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  1. Leopard and 10 Month Old Cub Steal a GoPro Camera and Leave It in a Bush

    Lemme take a selfie real quick.

    Imagine that you are lying helplessly on the ground while an adorable leopard violently sinks its teeth into your flesh and carries you away into the bushes. But it's okay! You're a mounted GoPro camera in this scenario, so you probably won't get eaten.

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  2. Fox Shows Promise as Photographer, Steals Nature Show’s Camera to Practice

    This fox found a camera inside a rotting carcass. To its credit, which one would you run off with -- the camera or the carcass?

    Dear foxes, this is how you get a reputation for being sneaky and untrustworthy. A Dutch wildlife TV series leaves out a perfectly nice rotting carcass for you to snack on, and stuffs it with a video camera so they can observe you in your natural habitat. So what do you do? You ignore the meal, of course, and steal the camera -- which, to be fair, is a pretty 'foxes being foxes' thing to do.

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  3. Switzerland Just Killed Its Only Known Wild Bear

    How many bears is too many for Switzerland to handle? Apparently, just one, as Swiss wildlife officials have shot and killed the country's only known wild bear, a 2-year old male known as M13. The bear had wandered into inhabited areas looking for a meal, and reports indicate it had even been following some Swiss citizens around, apparently hoping for a handout, leading Switzerland to declare itself a 'no-bears' zone in rather decisive fashion.

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  4. Manhunt On For Utter Monsters Who Killed An Entire Family Of Elephants In Kenya

    In news that would make for a solid first act of a Disney movie if it wasn't already the sad, horrible truth, Kenyan authorities are trying to find a team of poachers who killed an entire family of elephants in Kenya's Tsavo East National Park. In what's being described as the worst incident of poaching in Kenya's long history -- which isn't exactly short on horrific incidents of poaching -- a family of 11 elephants was slaughtered by what police believe to be a 10-person strong gang of poachers who escaped with the elephants' hacked off tusks, which will likely be shipped off to foreign markets to make trinkets, baubles, and pieces of jewelry from the ivory. Because human beings are terrible, that's why.

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