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  1. Don Mattrick Heading to Zynga, Will Probably Still Solve Problems by Telling People to Buy the Xbox 360

    "So your tomatoes are taking too long to grow on Farmville? Have you considered buying the Xbox 360?"

    The gaming collective has apparently beaten Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment unit, completely into the ground with their very reasonable questions about DRM. Now he's leaving the company to become CEO at Zynga. After all the insanity surrounding the Xbox One release, he'll probably be happy to switch over to the casual gamer market. At least they seemingly couldn't care less whether they "own" the games they pour hundreds of actual dollars into.

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  2. Massive Layoffs at Zynga Prove FarmVille’s Going the Way of Actual Farms

    We had to sell Bessie the Belted Cow to the bank for only 10 measly farm coins.

    Remember when you couldn't go anywhere on the Internet without someone either loudly proclaiming their love for the Zynga Facebook game FarmVille or making a snide ironic joke about its existence? Their turn-based Facebook games haven't exactly made waves in the news since then, and we've all been pretty happy about that. Everybody except Zynga, of course, which had to lay off around 500 people yesterday as a result. Wow, who'd have thought that a business based entirely on offering useless virtual goods for actual money would be unsustainable?

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  3. Brett Ratner’s Making a FarmVille TV Show, And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

    Are you sick of hearing about J.J. Abrams directing things? Yeah, us too. Here's the problem, though -- all the other news about other people signing on to projects is much, much worse. Case in point: because absolutely no one demanded it, you're getting a FarmVille TV series produced by no less a luminary than Brett Ratner, so abandon all  hope ye who enter here. It's a pretty inspired choice, we have to admit -- a man whose movies everyone watches and no one admits to watching paired with a video game many people play, but no one admits to playing for a TV show that probably no one will watch, but we'll bet still gets more episodes than Do No Harm.

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  4. Developer Zynga Gives the Axe to 11 Games, Now You Can Kind Of Get Your Life Back

    Social game developer Zynga is in the doghouse yet again with the announcement that the company, after laying off a majority of its development team and shutting down its Boston office back in the fall, is pulling the plug on 11 of its titles for good as a cost-cutting measure. Fortunately, FarmVille fans have nothing too worry about -- aside from the rampant case of carpal tunnel and worsening vision -- but those that enjoyed playing games such as PetVille and Mafia Wars 2 will be left high and dry from this sudden tidal wave of cancellations.

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  5. Facebook Unfriends Zynga, Will Still Troll its Vacation Pics

    Facebook and game company Zynga have had a special relationship over the years that gave Zynga special access to Facebook users. Readers may recognize this relationship in its most ostentatious form: Constant FarmVille requests and updates from friends. That special relationship is coming to an end, as Facebook alters the deal. Zynga should pray they don't alter it any further.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: A Companion Cube Engagement Ring

    Things We Saw Today

    What could be more appropriate than giving your companion a Companion Cube engagement ring? By the way, he proposed by saying, "Will you be my partner in science?" Find out how it was made here. (via TDW Geek)

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  7. Zynga Laid Off Over 100 People During Apple’s Event, Might Just Be Tip of the Iceberg

    Zynga's not been doing so well. This isn't just some opinion; it's a fact. The company's been bleeding money since their OMGPOP acquisition. Draw Something, which Zynga apparently thought would be the new hot ticket item, turned out to be less successful than hoped. They announced that they'd be writing off between $85 and $95 million of the price they paid for the OMGPOP purchase, which equates to about half of what they shelled out for it in the first place. Now news is coming in that Zynga laid off a significant number of people during Apple's event to try and avoid attention.

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  8. No, I Won’t Visit Your Farm: Around 85% of U.S. Players Quit Social Video Games After One Day

    Player churn is a big problem for social video games. Companies like Zynga constantly have to work on their retention rates, because players tend to lose interest and stop playing within a short period of time. Just how long does it take for the majority of users to stop bothering with their digital crops? Well, a study conducted by Playnomics from July 1st to September 30th of this year found that around 85% of their United States players lapsed after just one day.

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  9. Zynga Continues to Bleed Money, Notes Big Loss on OMGPOP Acquisition

    Zynga isn't doing so well these days. Their quarterly performance has been abysmal of late, and they've just announced that they'll be writing off between $85 and $95 million in association with the acquisition of OMGPOP. Considering that Zynga shelled out between $180 and $210 million for the company, that's a rather massive nosedive. What goes up must come down, after all, and Draw Something didn't have much of a revenue model. Looks like the Zynga is finding that out the hard way.

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  10. Zynga and Hasbro Announce Board Game Versions of the Most Annoying Facebook Ones

    Well, it's finally happened. The inevitable collaboration between Zynga and Hasbro has produced a line of board games from the latter that are based on properties from the former which are really just clones of the properties of the latter. We're through the looking glass here, people. There's something profoundly amusing about the fact that there's now going to be a Scrabble board based on Words With Friends.

