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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Tweets About Meeting With Warner Bros., Takes Me Back To 2001

It seems to be par for the course these days. Celebrities tweeting about how they’ve been having meetings about this or that role for XYZ blockbuster. But on New Year’s Eve, Dwayne Johnson got me to sit up and pay attention. He told the world he’d bet with Warner Bros. about a DC Comics project. 

But WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!? Here were my initial thoughts:

  • The Rock as Aquaman.
  • The Rock as Hawkman.
  • The Rock as Martian Manhunter.
  • The Rock as Vixen!
  • The Rock as my boyfriend.

And that’s the point I remembered how much I used to enjoy watching that man work. As a WWF, sorry, WWE, superstar, he oozed charisma. I watched him every week, had posters of him on my wall and got The Rock birthday cards from friends and family. I smelled what he was cooking, as it were. It was a whole thing.

I followed him into film with titles like The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King, and while his career started shooting upwards, I wasn’t inclined to pay money to see the other movies he chose to star in. That being said, last year Johnson teased a possible DC project on twitter which later turned into more concrete news of him being attached to play Lobo. That project never came to fruition but his latest tweet makes us wonder if it’s been revived.

I’ve hoped Johnson would one day play the villain Black Adam but the recent news of the Shazam movie being put on indefinite hold because of Man of Steel’s success makes that seem unlikely. What isn’t unlikely however, and this is pure speculation, is that Johnson could be up for a role in Man of Steel 2 to star alongside Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Not necessarily as a hero, mind you, some have dropped the name Doomsday, which I could also see as a definite possibility.

At this point we have to just wait and see. Which do you think is more likely – Johnson would be a villain or hero in Man of Steel 2 or that he’d be given his own DC property to lead?

(image via Wallsave)

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  • Adrian

    I’m not sure where to begin… my practical, discerning side is saying “c’mon, we can’t shoehorn in any more superheroes into this movie, this is just forced” and my fan side is saying “OMG THE ROCK.” I think I’m excited for all of those possibilities. As Aquaman? Yes. Hawkman? Yes, but that just makes me want Shayera Hol involvement even more. As J’onn? Hell yes. Vixen? Eh, not really seeing him as Vixen, but I could be wrong.

    The only one I’m unsure of is Doomsday because he (does “he” even have a sex or gender?) was basically just a mindless monster, which was way better than the later Doomsday iterations that talked all that crap. He was way scarier was an beast/automaton that couldn’t be reasoned with. In which case, I think The Rock wouldn’t have a chance to shine.

  • Cy

    I’m hoping for Lobo. I can’t think of anyone else that could pull off that over the top personality.

  • Mike Chen

    I haven’t seen too many of The Rock’s movies but The Rundown is really, really funny. It’s pretty overlooked but it’s terribly underrated.

  • Anonymous

    He’s so great in the Fast & Furious movies.

  • Anonymous

    Lobo would be really cool. Or Martian Manhunter.

  • SCP3

    For some reason I’m having trouble seeing Johnson as Lobo. I shouldn’t, because he’s got the right combination of badassery and humor, but I think the problem is that Johnson isn’t scroungy (scrungy?) enough. But, then, I didn’t think Heath Ledger would work as the Joker, so maybe they could scuzz up Johnson.

  • Moira Phippen

    What if they brought john stewart to play? for a justice league movie I mean. Green Lantern’s previous film didn’t do all that well…

  • Moira Phippen

    What if they brought john stewart to play? for a justice league movie I mean. Green Lantern’s previous film didn’t do all that well…

  • Moira Phippen

    What if they brought john stewart to play? for a justice league movie I mean. Green Lantern’s previous film didn’t do all that well…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    If they do, I’m holding out hope for Idris Elba. :)

  • Adrian

    That would kind of blow my mind.

  • realinvalidname

    Two words: Ambush Bug.

  • Kaizokuman

    Aquaman? No. I say Charlie Hunnam.

  • Kenny Baese

    Same. For someone like John Stewart, you need someone who can do a more serious military attitude. Elba could pull that off in spades.

  • odango atama


    P.S.: IRL, that’s my name, Adrian.

  • Moira Phippen

    Oh, absolutely Elba would be a better Stewart. I just don’t think DC + Marvel like to mix the pot too much after one actor has been used in another’s movies. Branding and all that. I’d be more excited to have Stewart in a movie than to not have him though, so any news even hinting that Stewart is at all possible is pretty exciting.

    I also feel like The Rock’s career trajectory has really cornered him as being the comedy guy, but I don’t think that’s necessarily all he can do, and engaging in such a different role might be good for him personally also.