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  1. Fifth Underworld Movie Getting Kate Beckinsale and the Franchise’s First Female Director


    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kate Beckinsale is returning to the Underworld franchise for its newest installment. Guess that Avengers genderswap post wasn't enough to convince her that she should be Iron Man instead. Alas.

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  2. Review: PS4’s The Order: 1886 Has Heart But Not Enough Courage

    Not quite supernatural mayhem wrapped in a David Cage shell.

    I enjoyed The Order: 1886. It’s a fantastic portrayal of London with some of the most realistic-looking characters and details I’ve ever seen in a game. It makes the most of the PlayStation 4’s hardware. But I’m not sure what kind of game it wants to be—cinematic narrative experience on the level of David Cage (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls) or next-generation action-shooter. In trying to be both, it fails at both, but it does hit a sweet spot in between.

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  3. [Updated] Argentinian President Adopts Boy to Prevent a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

    This whole premise is sweaty!

    God damn it. I knew it was too good to be true. I knew this premise was sweaty, but they suckered me in with the potential werewolf bar mitzvah jokes and it WORKED.

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  4. Ama-zon-Pulls-Werewolf-Novel-Off-Digital-Shelves-for-Using-Hyphens


    Amazon hasn't done much this year to earn the respect of writers, and the company's attempts at quality control are merely compounding the problem.

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  5. We Have Tickets to Give Away To The New York Super Week Screening of Jason Momoa Werewolf Movie Wolves

    Yeah, that's what I said.

    We have ten pairs of tickets to give away to the New York Super Week screening of Wolves, starring X-Men: First Class' Lucas Till and Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa. How do you enter to win? It's easy peasy werewolf squeezy.

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  6. Do Mermaids Get Periods? or, Explaining The Menstrual Cycles of Various Mythological Creatures

    That is menarche! Er, sorry, malarky. Either or.

    The amount of erotic fiction written about vampires, elves, and mermaids could probably fill up every library in the world, but has anyone ever thought to offer one of these poor souls a tampon? Because I did. Come, speculate wildly with me!

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  7. Forever 21 Store in Florida Robbed by a Werewolf

    Confessions of a shopaholic: I devour vagrants by the railroad tracks when the moon is full. No one can know.

    Late last Saturday a Forever 21 in Orlando was robbed by a werewolf (or possibly a regular human wearing a mask). Luckily for the inherent comedic possibilities of this story, no customers, employees, or backless sundresses were harmed.

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  8. Khal Drogo Is The Werewolf Who Mounts The World [Trailer]

    Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

    Game of Thrones Jason Momoa as a werewolf? I'd like to say, "I'm there," but what is up with them ripping off the 80s Teen Wolf movie? Also, it kind of just looks like a terrible film. But Momoa does have some epic guyliner going on. It's a tough call. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  9. Species of Cat Bred To Look Like Werewolf

    We've created a monster!

    If the arrogance and aloofness of your regular household cat doesn't put enough fear in your heart, breeders have created a new species of felines to dismiss you daily -- but these one have been bred to look like werewolves.

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  10. Werewolf Diet Claims to Help Shed Pounds (And Human Form), Probably Doesn’t

    Moonology? More like misogyny!

    Forget the food pyramid, eat like a werewolf! At least that's what celebrities like Madonna and Demi Moore are (definitely just rumored) to be doing. What is the Werewolf Diet, and how can I, too, recapture the body I had as a hot Teen Wolf, you ask? That's what we wanted to know too!

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  11. Exclusive: Bitten’s Laura Vandervoort, “We All Need A Strong Iconic Female Character To Look Up To”


    Syfy's latest supernatural series, Bitten, moves to a new timeslot tonight, Monday at 8/7c. The Mary Sue was fortunate enough to grab an email interview with its star, Laura Vandervoort. You may remember her as Supergirl on The CW's Smallville or Lisa on ABC's V remake. In Bitten, Vandervoort plays Elena, the lone female werewolf hailing from Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld novel series. We asked her about taking on the fan-favorite role, werewolf gender roles, and...the strong female character. 

