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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

women in the military

For A More Civilized Age

Women Airforce Service Pilots Got Their Rose Parade Float Yesterday

If we talk about the Women Airforce Service Pilots a lot, it’s only because they were awesome. Classified as civilians working for the Air Force as they performed the same job as (and even trained) enlisted men, unceremoniously dismissed at the end of the war, with their actions unnecessarily classified for thirty years and subsequently omitted from history textbooks. It’s been a struggle for the aging members of the WASP to find their proper due, but one such effort went off without a hitch this very week.



U.S. Navy Names First Female 4-Star Admiral, May Serve as Navy’s Second Ranking Officer

This Friday President Obama nominated Vice Admiral Michelle Howard for her fourth star, meaning that, pending Senate approval, she will become the first female full admiral in US Navy history.


Good News Everyone!

Christine Fox, Top Gun Inspiration, Appointed No. 2 at the Pentagon

Christine Fox, mathematician, weapons specialist, and analyst, was just appointed acting Deputy Secretary of Defense, and while she’s only set to fill the post until a permanent successor is named, it still makes her the highest ranking female Department of Defense employee in history.


what is this I don't even

Army Official Slams Use of “Pretty” Women In PR Materials

Yesterday we told you about the first four women to graduate from marine infantry training following the decision earlier this year that female members of the U.S. military should be able to serve in combat. Yay! Gender equality! Progress!

Col. Lynette Arnhart is the leader of a team studying how to best integrate women into these combat positions. And she has a beef with the way women are portrayed in the army’s PR materials. Namely: The soldiers used aren’t “average-looking” enough.


Great Hera!

We Have Our First Four Women in History to Graduate from US Marine Infantry Training

This isn’t a big shock, but it is a big achievement. Ten months after the US Secretary of Defense ordered our armed forces to prepare facilities and training so that women could be integrated into combat and infantry positions, four women will graduate from Camp Geiger, home to the eastern Marine Corps School of Infantry. They will be the first women in history to do so.


i'll just leave this here

40% of the CIA’s Field Operatives are Women, Can We Have a Black Widow Movie Now?

How well do you know your female coworkers? Friends? Could some of them be spies?

Well, no, that’s not very likely. Unless you work in a different sort of business than most of us. And of course the CIA, like any intelligence agency, has a complicated history (and present), but it’s still pretty cool that the CIA has recovered from being the sort of government agency with numerous workplace allegations levied at it to nearly gender equal in less than two decades.


To infinity and beyond!

Nonprofit Struggles to Raise Money for Female Pilots of WWII Rose Bowl Tribute

The Wingtip-to-Wingtip Association is a non-profit that’s looking for a new way to bring attention to a group of pioneering women whose accomplishments were hidden from the public for thirty years after they were released from service. But their attempt to bring a parade float honoring World War II’s WASPs to a nationally televised event is turning up short of funds a mere days before their deadline.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A New Poster For Disney’s Frozen

In the words of our own Rebecca, “Do we need to have an intervention about this snowman?” A new trailer for Frozen is supposed to premiere September 26th. Let’s hope it’s better than the last one.


i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Why Put Playable Female Characters in Call of Duty?

Honestly, adding female soldiers to character customization wasn’t about trying to lure more people into the game. It was actually just about acknowledging the people who already play our game.Mark Rubin, executive producer of Infinity Ward.

While Call of Duty initially made its name in World War II era combat, its Modern Warfare series and Black Ops II are set in the present or near future. One other good reason to add female characters to Ghosts is that by 2016 at the latest, women will serve as Army Rangers, Navy Seals, and Marine infantry.

Although I have to admit, acknowledging the women who already play your game is good too. (Also it would be pretty sad if you put a mo-capped dog in your game before you added women to multiplayer.)

Previously in Call of Duty


The Future Is Now!

The U.S. Armed Forces Are Going To Use Video Games To Teach Sailors Sexual Assault Prevention

The United States are about to start utilizing a technology already being used by the Australian government to train and educate soldiers. While the interactive video game may be used for a wide variety of training, the Navy is thinking of using it to teach sailors about preventing sexual assault. I wonder if this gives gamers in the military an unfair advantage in passing their training?