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  1. What Are You Really Saying When You Talk To Your Mother?

    Are you eating enough?

    Sometimes, you tell your mom everything. Sometimes, you don't. But there are always those little half-truths you tell just to let her know you're doing... okay. This adorable Mother's Day video from Alison Vingiano gets real and breaks down what you and your mother really mean when you talk to each other.

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  2. Player Piano‘s Sonya Belousova and Tom Grey Celebrate Doctor Who In Their Latest Video Masterpiece

    You may have known about composer/pianist Sonya Belousova and director Tom Grey back when they were known as Cosplay Piano. One hugely successful IndieGoGo campaign later, the duo is now known as Player Piano, and for their latest musical endeavor, they have taken on the Doctor Who theme, with an original arrangement in celebration of the show.

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  3. Go Watch The First Episode Of Penny Dreadful Season 2 Right Now!

    Seriously, it's up! Go on, then!

    Early Sunday morning, the Penny Dreadful YouTube account posted the full first episode of Penny Dreadful Season 2, a few weeks ahead of its May 3rd premiere. I know I tell people to go watch things a lot, but this is a neat opportunity to get a jump start on one of the most intriguing horror shows I've seen in a long time. Go watch it!

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  4. Ashley Mardell Educates the World on The ABCs of LGBT

    Because seriously, there's a LOT of terms to learn.

    Thankfully, YouTuber Ashley Mardell is taking us all to school with her series, The ABCs of LGBT, where she teams up with other gender diversity experts, activists, and sex educators on YouTube to teach both cis/heterosexual allies and LGBTQ+ folks who might be in the process of learning who they are about the myriad gender expressions that exist.

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  5. Elders React to The Last of Us and Realize That Gaming Can Be Emotionally Affecting

    Oh wait...I'm supposed to move now?

    Watching Elders React: Gaming on YouTube's React Channel makes me realize that I totally game like an older person. What button do I press? Oh wait, am I supposed to move now? Oh my goodness! It feels so real! This is what happens when, as a child of the 80s, your parents call TV "The Idiot Box" rather than buy you a gaming console.

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  6. The Mary Sue Interview: Biologist, Science Vlogger, and GE Creator-in-Residence Sally Le Page

    If you're not familiar with Sally Le Page yet, you're in for a treat. The host of "Shed Science," a YouTube series that looks at animals' sex lives (and other fascinating elements of the natural world!) in an accessible and informative manner, Le Page is now sharing her talents with a whole new audience in her role as General Electric's Creator-in-Residence.

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  7. Welcome to Night Vale‘s Got an Official YouTube Account; Time to Re-Listen to the Whole Show

    No dogs allowed.

    Welcome to Night Vale, the immensely popular podcast that's perhaps best described as what would happen if Twin Peaks and Prairie Home Companion had a baby, now has its own YouTube channel.

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  8. Youtube’s Grace Helbig Will Star in Her Own TV Show on E!

    We are really excited about it, but the channel name also just ends with an exclamation mark.

    The Internet's own Grace Helbig, who first rose to prominence with her "DailyGrace" web series through the My Damn Channel network and later through her own "It's Grace" channel, is now officially making the jump to actual television. You know, that thing where you don't get to click through the ads after five seconds.

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  9. “Hide Fedora” Is A Browser Extension That Blocks Le Reddit Armie’s Meta-Trolling

    Can we get one for life?

    There's good news and bad news: The bad news is that no one has managed to make Youtube comments a good place for humanity quite yet. The good news is that at least some incremental progress has been made, in the form of a new browser extension called Hide Fedora.

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  10. Man Arrested for YouTube Comment Threatening Cops, Claims He Never Intended to Follow Through

    The excuse that keeps on excusing.

    Tensions have been high around law enforcement lately, to say the least. So when a YouTube commenter left a fairly specific murder threat in a comment thread, Google took it very seriously, despite his claims about its intent.

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  11. The Project For Awesome Is Happening This Weekend & It’s Got A $1 Million Charitable Goal

    The suspense!

