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wearable technology

  1. Things We Saw Today: Cute Wearable Tech That Tracks Everything – Including Your Reproductive Health

    Bellabeat’s LEAF is a new wearable that tracks your breathing, stress, sleep, activity – as well as your periods, contraception intake, ovulation periods, and more. Thanks for remembering some of us ladies have particular reproductive health needs, Bellabeat! (via Laughing Squid) Matthew McConaughey says he’s been reading DC and Marvel scrips, but is just waiting […]

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  2. Burn Notice, Apple: New Netflix Watch Offers Convenient Streaming Anytime, Anywhere

    Because when you want to watch Bloodline, you want to watch Bloodline NOW.

    A true Binge Watch, courtesy of some of Netflix's finest trolls. Can't wait for Netflix Glass!

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  3. Japanese Juice Company Creates a Backpack That Feeds Tomatoes To Runners

    The rest of the world better ketchup.

    Between smart watches, fitness trackers, and tomato dispensing backpacks, wearable technology is the way to go. Yup, you read that right —if the latter is on your wish list, The Tomatan has got you covered.

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  4. Smart Ring Relays Phone Notifications, Absolutely Does Not Rule Them All

    Keep it secret, keep it safe.

    Smart watches seem kinda dumb to me (though less dumb than Google Glass on the scale of things). But smart rings? I'm... actually kind of into it. I don't even wear rings. But hey, maybe I don't want to have my phone out and visible to know if that email came in or that celebrity retweeted me or if my friend is ever going to text me that address.

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  5. Adorable Wearable Tech For Babies Could Turn You Into A Parent Of The Future

    It's not Google Baby yet, but it's close.

    I don't have a baby yet, but if and when I do, I imagine I'd be reassured if some of the geniuses from Google and Apple were helping me keep Cox Jr. healthy.

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  6. Germ Killing Scarf Is the Latest in Gross Wearable Technology

    This'll be good for New York Fashion Week.

    If you secretly envy surgical mask-wearing weirdos but wish there was a slightly "sexier" way of protecting yourself from the flu and other ailments, Brooklyn designers have created 'The Scough," an "urban filterwear'' scarf that keeps ''germs and pollution out.''

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  7. SXSW Tech Panel Promises That “Wearable Tech” Underwear Is the New Hotness

    We've gotten a lot of junk mail promising the same thing, so we're kind of skeptical.

    Wearable tech products are cool and all, but they're not very sexy. Oh sure, they tried to make a porn with Google Glass, but c'mon. No one watched that. Of course, that hasn't stopped inventors on the SXSW panel "Tech Off Your Clothes: Naked Truths Of Wearables” from trying to fulfill all our smut-filled hopes and dreams with electronic underwear.

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  8. New Smartshoes Act as Compass for the Visually Impaired

    Sorry, DOGS.

    Lechal shoes are a perfect demonstration that wearable technology isn't just for Google Glass elite—these miraculous smartshoes will help the visually impaired navigate city streets for fifty dollars or less (smartphone not included.)

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  9. Final Price for Google Glass Rumored at Less Than $300

    Even at $300, is it worth the money?

    We're more than a little intrigued with Google Glass, but now that it's out in the wild and we've seen what it really can -- and can't -- do, we've wondered if it's worth the money. Developers paid $1,500 for their early versions, but the final price for the wearable tech could be much less.

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  10. Someone Built Bluetooth Gloves So You Can Pretend to Be Inspector Gadget

    Go Go Gadget unnecessary accessories!

    Sure. There are probably other reasons to build a glove with an earpiece in the thumb, a microphone in the pinkie, and a Bluetooth connection to your cell phone, but "playing Inspector Gadget" has to be pretty high on that list. Sean Miles is a designer at Designworks, and a presumed Inspector Gadget enthusiast. He's the one responsible for your childhood dreams potentially coming true by building a working glove-phone.

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  11. PBS Off Book Explores the Future of Wearable Technology [Video]

    Wearable technology has been around for a while, but it's been given a particular kick in the pants recently thanks to things like the Pebble smartwatch or Google Glass. These aren't the only such projects, but they're representative of the whole. The latest video from PBS Off Book takes a look at the future of wearable technology, but it's becoming increasingly apparent that we've already put one foot in the pool as a society. Now all we need to do is jump in.

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  12. Valve Admits They’re Tinkering with Wearable Computing Too

    What with Google's Project Glass being the talk of the proverbial internet town, it seems as good a time as any for those scuttling about in the shadows of the technology world to admit they're working on similar projects of their own. So it's interesting for Valve to shrug and acknowledge their own wearable computer research in a post that begins with a reference to Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.

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