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What Boys Think of Girls

In The Future, We’ll All Wear Planets In Our Hair [VIDEO]

I’ve often pondered on what the future might be like but if this is what we can expect, sign me up! Forget hover boards, never mind replicators, I want a hair-do fit for the cosmos. Have a look at this 1960s video, from what I’m sure was an up-and-coming salon in Britain, and see if you’d be interested in the services they offer. If you’ve got some time, the entire Vintage Fashions YouTube channel is a wealth of delightful/bizarre old videos. Certainly worth a look.

(via io9)

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  • Izzy K

    Oh no.  British Pathé, my greatest weakness.  Hours of my life sucked away so quickly.  Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea Forry Ackerman owned a beauty parlor.

  • Tehani Wessely

    Love how all the stylists are MEN! When did hairdressing become a female dominated career?

  • Simon Chui

    Huh.  Interesting.  Ok where’s my notebook? …. “Dating advice from The Mary Sue”.  Ok.  Add “wear space suit”…  I mean, space IS pretty awesome, I’m sure it’ll work out.

  • Anonymous

    I want that man’s glittery silver suit!

  • Anonymous

    Fresh from the salon, Liz Lemon meets up with her boyfriend, astronaut Mike Dexter.