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Whovians Petition the White House to Put a Replica TARDIS On the Front Lawn

You know, I’m not really sure this is the sort of thing the government’s official petition site was meant to host…

With Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary rapidly approaching, a petition has sprung up to get the U.S. government in on the action by putting a replica TARDIS on the White House Lawn. Reads the petition:

This year the long running show Doctor Who is celebrating 50 years since it first aired. We would like the U.S. to acknowledge this show and our friendship with the good people of the U.K. by placing a replica TARDIS on the lawn of the White house for a week prior to the 23rd of November 2013.

We feel this will spur a healthy interest in Science and Technology while bringing many people around the world together.

I love Doctor Who, but I’m just going to come out and say I don’t think replacing the metaphorical lawn flamingoes with TARDISes is a suggestion the U.S. government’s going to, or should, take. Then again, if Canton Everett Delaware III is around, you never know. Petitions on We the People have to get 100,000 signatures in 30 days for the government to respond, and this particular petition still has a good 98,800 to go.

(The Daily Dot)

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  • Anonymous

    Merciful gods above, can we stop with all of the asinine petitions yet? Please?

  • Anonymous

    What’s scary is that this is probably one of the saner petitions.

  • Fisty

    Idiots like this are the reason the number of signs required before a response is received was raised to like 100k or more. Did we all think the Death Star one was cute? Yes.

  • Anonymous

    I’d petition for the gov’t to release the REAL moon landing footage.

  • Dani

    These petitions are getting out of hand. They no longer seem to be for people who want to better society as a whole, instead they’re becoming wish lists of entitled fans. Don’t get me wrong seeing a TARDIS on White House Grounds is cool but majority of the population unless they are familiar with the show itself will not understand why a blue police box is on the lawn. This is almost as bad as tumblr fans demanding that a “big four” (Rapunzel, Jack Frost, Hiccup, and Merida) movie be made.

  • LRS


  • Anonymous

    I will let my comments on the “TARDIS in the Van Gogh painting” article on this site stand as a reflection of my response to this petition with the following addendum:
    I would be curious to know how many of these people so interested in promoting “Science and Technology” with a fictional time machine are aware that Voyager 1 moved interstellar space yesterday?
    Maybe most of them, but, still, I do wonder…

  • Anonymous

    It goes in the Oval Office, or you don’t do it at all.

  • Foxfire

    Loved your comment, I went from Nerd Rage to Appreciation in 2.5secs.

  • Cerberus

    Ugh. Enough with the stupid petitions.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, no better way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the tragic Kennedy assassination.

  • Laura Truxillo

    That’s…um…that’s tumblr’s pick for the “big four?” Hoo-kay.

    I like fandom. I even like tumblr fandom. But man, sometimes I want these kids to step outside once in a while.

  • Emily Hill