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Today in Awesome

The BoxTrolls Trailer Acknowledges Gay Parents Like it Ain’t No Thang

What do you get when you add together Steampunk, a detective story, smelly cheese, and a heartwarming tale about unconventional families? Apparently, if you’re Laika Studios, you get The BoxTrolls.

The trailer for this promising, adorable film (from the people who made Coraline and Paranorman, no less) just came out, and it looks awesome. The poster has arrived, too!

We’ve written about this movie before, but the official synopsis looks like this:

The new 3D animated feature from Laika Studios tells the tale of the Boxtrolls, monsters who live underneath the charming streets of Cheesebridge, who crawl out of the sewers at night to steal what the townspeople hold most dear: their children and their cheeses. At least, that’s the legend the townspeople have always believed. In truth, the Boxtrolls are a community of lovable oddballs who are raising as one of their own an abandoned and orphaned human boy named Eggs. When the Boxtrolls are targeted by a villainous exterminator who is bent on eradicating them, Eggs must venture aboveground to save them, where he teams with an adventurous young girl to save not only the Boxtrolls but the soul of Cheesebridge.

If that doesn’t pique your interest, perhaps the cast will: Ben Kingsley, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Elle Fanning, Toni Collette, Jared Harris, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade and Tracy Morgan. That is quite a list.

Check out the trailer, and if it doesn’t make you excited, you might have a medical emergency on your hands because I think your heart is missing.

(via Collider)

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  • Robert Vary

    …and it’s been taken down. Phooey.

  • Janna Ellis-Kepley

    Seems like most trailers have been taken down. This one works as of 1705 EST

  • Sarah Brockman

    Thanks for the link!

  • Sarah Brockman

    This looks adorable. Given how gorgeously done Coraline was, plus the cast, I am squee-level excited for this.

    Side note: The human rights activist in me loves how casual those parental references were, and how the comparison of any family versus being alone was masterfully orchestrated to tug on your heartstrings, but not punch you in the face with political overtones.

  • Anonymous

    It looks very charming and I’m digging the art direction for this. Can’t wait to see the bigots’ heads explode over the film.

  • Bailey Fields


  • i hate twittter

    Anyone know why they pulled this trailer?

  • Lady Viridis

    Man, it was really hard finding a working trailer for this one. WTF?

    That said, the trailer itself was really cute. “And uncles who don’t do anything but eat weird smelly cheeses’! I always love Laika’s films so I’m excited to see this one too. Still deeply resentful that ParaNorman didn’t get the recognition it SO deserved.

  • i hate twittter

    It looks like itunes might have exclusive rights to this trailer right now, which is bullshit because nobody wants to install quicktime to watch an advertisement.

  • Mr The Batman

    I can’t wait to hear Richard Ayoade’s voice! I found the trailer so adorable, can’t wait for this to come out.

  • Shauni Farella

    some people are willing to pay a pretty penny to secure an exclusive, which is usually not to be sniffed at.

    Of course this has been known to backfire – a PC games magazine paid a hefty fee for an exclusive on a big game, only for its rivals to consider a leak on a website to make said exclusive null and void and rush out thier own copies.

  • Emily Hill

    I will take my niece to see this why because they acknowledge a same sex couple can be just as good at raising a child as a hetero couple

  • Floweramon

    I think they sort of work it in with the way they worded the first narration. “Sometimes there’s a mother. Sometimes there’s a father.” Compare to the others that make a point of attaching the family members within the same sentence.