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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

what is this I don’t even

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Commercial Featuring Creepy Baby Spider-Man is Selling What?

The idea of the year 2018 is pretty surreal, isn’t it? That’s when The Amazing Spider-Man IV is slated to come out… for now. Producer Matt Tolmach told Den of Geek that the release date might not be as set in stone, and that the May 4th, 2018 spot might go to another film in the franchise. Waiting until 2019 for the ultimate film in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise? That’s surreal.

But admittedly nowhere near as surreal as this commercial for Evian of all things.

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and let it be known

Monday Cute: If One of These Sloth Tees Replaced Three Wolf Moon, We’d Be Okay With It

Good morning. There is an Amazon retailer that sells shirts of sloths doing various things they probably shouldn’t. Like stripping, attacking the Hindenburg, or co-starring in Dirty Dancing. They pretty much all come in women’s sizes too.

Don’t say I never did anything for you.


Pretty Pretty Princess

Exploding Disney Princesses, Because Really, What Else Were You Going to With These Three Minutes

Viewer discretion advised for bloody neck stumps, and probably some inner child wincing. But seriously you owe it to yourself to watch as far as the Belle one.


To Boldly Go

Can We Talk About How Riker Sits on Things?

If only I weren’t five foot four, I might be able to attempt this level of badassery in my every day life. Sadly, this executing this maneuver, especially in front of one’s superior officer, is recommended to experienced Rikers.

Though, as you can see, the beard is optional.

(via Topless Robot.)

The Future Is Now!

The Inevitable Result of Robot Surgery

I’ll say up front that I have no particular knowledge of the safety of robot assisted surgery, the long-term health effects, or its impact on the medical and patient community, other than the fact that the Wikipedia article on it has no less than four “issues” listed at the top of it and they’ve all been there since 2010.

What I do know, is that this actual commercial is one step away from an actual Saturday Night Live Sketch, and also that they really, really could have come up with a more serious url than one that implies swatting a roomba with a rolled up newspaper. (Also, I just checked, and is totally available, people.)

(via I Heart Chaos.)


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

TV’s Robin, Burt Ward, Comments on Current Robin Events

It’s a terrible choice to kill off Robin. Why bite the hand that feeds you? … Robin should only die in people’s imaginations! Or in a state of primal ecstasy!Burt Ward.

Well, I can certainly understand Ward’s distress over the fate of a fictional character that he’s close to, even more when he’s responsible for embodying one of the most iconic versions of that character. Although it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time this has happened, nor is the current Robin even the same character as the one he played in the television show -

Wait, did he say in a state of primal ecstasy?



Really Weird Cardiac Arrest PSA Takes Place in Zombie Apocalypse

The point is… the zombies want you alive when they start to eat you. So you know. Try and show a little respect.

(via Topless Robot.)

what is this I don't even

Medieval Baby Making Complete With Hammer (SFW)

Unfortunately, this is a “detail of a miniature depicting Nature forging a baby,” from around the year 1500, not some depiction of what 16th century Dutch people thought human gestation was like.

/sigh I guess history is already awesome enough without that.

(via Retronaut.)

Previously in What Is This I Don’t Even

And So It Begins

Nevermind, Hollywood, Just Keep Making Sequels: Movie About Olympic Swimmer Raised By Whales is Greenlit

It’s pretty easy to make fun of Hollywood for making nothing but sequels, adaptations, and remakes lately. After all, it’s pretty clear that that’s where the big money is being spent. Just look at the movies that made it into our End-of-Summer Round Up: franchise movies like The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and Men in Black III, reboots like The Amazing Spider-Man and Total Recall, and a slew of movies based on licensed products or previously told stories like Battleship, Snow White and the Huntsman and Dark Shadows. The only fully original film there is Brave.

But if this is what we get when Hollywood reaches around for an original idea… how about we just keep making those Spider-Man reboots, huh?


Today in Depressing

The Most Tragic Tortoise Divorce You’ll Read About All Day

It seems that even reptiles are susceptible to marital troubles. Two Giant Tortoises at an Austrian zoo have been placed into separate cages after Bibi, the female tortoise, “attacked her partner – biting off a chunk of his shell… until he was moved to another enclosure.” Sick of being cooped up in a cage with her partner Poldi, Bibi seems to have moved on to the single life.