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  1. Japanese Zoo’s Zebra Escape Drill is the Best Video You Will Ever See [Video]

    Pop quiz, hotshot. You're running a zoo and an earthquake strikes. Cages break open, and panicked animals are roaming the streets. What's your first move? If you said "Secure the zebra at all costs," you're...well, we don't know if you're right, but you're at least of a mind with staff at this Japanese zoo. In a recent emergency drill, zoo staff practiced their zebra-wrangling skills, in case the unthinkable should happen. They didn't want to risk loosing an actual zebra on the unsuspecting public, though -- that's exactly the worst-case scenario they're trying to avoid! -- so instead used a man in a zebra suit to stand in for a zebra running wild and terrified through the streets. The result, of course, is pure comic gold.

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  2. Staten Island Goes Twin Peaks As Men In Black Track Down Runaway Zebra and Pony

    The Staten Island Advance is reporting that a pony and a zebra are at large on the island, just strolling around the borough like they own the place, and the paper has the grainy cell phone video to prove it. The horses have been at large since at least this morning, when a resident witnessed them running through a parking lot. Keep reading for the most adorable footage of a Staten Island parking lot you're likely to see ever.

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  3. Zebras Give 10 Polar Bears Herpes (Yes, You Read That Right)

    How did all of my polar bears get herpes? It's an uncomfortable question that we've all been forced to ask ourselves at one point or another. At least, all of us who are zookeepers at Germany's Wuppertal Zoo, where no less than 10 polar bears came down with the virus in 2010. Still -- awkward, right? The good news is this: there is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for how this happened, and chances are it involves no weird cross-species makeout sessions. The bad news? Nobody knows what that answer is. Right now, it's just a story of bizarre new strains of herpes virus and a dead polar bear, which we can all agree is super-sad.

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