harder for the day that asteroid comes to wipe humanity off the planet.

  • Anonymous

    This would be great if it were just a mock trailer. But I’m guessing that was literally every funny moment of the film, so probably not worth seeing the rest of it.

  • Shauni Farella

    could be worse, could be by the people who did Breaking Wind… ‘When the movie being parodying is (unintentionally) funnier than the parody, you know something has gone seriously wrong.’ – Matthew Buck

  • Calum Syers

    Anyone who quotes Film Brain gets a big thumbs up! :)

  • Adrian

    There hasn’t been a good spoof since The Naked Gun, has there?

  • Anonymous

    So I’m spotting references to things that are at least four years old (Avatar). Way to scrape the bottom of the barrel film makers.
    Also, my students are going to quote this endlessly. God middle schoolers are such idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Everytime a movie like this gets green lighted, Wonder Woman Kitten cries.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Id rather see references to things that are four years old over a parody of a film that has not even been released yet like some depressing parody films >_>

  • Anonymous

    Ahaha, you see, because Hunger Games. And it sounds like “hunger”, which is when you need food? But the movie is about Battle Royale or something! I’m glad they pointed out that weird coincidence, because it is very funny indeed!

  • According2Robyn

    God middle schoolers are such idiots.

    You’ve cut to the heart of why so much contemporary cinema is so, so bad.

  • According2Robyn

    So it’s like… the same… but different?

    See, now I’m even more confused.

  • Anonymous

    The first half of the trailer actually made it look like a genuine parody (I thought the part with the camera crew following “Katniss” was funny), but then the Gandalf scene appeared, which reminded me of how terrible these movies are.

  • Ian

    Galaxy Quest was pretty great.

  • Anonymous

    What truly scares me is how a bunch of the things they reference are around a decade old. Two of their favorite things to quote are Napoleon Dynamite and 300. It’s just….confusing.

  • Adrian

    So true. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention, there’s only so many pop culture references you can cram in there before it just gets old >.>

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell keeps funding these POS? Who keeps paying money to see them?