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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Questions! Questions That Need Answering

Forget Boring Interview Questions! Why Not Engage the Cast of The Hobbit In a Game of FMK? [VIDEO]

What, did you think that because The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has come out we would stop posting The Hobbit stuff? Oh, you sweet summer child. MTV’s Josh Horowitz sat down with Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, and Andy Serkis for a round of Middle Earth-themed FMK, that most mature of games wherein you must decide which of three people (or people/Hobbit/orc/dragon/fiery disembodied eye, in this case) you would marry, which you would kill, and which you would, er, “have relations with.”

All of them take the questions quite seriously.

(via: A.V. Club)

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  • Jo Reis

    hummm, I kill Gandalf, fuck Bilbo e marry with Golun. ;)

  • Emily S.

    Best thing ever, or best thing ever? XD I love how seriously they consider it…love this cast.

  • Maggie Champaigne

    I wish I could watch this. :(

  • Anita Chainsaw

    OK, even though two said they would marry Smaug, they have all neglected the fact that Smaug has GOLD. SO MUCH GOLD. I think that would also be a contributing factor. Martin saying “he has a nice voice” killed me. This is fantastic!

  • Guest

    he wants to marry Smaug, because Smaug has the voice of Benedict uu I ship them <3 hahaha

  • Laura Alma

    he wants to marry Smaug, because Smaug has the voice of Benedict u.u I ship them <3 hahaha

  • Florentina Jessica Marsha

    This interview is awesome!