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  1. Here’s a Video of Water Droplets Pulsing Like They’re At a Nightclub

    Now wave your hydrogen molecules in the air like you just don't care!

    The Leidenfrost Effect is what happens when water is introduced to an incredibly hot surface and part of it vaporizes upon contact, creating a barrier that briefly protects the rest of the liquid and causes it to oscillate as the vapor travels upward. That's what's happening to the droplet in this video here—well, or it's listening to "Uptown Funk" and can't keep from dancing. One or the other.

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  2. New Bio-Sensor Takes Liquid From Your Skin to Tell You If You’re Thirsty

    Because your body has no way of knowing that otherwise.

    Man, listening to what your body is telling you can be so difficult. Am I thirsty? How should I know? How do thirst happens? Worry not, dehydrated dummies, because soon you might be able to buy a computer that will burrow into your skin and tell you whether or not you are thirsty so you don't have to think about it anymore.

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  3. AsapSCIENCE Explains Exactly What Happens to Our Bodies When We Don’t Drink Water

    Seriously, when was the last time you peed?

    In honor of World Water Day this Saturday, AsapSCIENCE has a graphic reminder of what happens to our bodies when we forget to properly hydrate. Spoiler alert: it's not good.

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  4. UNICEF Tap Project Trades Time on Your Phone for Clean Water for Children

    If you don't do this for at least 10 minutes, you are history's greatest monster.

    I'm sitting here at my desk sipping some clean, filtered, safe, and drinkable water while my phone goes untouched next to my laptop. The phone's browser is open to the UNICEF Tap Project site, and for every ten minutes I go without touching it they're donating a day's worth of clean water to a child in need. You can, and should, do this too.

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  5. Can You Drink Too Much Water? AsapSCIENCE Explains Water Intoxication [Video]

    It's like being drunk on water, only you could also die.

    Short answer: yes. But don't worry, because odds are that you're probably not drinking enough water to begin with, so it's probably not something you have to worry about unless you're a world-class marathon runner. Just in case, though, AsapSCIENCE wants you to know what happens if you drink too much water at once.

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  6. The Possible Water Flows on Mars Are Nothing New, Chill, Internet

    OLD. (Am I doing Internet right?)

    NASA's Mars orbiting spacecraft have sent some new information about the dark streaks, or recurring slope lineae (RSL), on the surface of Mars, and people have gotten a little excited, because water on Mars could mean life on Mars. If you got out your alien party hat, you're a bit late, because the RSL were first announced in 2011.

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  7. Water Found in Stardust Points to Life Elsewhere in the Universe

    Or maybe it doesn't—science is such a tease.

    Scientists finally have proof that stardust contains water and the consequent ability to sow seeds of life throughout the heavens. If you're surprised stardust is a real thing outside of fairy tales, let alone the reason we all exist, you're not alone.

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  8. “Supercritical Water” That Can Start Fires Is Being Tested on the International Space Station

    You'll never guess what they want to burn with it. Unless you guess, "poop." Then you're spot on.

    Water puts out fire, right? Well if you put it under enough heat and pressure water goes all Super Saiyan and becomes "supercritical water." Water's ultimate form is capable of burning material it comes in contact with, and could prove useful for closed-system poop management in places like the ISS where it's being tested.

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  9. Want Clean Water? There’s a Billboard For That

    When you walk or drive by a billboard, you're probably (a) delighted by what's being advertised, (b) annoyed at what's being advertised, or (c) annoyed by the eyesore the whole thing presents. What you're probably not thinking is, "I sure could use a glass of water. How about I head over there and fill up?" But in Lima, Peru, there's a billboard for that. An ad agency and the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) have installed a billboard that produces clean water.

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  10. Research Shows Pruney Fingers Are an Evolutionary Advantage, Still Gross to Look At

    Among other things our pedantic mothers warned us about when playing around in a swimming pool, getting pruney fingers from staying in the water too long was one of them, as though having one's fingertips resemble tiny geriatric faces was a terminal disease. It's a common experience nearly every human being on the planet has shared and yet science has never quite determined the purpose of this wrinkly phenomenon -- until now. Once thought to have been the swelling of the outer layers of skin caused from extended submersion, a research team from the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University has discovered that pruney digits are an evolutionary response of the nervous system which allows us to get a grip on wet surfaces.

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