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women in sports

  1. No, You’re Crying Over Gisele Bündchen’s Under Armour Ad Campaign

    It's insPITational. (Phew, had to get that out of my system. )

    I am a total sucker for Under Armour's recent ads. The company has recently emphasized the power of women not typically considered "athletes" (their last commercial showed underdog ballerina Misty Copeland sticking it to her critics), and now Gisele Bündchen has literally entered the ring in a video which shows her kickboxing underneath projections of actual comments made about her online.

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  2. Kacy Catanzaro’s Historic Run On American Ninja Warrior Is At An End

    Damn you, jumping spider! least until she comes back next year to kick that jumping spider's ass good and proper, I assume. Only one woman has ever successfully gotten past that particular obstacle: fellow finalist Meagan Martin, who has four inches on the the five-foot-tall Catanzaro. She didn't make it through to the second stage, but her run was still really impressive. You can check it out under the jump.

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  3. Today In Awesome, Mo’ne Davis Signed Autographs For Players on the L.A. Dodgers

    Heroes get remembered, but LEGENDS NEVER DIE.

    One day, I want Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig to treasure that signed baseball so much that his kid will endure unspeakable horrors at the hands (paws?) of a terrifying English Mastiff dog and a blind James Earl Jones to get to back. Also, Mo'ne should appear to that child in no less than two or three fever dreams. Basically I want her in a Sandlot reboot, is what I think I'm asking for. Make it happen, Hollywood.

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  4. 13-Year-Old Baseball Pitcher Mo’Ne Davis Will Be On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated!

    The 13-year-old girl who made headlines last week for her 70 mph fastball and her historic Little League shutouts (yes, plural) is getting some much deserved recognition from one of the biggest names in sports journalism.

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  5. 13-Year-Old Mo’Ne Davis Makes World History by Pitching Shutout Against All-Male Competitors

    Or, in non-sports terms, by being the BAMFiest BAMF that ever did BAMF.

    She's 5'4'' and just 13 years old. Competitors fear her, pro ball players praise her, teammates idolizes her. Her walk-up song is Beyoncé's "Run the World" and she's got more dragons than Daenerys, but that's not enough for star Little League pitcher Mo'Ne Davis.

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  6. Kacy Catanzaro Talks About Her Historic Run on American Ninja Warrior, Also Runs Away With Our Hearts

    Which is ironic because she doesn't seem to like running that much.

    You might know Ninja Warrior as "the super-intense competition program that used to be better when it directly imported from Japan to G4" (No? Just me?). But this week the American adaptation of the show making headlines because for the first time ever, a woman made it to the finals—and she was incredible at it.

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  7. Olympics Update: Meredith Vieira Becomes the First Female Host of NBC’s Olympics Coverage


    And it only took an eye infection so bad that an anchor became temporarily blind. Bob Costas, NBC's long time host of their prime time Olympics coverage, has unfortunately come down with a pretty extreme eye infection just in time for the beginning of this year's games. As long as he could still read notes and sit in a bright room, he was game to continue the job, but for the past three days, Matt Lauer has filled in. The Olympics and The Today Show make a pretty demanding schedule for Lauer, so starting tonight, NBC anchor Meredith Vieira will be filling in until Costas can make it back from sick leave. This will make her the first woman to ever host NBC's primetime Olympics coverage solo. But that's not the only thing that's happened since our last Olympics update:

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  8. 15 Female Athletes You Should Know At the Sochi Olympics

    Power Grid

    The opening ceremony doesn't take place until tomorrow, but sporting events at the 2014 Sochi Olympics start today. And you know what that means for us nerds: The beginning of the only time when a lot of us, myself included, ever give a flip about anything sports-related. I will fully admit to being pretty damn sports-clueless. But I've bitten the bullet, taken advantage of my research skills, and compiled this list female athletes that you, my nerdy brethren, should keep an eye on at Sochi. We feel it's important to acknowledge and appreciate the women who have worked so hard to reach the pinnacle of their chosen sports, but while we cheer for their potential and their victories, we should remember that they stand in contrast to the many Russian citizens in crisis as their government turns a blind eye to widespread violent acts against he LGBTQ community there. Here, then, are 15 ladies you should keep an eye on until the Olympics end on February 23rd. Then we can go back to only caring about games with the words "video" or "tabletop" in front of them.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Make Your Shower Bigger On the Inside

    Things We Saw Today

    You can pair this TARDIS shower curtain with your TARDIS shower organizer. (ThinkGeek, via Geek Universe)

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  10. A 50-Year-Old Woman Competed In The Olympic Speed Skating Trials, Bow To Her [VIDEO]

    We Can Be Heroes

    Jacki Munzel is our hero. After abandoning a promising career in figure skating to overcome an eating disorder, working through knee and hip injuries, giving birth, and turning fifty, Munzel decided to get back on her skates and become one of the best speed skaters in the world. At the 2014 Olympic trials, she achieved a personal best by 13 seconds. If you want a little New Year's inspiration, let Munzel be it.

    This is already a landmark year for ladies in the Winter Olympics...

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