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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

i'll just leave this here

Take a Look at the Original Ending of Little Shop of Horrors: Where Everybody Died

Musical buffs might find the above title confusing, because in the original Little Shop of Horrors, the stage musical, the show ends with Audrey II and his alien counterparts triumphant and the death of the human race at the fibrous tentacles of giant jive-talking Venus flytraps. That ending was entirely completed by the crew of Frank Oz‘s much beloved movie adaptation, only to test badly (due, Oz believes, to changes made to the story that made Seymour and Audrey more relatable and less culpable for murder) and be canned by studio execs who demanded that it be reshot with a happy ending. The 1998 DVD release of the movie included a version of the original ending… but in black and white and taken from before the sound had been dubbed in. The clip above is from the director’s cut Blu-ray release, in stores now.

(via Topless Robot.)

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  • Nelly Dreadful

    Cool! But kinda disappointing that they left out the bit from the musical (AND the Roger Corman black and white movie that the MUSICAL was based on) where the faces of everyone the plant ate appeared in Audrey Two’s flowers.

    In the Roger Corman flick, that was how everyone found out what Seymour had been doing. In the stage play, I think it had the effect of softening the blow of the dark ending without losing the black humour. Even dead, Audrey and Seymour still get to show up for the finale and have a last song together, along with Mushnik and the Dentist. (Audrey and Seymour have the somewhat incongruous line “We’ll have tomorrow”, which is weird considering they, well, don’t, but Audrey’s last song before her death was all about how she’d be part of the plant after she was eaten so in that way they’d always be together, so…?)

  • Jason Dabrowski

    I would have preferred to see this.

  • Anonymous

    As awesome as that was, it would have given me even worse nightmares as a five-year-old than it already did…