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  1. Zootopia Is the Futurama of Zoos

    Bender says, "You were in a zoo!"

    Danish group Bjarke Ingels Group unveils plans for "Zootopia," a zoo in which the humans are confined to small spaces and the animals are allowed to roam free.

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  2. Monkey Does Not GAF How Expensive This Guy’s Camera Is, Steals It to Make Video Selfies

    He should've tried, "Get your hands off my camera, you damn dirty ape."

    Man, this guy is really not happy that a monkey stole his super expensive GoPro camera. How do I know? Because he keeps yelling at the monkey about it while it continues to not understand human speech and be adorable. The monkey eventually traded it back to a zoo employee for some fruit, as monkeys do, and now we have this great video.

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  3. Calgary Zoo Has Kitchen Raided by Gorillas for Second Time

    Also one of them got a knife one time. Get it together, Calgary Zoo.

    For the second time this year, gorillas have broken into the kitchen attached to their enclosure at the Calgary Zoo. In case you're wondering if they're supposed to be in there, a spokeswoman from the zoo said in an interview with The Globe and Mail, "They're not supposed to be in there."

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  4. Japanese Zoo’s Zebra Escape Drill is the Best Video You Will Ever See [Video]

    Pop quiz, hotshot. You're running a zoo and an earthquake strikes. Cages break open, and panicked animals are roaming the streets. What's your first move? If you said "Secure the zebra at all costs," you're...well, we don't know if you're right, but you're at least of a mind with staff at this Japanese zoo. In a recent emergency drill, zoo staff practiced their zebra-wrangling skills, in case the unthinkable should happen. They didn't want to risk loosing an actual zebra on the unsuspecting public, though -- that's exactly the worst-case scenario they're trying to avoid! -- so instead used a man in a zebra suit to stand in for a zebra running wild and terrified through the streets. The result, of course, is pure comic gold.

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  5. Zookeeper Will Live In Lion Cage, Safety Not One Of His Concerns

    Ukrainian zookeeper Alexander Pylyshenko is either incredibly brave, incredibly naive, or perhaps a little of both. Pylyshenko plans to spend 35 days living inside a zoo's lion enclosure in a cage with a breeding pair of the animals. While Pylyshenko gets along well with the friendly lions now, living with them around the clock may be a different matter, particularly because the female is due to give birth during his five week stay in the cage. Pylyshenko is undeterred by the inherent danger of being in such close quarters with two wild animals. Pylyshenko is the owner of the private zoo in the Ukranian city of Vasylivka. He intends to live like the lions do, sleeping on the floor and eating the meat that is fed to the lions through the cage bars. However, he has had a toilet and shower installed in the cage for his personal use. He can not use any scented soaps or deodorants during his time in the cage though, because lions are very sensitive to strong smells.

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  6. Capybara Gets All Zen With A Hot Shower [Video]

    Even capybaras, the world's largest rodent, need to relax sometimes. And this little guy certainly seems to have found the perfect way to do so: Enjoying a hot shower in the Saitama zoo. Is it just me or does he look rather noble and statuesque as the water falls over is head? Like some kind of zen master, lost in the eternal moment (via Neatorama)

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