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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


she blinded me with science

The Brain Scoop Asks: Where My YouTube Science Ladies At?

The Brain Scoop’s Emily Graslie delivers a thoughtful address on YouTubing about science as a woman. Got a favorite lady videoblogger who talks about science? Let us know in the comments!

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There And Back Again

Watch The Hobbit Get the Mean Girls Treatment

Oh my God, Tauriel, you can’t just go around asking people why they’re not dwarves!


it's time to play the music

Choir Turns YouTube Comments Into a Classy A Cappella Jam [VIDEO]

Warning for violent language, sexist language, racist language, general crudeness, immaturity, stupidity… you know. YouTube comments.

(by World Wide Interweb, via Laughing Squid)

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Almost Totally Excellent

Dante Basco Can’t Escape The Legacy of Rufio. Bangarang! [VIDEO]

I’m sure that actor Dante Basco has learned by now that once you play a fan favorite like Hook‘s Rufio, it’s hard to shake the role, and I can only assume this is the trajectory of every audition Basco attends, including his Avatar: The Last Airbender audition, down to the gleeful humming. Really, though, the takeaway here is that YouTube comedians The Younger Statesmen know what the internet wants, and that at least one of Basco’s auditions, way back in 1990, was actually like this.



This Mini Metroid Movie Will Make You Want A Full Length Animated Film

This Super Metroid animation is so serene and well drawn that you could almost forget that there is a giant monster bearing down on our hero. Of course, the visuals combined with the monster fighting power of Samus Aran are what make me think that this needs to become a feature length animation. The short animation was created by artist Dave Rapoza, who, sadly, did not animate it as a sign of more Metroid movie magic to come, but as a means of learning more about animation.

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Emma To Get The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Treatment With Web Series Emma Approved

The charming, modern day interpretation of Jane Austen‘s Pride and Prejudice, beloved webseries The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, ended in March of this year, taking with it the unusual cast, social media presence, and cheery feel that made the 100 episodes so enjoyable for fans. Spin off series Welcome To Sanditon followed, but now creators Bernie Su and Hank Green are taking on other Austen characters with their adaptation of Emma. The web series will be titled Emma Approved, and features the well known story of the young lady who believes she is an excellent matchmaker, but, as expected, with some modern twists.


Fear is the Mind Killer

A Bravest Warriors Short To Tide You Over Until Season 2

The 11 episode first season of Bravest Warriors concluded in early March, but yesterday Cartoon Hangover released a new short featuring the quartet of futuristic crime fighters to help kick off YouTube’s Geek Week. “Moo-phobia,” sadly, does not feature CatBug, but is still an entertaining addition to the list of Bravest Warriors episodes. If you haven’t watched the show, which could best be described as Adventure Time, in space, with no censors, the entire first season is available on the Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel.

(via Cartoon Hangover on Youtube)

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Curiouser and curiouser!

Youtube Channel Goes On A Rogue Countdown, Theories Fly. What the Frak?

Time for your daily dose of conspiracy theory weirdness: on July 9, the innocuous Youtube channel “Pronunciation Book” (which features videos about how to pronounce English words like “jojoba” and “Herobrine”, presumably for the edification of people who [are learning to] speak English) began posting a series of daily videos that are counting down from 77. The audio of each video does not correspond with a pronunciation of the number it is featuring. Each video ends with the voice saying: “Something is going to happen in [number] days.” As of today, the countdown is at 63.

What the heck is going on here? Is this the craziest three-year-old guerilla marketing campaign ever? Why are rumors flying about Battlestar Galactica‘s possible involvement? Go under the cut for speculation, and beware the Battlestar Galactica spoilers!


This is just like magic!

Hank Green Wishes For Another J.K. Rowling Book A Day Before Her Secret Crime Novel Is Revealed [VIDEO]

Hank Green, of the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel, makes a point of writing a song about Harry Potter every year on the anniversary of his release of “Accio Deathly Hallows,” the wizard rock song that celebrated the impending release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and brought a lot more visibility to the Vlogbrothers channel back in 2007. This year Green seems to have predicted the future with his newest song “Oh, J.K. Rowling,” in which he politely requests the author write something new for her many fans. Amazingly, the video was posted two days before the news broke that J.K. Rowling had secretly written a crime novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, under the pseudonym Robert Gailbraith. Since Rowling was revealed to be the author The Cuckoo’s Calling has risen from moderate success and favorable reviews to a spot on top of both U.K. and U.S. Barnes & Noble and Amazon sales charts.  The book, which sold 1,500 copies when it was released in the spring, is now selling out and will have to be reprinted. I’m sure Green is thrilled to know that his wish was granted. His timing is almost magical.

(via YouTube, Deadline)

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it's time to play the music

This Return to Oz Industrial Rock Remix is Hypnotic [VIDEO]

This industrial rock remix of the dark, whimsical Return to Oz, made by YouTuber CounterClockWise000, is extremely creepy but oddly catchy. It finally occurred to someone that the notoriously terrifying, wonderful 1980′s followup to Dorothy’s original adventure in Oz needed to be rendered even more appealing and frightening with the help of some drums and an echoing child’s voice. Who knew Dorothy Gale had a voice that could reach into your very soul?

(via Death and Taxes)

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