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WWDC 2011

  1. Everything You Wanted to Know About iOS 5 and OS X Lion

    Despite the breathless coverage we, and other outlets, have provided for iCloud, there were other things talked about during today WWDC 2011 keynote speech. Today, Apple outlined some key features we can expect to see in OS X Lion and iOS 5. Though iCloud will bridge iOS and OS X devices, those platforms are seeing some major changes in their own right. Read on after the break to see what changes we can expect in the latest versions of Apple's mobile and desktop operating systems.

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  2. Everything You Wanted to Know About iCloud

    Steve Jobs and his buddies at Apple have just wound up their keynote presentation at WWDC 2011. The legendary Reality Distortion Field was at full power today as many new features were announced for the Mac Lion OS and iOS 5. Perhaps the most anticipated portion of today's precedings was the announcement of iCloud, Apple's new cloud service. Jobs prefaced the iCloud announcement by saying that the tech landscape has moved into a post-PC world. From now on, he said, Apple will consider the computer as just another device -- the same as an iPad or an iPhone. iCloud will take the place of the computer at the center of the so-called "digital lifestyle," moving all our valuable data seamlessly between the devices we used to access it. Jobs stressed that iCloud is not an online drive for storage, but outlined a system that pushes and pulls data between all devices, including computers. The phrase Jobs echoed throughout the entire announcement was, "it just works." These features are intended to be seamless and fully integrated, so new users will have no problem picking them up, and existing users won't have to adapt to them. Read on below, for a look at we can expect with iCloud.

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  3. Follow Apple’s WWDC 2011 Announcement Live

    Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is upon us, and while the event lasts until the end of this week, Apple has mercifully spared us the anticipation by kicking WWDC 2011 off with a keynote about which a lot of people are pretty excited. Though the word on the street is that there almost certainly will not be an iPhone 5/iPhone 4GS reveal today, we do know that Apple will be talking about iOS5, Mac OS X Lion (this is, after all, a developers' conference, and developers need to know about the operating systems they're working with), and, most intriguingly for many, iCloud. Everything is speculative at this point, but the great hope for iCloud, as elucidated by John Gruber, is that it won't be the new MobileMe, but rather the new iTunes: That is, that with iCloud, the previous model of PC-as-central-media-hub for Apple users will shift to "should shift to the cloud. iTunes, the desktop app, currently syncs the following things with iOS devices: audio, movies and TV shows, iBooks e-books, App Store apps, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, and any sort of files shared between iOS apps. All of these things would be better served syncing over-the-air via the so-called cloud." Will it live up to that? Well, it's silly at this point to write more speculative blog posts about it; just tune into the keynote at 1pm ET/10am PT to find out. As for that: As of posting, Apple has not yet made a live video stream available for the event, and it's very possible that it won't at all. But that doesn't mean that you can't follow WWDC 2011 as it happens:

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