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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Falcon Finally Gets a Character Poster

Just kidding, Anthony Mackie‘s the Falcon still doesn’t have a character poster. Except for international Spanish-speaking audiences, who got this totally badass one. Come on, Marvel. Even Robert Redford‘s just-wearing-a-suit villain has his own character poster. Act like you’re super excited to introduce American audiences to the first African-American superhero in comics.

[Edit: We've been told this may be a piece of fan handiwork. The original source now says, "Withdrawn at the request of Marvel Latin America. Sorry for the inconvenience." Either way, still waiting, Marvel.]

(via Comic Book Resources.)

Previously in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, that is an AWESOME poster. I want it. Look how cool the Falcon looks! LOOK AT HIS WINGS!!

    Ugh, so great. If he’s got an international spanish language poster, the US poster will hopefully not be too far behind.

    Fun fact, by the way: The Black Widow international spanish poster got her name wrong and called her ‘The Black Window’.

  • totz the plaid

    That costume’s a bit boring…

    I was hoping we’d at least get some red on the front of the top and wings to better reflect the comic design, at least a tad.

    I hope the treatment of the character in the film is more badass than the boring-ass costume at least!

  • Norman Osborn

    The Redford poster one was a bit of a surprise, but I think it was always safe to assume that we’d eventually be getting character posters for Falcon and The Winter Soldier (the latter being the second title character, after all), so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. These were always going to happen.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    Special attack form – defenestration? :)

  • Anonymous

    Sounds about right to me!

  • Adrian

    In Hollywood, I think, there is a consistent disconnect between the creative team and the marketing team. The creatives understand the worth of The Falcon to the story and the audience; that’s why they wrote him into the damn movie. Plus, Anthony Mackie is a proven and bankable co-star, so even with the disconnect, their marketing team is dropping the ball.

    This kind of stuff always reminds me of Pacific Rim where Mako Mori was half the movie and she was virtually absent in the previews and promos. Only in this case, the movie likely won’t suffer from those failings and the problem of under-representation will probably only continue.

  • Katie Frederick

    I’ve actually heard that this particular poster isn’t official, but rather fanart. In fact I want to say all posters linked in that CBR article look fake, because they’re all look cropped and photoshopped from previously released images. (Falcon’s image is identical to his Cardboard cutout, which looks like an illustration not a photoshoot. Also Black Widow’s says “Black Window”)

    That said, I hope we get an official English language Falcon poster soon. Makes sense marketing should get posters for established MCU characters and big-name actors (ie Redford) out first for promotional posters, but I want Falcon and Winter Soldier!

  • Anonymous

    God damn it Marvel!

    Meanwhile, *coughs* hey Mexico, mind hooking me up with one of those bad-boys?

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I know it would look silly, but I really prefer the comics lighter colored take on his outfit. It really stood out far more

  • John W

    I wish they’d added a little bit of red to his uniform.

  • locuas

    wait, is it the south american poster or the spanish poster?
    Anyway, “El soldado del Invierno” isn’t exactly a good title, if you ask me. i think a more accurate translation would have been “EL soldado Invernal”. Then again, depending of which spanish version this is (Latin American or spanish) the title could make more sense(the Latin america spanish is as different to Spain’s as the united state’s english is to the UK’s)

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny I feel like if for no other reason than demographic purposes, the marketing department would very eagerly be going “SEE SEE SEE WE HAVE A SUPERHERO WHO ISN’T ANOTHER WHITE GUY NOW”. Especially since he had decent sized parts in the Super Bowl spot and the last trailer.

  • Anonymous

    “Black Window”

    Lets light through…DIMLY.

    Best cape out there. :P

  • ankharra

    He looks like Blade after a Redbull.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Ive got a question, is Hawkeye going to be in this movie? I haven’t noticed him in any of the trailers thus far and im wondering if they plan to quietly retire him, as little use as he gets.

  • Tiger Park

    Yes, these posters aren’t real – there’s another one out there that actually says clearly (in Spanish) that they’re fanworks and not official.

  • Anonymous

    He’s not in it unless he has a top secret cameo. He’ll be back in Avengers 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  • Adrian

    Hawkeye is confirmed for The Avengers: Age of Ultron and, according to Joss Whedon, has a big part in it.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Oh dear, a big part from Weadon in a movie with that many heroes….If he had any sizable popularity with the fans, I would fear he would be killed off in an effort to boost tension

  • St. Jason

    I figured that Marvel might not want to do a character poster in order to make the introduction of the character more of a surprise. If you didn’t know it was coming it would be really cool/impressive to see Falcon bust out the wings and fly off.
    Clearly they are showing him with his wings in the trailer so the cat is out of the bag, but I could see why they might not want to have promotional posters with Falcon with wings out in case you didn’t immediately make the connection.
    I also think they are giving away the big twist with the Winter Soldier by having him in all the promotional material. In the trailers I think you can mask who it is better by selecting specific scenes but in a poster its hard not to see that its clearly the same actor as the first movie.
    I’m excited for Falcon to be in the movie and looking forward to it but I would have rather not known going into it and the inclusion of Falcon be a big reveal. I think trailers / promotional material can give away to much of the plot away.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, okay, I wondered if Ultron was going to kill anybody. That settles that.

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah, The Falcon is going to rock!

  • Pink Apocalypse

    There was actually a woman in that movie?

    Huh. Maybe I will see it after all….

  • Anonymous

    ” Act like you’re super excited to introduce American audiences to the first African-American superhero in comics.”

    The Falcon was predated by, among others, Black Panther in comics. Black Panther is somewhat more well-known too.

  • Anonymous

    Ah right, Black Panther isn’t African-American, just plain African (Wakandan). So scratch that.

  • JustPlainSomething

    Although compare it to Hawkeye’s rather downplayed movie costume (compared to some of Clint’s stuff in the comics) and it’s pretty similar to how they moviefied Falcon’s costume. I mean, even Steve questioned in Avengers if his old costume design wasn’t a bit garish, so SHIELD having one of their heroes in all black isn’t that big of a deal for me personally. Although I agree, some dark red on the wings would have been cool. Maybe it’ll look more interesting in the movie itself.

  • JustPlainSomething

    But I give you points for recognizing your mistake. Any Hogwarts house you want to put that towards?

  • JustPlainSomething

    I kind of want to have Clint be an ending credits bit where it turns out he’s been calling Natasha the whole time because he misses her and is like “So what have you been up to? I taught the dog how to fetch today. Well, I taught him how to eat pizza I tossed to him today.”

  • totz the plaid

    I get what you’re saying, but Clint’s outfit was at least two-tone.

    I don’t mind the outfits being toned down, but, hopefully this is just a stealth version of the suit and he’ll have another, less monochrome one at some point.