    This time around the Project for Awesome has its loftiest goal yet: They're trying to raise a million dollars.

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  12. Youtube Singer Jonathan Mann Continues To Fight Gamergate Harassment With Music

    Now, imagine if he was a woman...

    You might remember Jonathan Mann from the autotuned rebuttal he made in September to a conservative group's claim that women should stop criticizing video games. Now, almost a month and a half since then, GooblyGobblies are unfortunately still vocal, and the "Song a Day" singer has made nearly an album's worth of songs smartly subverting the logic of harassers.

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  13. Woman Who Featured In Street Harassment Video Receives Online Rape Threats

    Oblivious, thy name is man.

    Yesterday Hollaback, a nonprofit advocating to end street harassment, published a recording of the 100-plus unwanted comments received by actress Shoshanna Roberts during a ten-hour span. The video quickly went viral, receiving over a million views and 27,000 comments in less than a day, as well as its fair share of criticism--Bad Feminist author Roxanne Gay had some reservations. Unfortunately, scum-of-the-Earth asshats did as well.

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  14. Things We Saw Today: Ronan and Nebula Make A Killer Cosplay Couple

    If I were cosplaying Thanos, I'd be worried.

    NYCC cosplayers LallyCosplay and Elendriel got their Guardians on when cosplaying everyone's favorite dysfunctional Thanos-haters, Ronan and Nebula. The world needs more Nebula everything.

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  15. YouTube Star Who Harasses Women Is Now Being Accused Of Rape

    Ah, Sam Pepper. First, you were just a guy who harassed women for YouTube views. Then, you were a guy who allegedly harassed women just because. Now, you're being accused of raping a girl the last time you were in Toronto. Next time, some advice you may want to consider: don't sexually assault people for any reason. Just a thought.

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  16. Learn Yourself Some Geography With an 11 Minute Updated Version Of Wakko’s State Capital Song

    I'm tired just watching it.

    Animaniacs taught us the capitals of every state in the U.S. and the name of (almost) every country in the world, but it didn't teach us both—probably because it would have taken half an episode to get through them all. But on Youtube, there's plenty of time for foundring to get through all of them, organized by continent for added musical flare. Just don't run out of breath there, buddy.

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  17. “MURDER PRANK!!!” Wonderfully Dismantles Everything Wrong With YouTuber Calling Sexual Harassment A “Social Experiment”

    I murdered people to show that murder is wrong.

    You may have been following our coverage of Sam Pepper, the YouTuber who uploaded videos of himself sexually harassing women and then tried to pass it off as a "social experiment," meant to raise awareness for violence against men. Though I already expressed my distaste for this "explanation," YouTuber JusReign uses parody to get the same point across in a much funnier manner. "MURDER PRANK!!!" is on-point - especially once he starts mimicking Pepper's "explanation" video. Perfect.

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  18. YouTuber Who Sexually Harasses Women Dropped By His Network Amidst Further Allegations of Sexual Harassment

    And good riddance.

    Sam Pepper, the YouTuber who posts videos in which he sexually assaults women, has been under fire this week for, you know, sexually assaulting women on camera. Many women have also stepped forward to discuss their personal experiences with Pepper - and the YouTuber has subsequently been dropped from his network.

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  19. Things We Saw Today: Batarang Yourself One of These Limited Edition Batman Necklaces

    I am vengeance! I am the night! I am shiny!

    From the jewelry designers who brought you the sterling silver Green Lantern rings and Batman logo earrings comes this: limited edition, officially Warner Brothers-licensed, silver Batman necklaces in honor of the caped crusader's 75th anniversary. Dang, Guild Jewelry. You all outdid yourself with these.

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  20. YouTuber Who Sexually Harasses Women Tries To Pass Off Most Recent Video As “Social Experiment” To Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence Against Men


    Yesterday, the YouTube community was rightfully disgusted by ex-Big Brother housemate Sam Pepper's latest video, "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank," where he sexually harasses women in the street and attempts to pass it off as a prank. Today, Pepper has issued something that is, I think, supposed to be an apology; but is actually just self-congratulatory back-pedalling.

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