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  1. Nintendo Direct Unveils Majora’s Mask 3D & New 3DS Release Date, Downloadable Wii Games on Wii U, & More!

    New 3DS: 3D Harder.

    Nintendo dropped a bunch of news on us this morning in a nearly hour-long Nintendo direct, so take a look at the highlights and watch the replay for yourself!

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  2. Don’t Trade in Your Wii or DS Just Yet, Hackers Have Built a Working Nintendo Wi-Fi Server Emulator to Save Online Play!

    Hack the planet! ...I mean Miiverse. Hack the Miiverse!

    In May of this year Nintendo shut down online gameplay for the original Wii and several DS models to get people to buy the Wii U and 3DS. Players weren't happy. If you haven't smashed or traded-in your old system yet there's hope! Hackers have built a working server emulator that can restore online play.

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  3. Oh Ok, Thanks: Wii U Zelda Producer Was Just Joking, Link Is Most Likely The Lead After All

    Zelda Producer Says No Lady-Lead

    Hey, remember yesterday when we had a tiny bit of hope the new Wii U Zelda game would actually feature Zelda, a

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  4. Review: Mario Kart 8 Turns the Kart-Racing World Upside Down


    Mario Kart is the king of the kart racer. My problem is, it’s held that throne for a long, long time, and kings can get lazy. Between generations, the series does little to distinguish one entry from another. The gimmicks may change, but you’re still hugging the turns and avoiding the nefarious, homing blue shells and dozens of banana peels littering the Bowser’s Castles and Rainbow Roads as Mario, Luigi, and the gang. The pressure is never on to innovate because when other kart-racing games do emerge, they usually try to mimic Mario Kart and fail (with one modern exception: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed—trust me).

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  5. Nintendo Pulling the Plug on Wii and DS Online Multiplayer, Here’s What That Means for You

    Your poor Wii is going to be so lonely.

    Nintendo is moving forward into the future, everyone, and that means systematically killing off the Wii and DS to get players to move from the older systems to the newer ones. They stopped producing the Wii in Japan near the end of 2013, and now Wii games will be losing their online multiplayer components.

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  6. Production Stopped on the Nintendo Wii—a Moment of Silence, Please

    Nintendo has finally stopped production on the console that practically printed money.

    On their Japanese Site, Nintendo has announced that they've officially stopped production of new Wiis. Was the Wii a gimmicky machine that got lucky with a previously untapped market, or are motion controls really the future of gaming? Today is a milestone in that discussion as the console that started it all is no longer being produced.

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  7. Smash Bros. Tournament Streaming Coverage — Big News Coming from Smash Bros. Project M

    Watch right here for live coverage of the Big House 3 Smash Bros. tournament and some big news!

    Super Smash Bros. Project M stands on the years of experience of an entire Smash Bros. Brawl modding community to bring you the best version of Smash Bros. that its most ardent fans can imagine. You don't want to miss this!

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  8. Nintendo Shutters Some Wii Online Services, Would Really Like You to Buy a Wii U

    Nintendo sure would love it if you went out and bought a Wii U, their shiny console which is still warm from the factory. Particularly because it's a product they're still supporting. It's actually best if you don't even look at the older ones. They don't really count anymore. In fact, Nintendo is shutting down a some of the Wii's online services -- you don't use those anymore, right? They seem to assume not.

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  9. Nintendo Cuts Wii U Sales Projections by 1.5 Million Units

    The Wii U sold 3.06 million units between its November launch and the end of the 2012. Those numbers are stronger than we would have guessed considering how underwhelmed we were with the system, but it looks like Nintendo is even more disappointed by the Wii U than we were. Because of the slower-than-expected performance, Nintendo is cutting their sales projections through March by 1.5 million units. Bummer.

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  10. China Could Lift Its 13-Year Game Console Ban

    Good news for Chinese gamers! China is thinking about lifting its ban on game consoles. The news is just speculation right now, and it's based on the Playstation 3 receiving a quality certification from the Chinese government, but even that speculation has been enough to bump up stock prices for Sony and Nintendo, both of which are champing at the bit to enter the Chinese market. Obviously, a lifting of the ban would help those companies greatly. It might also destroy the mental and physical development of Chinese children, since that's what the ban was trying to protect.

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  11. Rumor: Nintendo Might Release a Wii Mini on December 7th

    With the Wii U being a little more than a week old, it might seem a little early to be seeing rumors about a redesigned Wii, but that's not stopping the rumors from coming in. There are reports of an internal release schedule of an undisclosed "major retail source" that says a Wii Mini console is coming December 7th. With the release of their new system, why would Nintendo look back on the original Wii for a redesign?

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  12. Gut Check: Wii U

    Nintendo's been somewhat behind this entire console generation. The Wii is often referred to as more of a half step rather than a whole step, in that both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are simply more powerful machines despite the Wii being the last to release. Nintendo's just released their latest console, making them the first to hit a new generation, but they might fall victim to a similar problem a second time. Is the Wii U worth buying if it's just going to be outclassed next year? Hit the jump to watch Rollin and Justin take a look at the Wii U, and go with your gut feeling.