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  11. Zynga Loses COO, Tries to Convince Everyone Else to Stay

    Zynga has been looking more and more like a sinking ocean liner recently; it's getting sucked underwater, everyone is abandoning ship, and everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. The company took yet another hit on Wednesday when John Schappert resigned from his position as Zynga's Chief Operating Officer after being stripped of his game project responsibilities in a corporate "reshuffling." A number of employees are beginning to think that Schappert might have had the right idea, forcing Zynga to offer its employees a financial incentive to stay. With the ship taking on water, the crew members jumping overboard, and the captain paddling away in a lifeboat, things aren't looking all that great for Zynga.

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  12. EA Sues Zynga for Copyright Infringement

    What? You're telling me that Zynga steals games, repackages them, slaps "Ville" on the title, and then unashamedly releases them? Say it ain't so! But today, the folks over at Zynga realized that there are always bigger fish out there. Electronic Arts, Inc. didn't take too kindly to the blatant ripping-off of their game, The Sims Social, in the form of Zynga's brand-new game, The Ville. The folks over at EA decided to sue Zynga back to the Stone Age and have published a 50-page legal complaint describing in detail how The Ville is essentially identical to The Sims Social in everything from the animation sequences to the RGB color values in the custom skin tones. Zynga messed with the bull and they seem surprised about what they're about to get.

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  13. Zynga Insiders Cash Out Right Before Stocks Plummet

    When Zynga stock first went public, everyone thought it was going to be the beginning of a very large evil empire. Gamers were pretty sure this was the beginning of the end for what they would consider real video games, and that the subpar casual gaming Zynga has unleashed upon the masses would be the gloomy future of digital entertainment. Zynga stock went public at ten bucks a share, and at the opening bell, was valued at $8.9 billion. Back in April, Zynga insiders dropped 43 million shares of stock at $12 each. Yesterday, Zynga reported a fairly unhappy quarter wherein their stock dropped all the way to three bucks a share. Those Zynga insiders that dropped 43 million shares? They got out and made around a collective $516 million during the same quarter the prices of shares plummeted. Yes, we know what you're thinking, and everyone else is thinking it too.

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  14. The Draw Something App Is Getting Turned Into A Reality Show By CBS

    Thank You?

    You've probably heard of the Draw Something app by now. You know, the one no one's playing anymore? Well anyway, CBS has decided to turn the Pictionary-like game into a reality show. What in the what?

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  15. American Express Offers Zynga Rewards Card, Requires Planting of “Money Tree” in FarmVille

    Zynga's hit Facebook game FarmVille is poised to stretch its tentacles deeper into your wallet in a new deal with American Express. The credit card company is now offering pre-paid cards attached to their Serve rewards program that will earn FarmVille players in-game cash for real-life purchases. Strap yourselves in, as our reality becomes a little bit more like a Philip K. Dick story.

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  16. Draw Something Drops 5 Million Users After Zynga Deal

    It's a tale as old as time. Or at the very least, as old as the Apple App Store. Whenever an incredibly successful application manages to hold the top of the chart, Zynga chases them until they own the company responsible or have made their own watered-down clone. In the case of OMGPOP's Draw Something, however, this may have turned out to be a grievous mistake.

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  17. Zynga Acquires Draw Something Creator OMGPOP

    iOS game developer OMGPOP recently rose to prominence with its mobile hit Draw Something, a Pictionary-like play-by-email-esque game. Though Zynga obviously didn't invent the play-by-email mechanic, one of the most popular mobile games, Words With Friends, is both a Zynga property and probably introduced the mechanic to a whole new demographic. So, it seems like a fit that the developer of Draw Something, a game that is basically "Words With Friends but drawing," just got acquired by Zynga.

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  18. After Strong Opening, Zynga Shares Dip on Stock Market

    Game-maker Zynga, famous across Facebook for its addictive time-sinks, floated its initial public offering on NASDAQ yesterday. It was a strong showing, with the company valued at some $8.9 billion in the largest IPO since Google's 2004 outing. However, things quickly turned for the company, no doubt leaving some investors worried about the future.

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  19. Woman Arrested For Embezzling $166,000 for Mafia Wars, Other Zynga Games

    Bettysue Higgins has pleaded guilty to embezzling $166,000 from the Maine Trial Lawyers Association, and is now facing prison time and probation. With a home in foreclosure, one would assume that Higgins needed the money just to stay afloat. However, there is some evidence that a good chunk of the money she stole was paid out to Zynga playing Mafia Wars and YoVille.

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  20. Zynga Finally Goes Public at $10 a Share, Ready to Take Over Your Internet

    As those of you wanting to get in on some sweet, sweet Zynga stock have been waiting with bated breath, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has finally gone public, setting each share at an expensive $10 a pop. Zynga's initial public offering is one of the biggest of the year -- and looks to stay that way with only a few weeks left in said year -- and is the biggest tech IPO since Google's back in 2004. Yeah, the company that makes that game your mom plays is doing pretty well for itself.

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