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  12. Check Out The First Promo For BBC America’s Final Season Of Being Human

    Bloody Good Fun

    While this may be a moot point for some of you, since the final season of Being Human has already finished airing in the UK, this is both exciting and bittersweet for those of us in the US. I fell in love with Being Human years ago and while I've learned to love the US version, the original will always have a special place in my heart. And even though things have changed drastically in the roommate agreement, I'm eagerly anticipating the premiere of the final season on BBC America on July 13. [Editor's Note: Please do not post spoilers in the comments!] Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  13. 52 Funny, Geeky Valentines Cards

    Power Grid

    Valentines Day: perhaps the silliest of the recognized holidays, whether you think it's silly and fun or silly and stupid. In my opinion, probably the best thing about Valentines day is fan-made nerdy Valentines, whether or not you're actually giving them. So here's more than fifty geeky valentines, some of which you can print, some of which you can buy, all of which you can enjoy and then have enough time to use later this month.

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  14. The Real Quileute Tribe Featured in Twilight Are Happy to Be in the Spotlight So They Can Dispel the Werewolf Thing


    One thing that Twilight did that wasn't all that bad was put the spotlight on a Native American tribe from the Pacific Northwest, the Quileute tribe. For those of us who are not Twi-hards, that is the tribe from which Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is descended. The shirtless guy who turns into a werewolf. While the Quileute tribe are happy to be in the spotlight, they would like to take this opportunity to provide everyone with some actual facts about their tribe and beliefs in the form of an exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. For starters: they wear shirts. Sorry.

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  15. Portraits of Classic Monsters — If They Were Flappers

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    Someone -- actually, Jeffrey Thomas -- had a brilliant idea: take literature and film's classic monsters (vampires, werevolves, etc.) and mash them up with another truly unleashed creature -- the flapper. Above you'll find the flapper-ized version of Frankenstein's monster, and there are even more after the jump, plus some obligatory 1920s slang. Something tells me that these ladies might be really fun company at a speakeasy. Also, please accept this pre-emptive apology for the horrible jokes you're about to read.

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  16. Disney’s The Lone Ranger Might Be Back on Track, But Without the Werewolves We Didn’t Even Know It Had

    Wait For It...

    Disney's Lone Ranger might just ride again. Over a month after announcing that the project was dead due to its overblown budget, the studio is getting ready to make an announcement concerning the fate of the Jerry Bruckheimer-Gore Verbinksi-Johnny Depp production. But will it make its original December 2012 release date? And will it still have werewolves? ... Wait, what? Werewolves? Yes, werewolves.

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  17. The Underworld: Awakening Trailer: From the Perspective of Someone 100% Unfamiliar With Underworld [Video]

    Consider the Following

    Before watching this trailer, I had no familiarity with the Underworld movie series. After watching it and receiving a brief description, I still have no familiarity with it. Here are my impressions: She's a bit of a mouth-breather and it's very blue. Also, for a long-term prisoner, the "People in Charge" kept their prisoner's boots very close to her. She's looking for someone named Michael, whom I have been told is her boyfriend and is both a werewolf and a vampire, which makes him some sort of savior? More uninformed commentary after the jump.

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  18. This Exists: TrueLore, The Social Network For Sad, Sad Fictional Personas

    The whole "niche social network" thing has really got to stop. Yes, every group has particular needs in terms of social tools and interface. Yes, the only way to go up against heavy hitter like Facebook and LinkedIn is to exploit irregular network topologies and cater to close-knit groups of online weirdos.

    But still: A social network dedicated entirely to fictional personas? Surely this is nothing less than a Pynchonesque exercise in exploring the concept of digital-aether-as-liminal-space?

    Nope, it's a bunch of grown-up Hot Topic kids who think they're werewolves. Thanks, Internet!

    Below, let's take a stroll through the gallery of horrors:

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