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  13. Knock-Off Wii Controller Makes a Good DIY Shutter Release

    Sometimes making something to solve your problems is just more fun than buying something. At least, I assume so: I can't make anything. Duncan Murdock can though, and did, when he turned an average, otherwise pretty worthless knock-off Wii nunchuck into a remote shutter release for his new DSLR, a Christmas gift. All it took was replacing the nunchuck's original cable with an old telephone wire -- telephones used to have wires -- soldered the wire to the nunchuck's board and slapped a 2.5mm plug on the other end. Bam.

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  14. Time to Dust off the Wii, Here Comes Zelda

    There is really nothing to argue about here. Even if you are the most devoted of Nintendo fans, someone that purchases every major release they come out with, you have to admit that 2011 has been a rather dry spell for an already mixed history of software releases on the Nintendo Wii. The impending release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword might be hailed by some as a reason to pardon Nintendo’s lack of titles but, it doesn’t change facts.

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  15. Nintendo Confirms Wii 2 for 2012

    Want to hear rumors about the existence of the Wii 2 for months and months before anything concrete surfaces, Verizon iPhone style? Well, too bad: In a document posted to Nintendo's investor relations site, the gaming company has confirmed that its flagship console will be getting a successor sometime in 2012. In June of this year, E3 attendees will be able to play the Wii 2, and Nintendo will announce more information about the system, including hardware specifications. That doesn't leave much time for rumormongering then. Here, by way of IGN, is the word that's been floating around about the system: Reportedly codenamed "Project Cafe," the Wii 2 may boast "a revamped version of AMD's R700 GPU architecture ... which will, as previously reported, out perform the PlayStation 3's NVIDIA 7800GTX-based processor." And, like the XBox 360, have "a custom-built triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset" for a CPU, but with even faster clocking speeds. Also: 3D potential. And a French site says [Google translatedly] that "Streaming plays a central role in the attraction of this "Project Café. The console will be able to stream wirelessly streaming multiple types of streams (different media, games) to the knobs. This will make it possible to play without turning on the TV, or start a frenzied games on the big screen, and continue uninterrupted into the toilet. A real revolution!" Everyone freak out! This NeoGAF thread has more. (Nintendo via Kotaku)

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  16. Augmented Reality Tetris Using Kinect and a Wiimote [Video]

    Trinity College student Keyosaurus (which is his YouTube moniker) mashed up Kinect body controls, a Wiimote and a bit of head tracking to control an augmented reality version of portal-less puzzling classic Tetris. The Kinect motions control most of the game, from zooming the camera to moving the tetraminoes, while the Wiimote rotates the pieces. For some reason, the video showing the hack in action doesn't play any of the instantly-recognizable Tetris themes, but blasts our ears with elevator music instead.

    (PC World via Engadget)

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  17. Water-Cooled, Wall-Mounted Wii Console Mod

    For all of the Wii's faults, the console is actually quite aesthetically pleasing. Case modder Martin Nielsen took that sleek, white rectangle and turned it into something of which a mad scientist would be proud. Almost as if ironically, Nielsen water-cooled the unit with tubes that look similar to the bombs from Die Hard: With a Vengeance, even though the underpowered-by-current-generation-standards console is one of the most least likely pieces of hardware to even come close to overheating. Dubbed the UNLimited Edition, the case is made of CNC-milled aluminum, the unit is cooled by two 22 cm coolant reservoirs filled with cerulean-tinted liquid, and the front of the case is transparent so one can see their copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl spin while they're browsing forums for Friend Codes. Discs load in through the top, and the unit is wall-mounted, so one can make room on their shelf for a system that actually has games releasing in the month of May.

    (via Wired)

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  18. Angry Birds Coming to Game Consoles, Possibly Everything Else Ever

    Angry Birds, somewhat of a phenomenon of mobile gaming where you fling birds at structures that house hiding pigs, is headed out of the mobile market and toward the console market. Developer Rovio is planning on releasing Angry Birds for the PlayStation Network, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

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  19. Geekolinks: 11/14

    Nintendo Will Go Next-Gen After They Sell 45 million Wiis to the US (GameInformer) Batgirl Wants Equal Pay (Comics Alliance) DC Comics Office Clearly Hasn't Been Remodeled Since The 90's (Bleeding Cool) GoDaddy Now Defaults Users to .co URLs (/.) 4chan vs. Tumblr (Urlesque) This 5-foot Scale Gundam Costs $3.8k (io9) 10 Green Sci-Fi Movies (TDW) (pic via Reddit.)

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  20. Open-Sourcers Place $2000 Bounty on Open Driver for Kinect

    While Microsoft's Kinect motion controller was met with somewhat mixed reviews when it made its debut yesterday, even its detractors acknowledged that it's an innovative piece of hardware. Now, the open source community wants to harness that potential for uses beyond XBox 360 games -- and Microsoft is none too happy about that. New-York based DIY electronics company Adafruit Industries has placed a $2,000 bounty on an open-source driver for the Kinect. Initially, they had placed it at $1,000, but after finding out that Microsoft disapproved of the contest -- A Microsoft spokesperson told CNET that "Microsoft does not condone the modification of its products ... With Kinect, Microsoft built in numerous hardware and software safeguards designed to reduce the chances of product tampering. Microsoft will continue to make advances in these types of safeguards and work closely with law enforcement and product safety groups to keep Kinect tamper-resistant" -- Adafruit bumped the bounty up by $1,000.

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