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Windows Phone

  1. You Can Now Get Community’s MeowMeowBeenz for Your Phone in Real Life

    I always knew Windows Phone would destroy society as we know it.

    Reddit set out to make Community's society-collapsing ratings app, MeowMeowBeenz, a reality, and that dream is one step closer now that you can actually download the app for your phone. Right now, it's a proof-of-concept app that shows off the UI and function, but the ratings system support on the backend is coming just around the corner.

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  2. Google Maps Makes Its Triumphant Return to Windows Phone

    Earlier this week, we reported that Windows Phone owners were disappointed to discover that accessing Google Maps on their Internet Explorer web browser redirected them to the company's search engine homepage. It's no mystery that Microsoft and Google can never be seated in the same room together, but it was still a pretty low blow on the latter's part. After a juvenile back-and-forth between the two tech companies over WebKit browsers, rendering engines, and all that other nonsense jargon, Google has -- we assume reluctantly -- extended the proverbial olive branch and is once again offering Windows Phone users access to Google Maps via Internet Explorer. Hopefully, this move will be enough to ease any tensions that had arisen from the past upset.

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  3. Report: Windows Phones Will Only Grab 4% of Smartphone Market in 2012

    If you're on a site like this, you're probably also the type of person that notices what kind of devices the people around you are using. Probably seems like like, despite a big push from Microsoft, Windows Phones are decidedly rare. Almost as if 96% of the people around you weren't using them. Well my friend, your powers of observation are prodigious, because that is exactly correct, and doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon.

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  4. Get Windows 8 Metro Interface on Your iPhone, Watch Out For Flying Pigs

    Love it or hate it, the Windows 8 Metro interface sure is something, and it's something Microsoft seems pretty willing to bet the whole company on. If you're in the "love it" camp like I am, I've got good news: You can get the Windows 8 Metro interface on your iPhone. Yes, you read that right. Obviously, it's unofficial, and a bit stripped down, but it's still pretty striking, and it's bound to perplex your friends.

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  5. Microsoft Insists That It’s Not Going to Roll Its Own Phones

    Last week, Microsoft stunned the Internet when it unveiled the Surface tablet. In a first for the Redmond-based company, Microsoft said these devices would be made and branded by the famously hardware-free software company. That got some people wondering if Microsoft would do the same for the forthcoming Windows 8 phones.

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  6. SMS Attack Reboots Windows Phone 7.5, Disables Messaging Hub

    Khaled Salameh discovered a bug in Windows Phone 7.5 that reboots the devices as well as disables the messaging hub via an SMS attack. After learning of the bug, WinRumors tested the attack on a range of Windows Phones, and found that the denial-of-service vulnerability isn't device specific, but rather, seems to be how the Windows Phone messaging hub handles itself. The bug can also be triggered via a Windows Live message or a Facebook chat message.

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  7. Official Xbox Live App Now On iOS

    In a move to make Xbox Live a more useful and active social network outside of simply playing games with your buddies, Microsoft has released a new Xbox Live app. Of course, this app has been around on the Windows Phone for a while, but now Microsoft is aiming for a larger audience, and in doing so, creating some content for their chief rival: They've created an iOS app. The app is available for free and lets you do stuff like mess with your avatar, stare at your achievements, and chat with your Xbox Live friends.

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  8. Analyst: Microsoft Makes More Money from Android Than from Windows Phone

    While it might seem reasonable to assume that Company A makes more money from sales of its own product than from those of its competitor, Company B, thanks to the magic of licensing, it's actually possible for the reverse to be true, especially if Company B has a much larger market share. Spoiler alert: Company A is actually Microsoft, and Company B is actually Google, and the products are Windows Phone and Android, respectively. According to Citi analyst Walter Pritchard, to date, Microsoft has actually made five times as much money from Android as it does from Windows Phone. Here's how the math works:

    A rough estimate of the number of HTC Android devices shipped is 30 million. If HTC paid $5 per unit to Microsoft, that adds up to $150 million Android revenues for Microsoft. Microsoft has admitted selling 2 million Windows Phone licenses (though not devices.) Estimating that the license fee is $15/WP phone, that makes Windows Phone revenues to date $30 million.
    Does that mean Microsoft should just give up and concede the mobile market to Google? Absolutely not: Most analysts agree that the smartphone market will be much bigger five years from now than it is today, so fighting for that market share still matters. (Asymco via BGR. title pic via GottaBeMobile.)

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  9. Report: 1000+ Nokia Employees Walk Out of Offices in Protest

    In wake of Nokia partnering with Microsoft to produce Windows Phone devices, Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat has reported that over one thousand Nokia employees walked out of their Finnish offices in protest for fear of losing their jobs. The Next Web reports that the walk out could've easily just been employees using their flextime--basically a freedom granted to Nokia employees to take time off in the middle of the day--as the reports of the walk outs are currently only coming from local sources. (via The Next Web)

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  10. Nokia and Microsoft Shack Up

    Nokia announced last night that it would be partnering with Microsoft to produce Windows Phone devices. As keen techies may have noticed over the past few years, Nokia hasn't been doing too hot in the wake of iOS and Android. Symbian, Nokia's previous operating system of choice, has become obsolete, and their planned replacement, MeeGo, now seems to be taking a back burner to Windows Phone (the former head of MeeGo, Alberto Torres, just quit). The duo will bring the usual Microsoft services such as Xbox Live, Office, and something called "Bing" to Nokia devices, along with the much-needed Windows Marketplace ecosystem.

    Today, the battle is moving from one of mobile devices to one of mobile ecosystems, and our strengths here are complementary. Ecosystems thrive when they reach scale, when they are fueled by energy and innovation and when they provide benefits and value to each person or company who participates. This is what we are creating; this is our vision; this is the work we are driving from this day forward. There are other mobile ecosystems. We will disrupt them. There will be challenges. We will overcome them. Success requires speed. We will be swift. Together, we see the opportunity, and we have the will, the resources and the drive to succeed.
    Whether this partnership will be able to save the Finnish manufacturer from the brink remains to be seen. The early indications show that Windows Phone isn't exactly a hot commodity, but the platform is still young. Props to Nokia for making the plunge, it takes kivekset of steel to turn a company around like this. (via Nokia)

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  11. Facebook Places Launches Today

    Facebook Places was announced in March, a geolocation-based answer to Foursquare, and today it officially launches. An updated Facebook iPhone app (TechCrunch has some helpful screenshots) went up for download last night, and users are already reporting the ability to broadcast their location to everyone they know as Facebook cautiously rolls out the "check-in" ability so as not to overload their servers. Of course, if you don't own an iPhone and live in America you're out of luck. (Or in luck?) Places is currently only available in the US, and Android and Windows Phone apps, while promised, are not available yet.

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