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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.



Loki Leggings From WeLoveFine Are Burdened With Glorious Gold Lamé

It is my birthright!


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

WeLoveFine Shirts and Leggings Help You Get Your Captain America and Adventure Time On

I am almost partially at least somewhat certain that winter is marginally close to being over. And as weather gets warmer, I personally feel better about letting my gams out into the wild with naught but a layer of thin, stretchy fabric between them and the *shudder* weather. So: leggings! WeLoveFine has some new ones—plus some popular, back-in-stock ones—that we think you’ll like, plus some Captain America shirts newly released in women’s sizes and a spiffy X-Men shirt with art by Antony Rozwadowski. Check ‘em out behind the jump.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Emma Stone’s Bottomless Eyes

Sorry, what? I was lost for a moment. Here’s Entertainment Weekly’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cover.


Oh Mah Glob Guys

WeLoveFine Helps With An “Animated” Geeky Wedding

It’s wedding time! Come on, grab your friends. We’ll go to very distant lands. Like New Zealand! That’s where this latest geeky wedding took place. Che Saunders and husband Ford are animators in Auckland so it’s not such a big surprise they decided to go with a themed wedding. And they were helped with the theme by dressing up the wedding party in Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors items from WeLoveFine!


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: As The Crow Flies Game Of Thrones Poster

And All Was Right With the World

We Love Fine Made the Cat Apron from Bee and Puppycat So You Don’t Have to Sew One Yourself

And a million cosplayers cried out in relief, and then started planning small alterations for 100% accuracy. But even for every day wear, this dress is super cute. You can tell, because it has a cat on it. We Love Fine also just debuted a backpack that makes you look like Catbug.

Previously in WeLoveFine


May The Force Be With You

WeLoveFine Has An Exclusive Star Wars Tauntaun Hoodie For Those Brisk Nights On Hoth

People will constantly be asking if you smell bad on the inside but it will be totally worth it. 



Buy a Ms. Marvel Shirt for Charity

This is the cover to Ms. Marvel #1, an upcoming new series (with an old title) featuring the adventures of Muslim, shapeshifting teen Kamala Khan, Carol Danvers’ biggest fan. Under the direction of Kelly Sue DeConnick, We Love Fine is now selling the shirt Kamala is wearing in the cover of her first issue in men and women’s sizes, and a portion of the proceeds will be going to the Girls Leadership Institute!

Previously in Ms. Marvel


this exists

A Talking Puppycat Plush Toy

First a Catbug video, now a PuppyCat plush video? Our cup runneth over! With cats. Cat hybrids. Whatever these guys are.

Previously in Bee and Puppycat



Cartoon Hangover Officially Has Toys For Bravest Warriors!

A little while ago, Susana and I had a meeting at Frederator headquarters. What did I spy? Bravest Warriors toys! What did I do? Restrain myself from taking them home with me. But only because I knew they’d be available soon! Pop Culture Shock have created collectible figures based on the characters in the show and now you can pre-order them at You can purchase Beth, Chris, Warlow, or Danny individually for $10.99, or as a group for $34.99. Also up for pre-order is a talking or not-talking 8 1/2″ Catbug figure for $39.99/$34.99. Though why you wouldn’t want him to talk his beyond me…

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