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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: An Indiana Jones & Star Wars Combination Logo

Previously, we posted Homer Liwag’s Indiana Jones engagement ring and Star Wars wedding band. Turns out, his fiancé Aimée Reich decided to make a combination logo for both their geeky loves. (via reddit


And So It Begins

Feel the Fury of Alan Moore in Before Before Watchmen [VIDEO]

Alan Moore has made no secret his distaste for how DC has handled the rights to Watchmen. (Though “distaste” is a little light—maybe “apoplectic rage” would be better?). Mat Rees has therefore made Before Before Watchmen, a two-part series depicting Moore’s reaction to prequel spinoff series Before Watchmen.

You’ve brought this on yourself, DC. You should’ve known better than to make Alan Moore angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.*

*Yeah, I’m mixing Marvel and DC, what of it?

Part two is behind the cut.



Once Upon A Time, Alan Moore Turned Down George R.R. Martin Who Turned Down Neil Gaiman [VIDEO]

Writer George R.R. Martin is known for more than just his A Song of Ice and Fire series. For years he’s been involved with a science fiction and superhero fantasy anthology called Wild Cards. We found out last year around this time it was going to be made into a film by Syfy and Universal, and while we have no word on the progress of that project, we did hear some interesting tidbits concerning the original anthology. Turns out, Martin was keen on getting Watchmen creator Alan Moore involved. He didn’t want anything to do with it but someone else did. Martin described him as “a skinny british kid dressed all in black.” Yup, a young Neil Gaiman wanted to create a character for Wild Cards but since he had no credits to his name at that point, Martin turned him down. He’s obviously kicking himself now. Hit the jump to watch him tell the entire story because Gaiman chimes in near the end to tell his side of things and it’s even worse than you can imagine.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Winter Time

A Game of Thrones/Adventure Time mash-up featuring Jon Snow and Ghost as Finn and Jake? Someone make Daisy Edwardscreation happen for real. (via Ashley Hay)


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

What Superheroines Would Look Like In Comfy Pants

Previously, we put forth a challenge to our readers to illustrate what Batman would look like fighting in stilettos to juxtapose the norm that is superheroines constantly being drawn wearing (or actresses forced to perform in) high heels to fight crime. One of our readers, Joanna (@super_widget) talked about how superheroes are constantly being drawn by fans outside their usual costumes, i.e. steampunk, Rule 63, etc. But it was when she wrote the phrase, “female super heroes in comfy pants” that we knew we had our next challenge. We left it pretty open this time, they didn’t have to be fighting, just wearing any sort of comfortable trousers. Above is Sarah Levine’s (@morphmaker) illustration of Batwoman Kate Kane in not just comfy pants but her famous pink bunny slippers. Hit the jump for seven more fantastic images!


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Darth Vader On a Vespa

So, Darth Vader was cruising around on his vespa one sunny afternoon, when all of a sudden, a bus pulled up. Does the Sith Lord: a) Ask the bus driver for directions before strangling him with the Force, b) Board the bus and use the Force to propel the vespa into a safe parking spot, or c) Continue calmly to the nearest Red Mango? Choose your own adventure, everyone! (via Blastr)



The Watchmen Prequels: Allow Us To Explain

DC Comics, safe to say my biggest love-hate media relationship, announced this morning in an veritable online media blitz that they are working on seven new miniseries, each based on a different major character from Alan Moore‘s Watchmen, expanding and adding to the “Watchmen universe.” Naturally, the comics world has kind of exploded.

This post is going to serves two functions. First, I’m willing to guess that, fractured as the geek community is, there are a lot of you out there that don’t understand why this move would be controversial, or why it touches on the subjects of creators rights, creative innovation, and the future of the mainstream comic industry in America. DC owns Watchmen, right? It’s just like making more Superman, right? Is this just a bunch of nerds complaining about adaptations of ’80s nostalgia and endless sequels, again? Second, I’m going to share some personal opinion.

So lets start. Allow Us To Explain: Before Watchmen:


Power Grid

52 Funny, Geeky Valentines Cards

Valentines Day: perhaps the silliest of the recognized holidays, whether you think it’s silly and fun or silly and stupid. In my opinion, probably the best thing about Valentines day is fan-made nerdy Valentines, whether or not you’re actually giving them. So here’s more than fifty geeky valentines, some of which you can print, some of which you can buy, all of which you can enjoy and then have enough time to use later this month.



If Superheroes Bought Their Costumes and Gadgets from Etsy [Crosspost]

Not every superhero has a gadget whiz at his/her side creating fancy new outfits for them. Even then, superheroes and villains sometimes want a snazzy new look! For that, they go to

Ever wonder where comic book characters buy their costumes and gadgets?  Lately, superheroes and their villainous counterparts have been shopping on for their gizmos and getups.

Here are the top handmade and vintage finds for the most fashionable superheroes and evil geniuses.

First up? Cyclops’ Crystal & Fur Embellished Shades.


Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!

Want To Stop DC Comics From Making The Watchmen Prequel? There’s A Petition For That.

Have you heard about DC Comics publishing another Watchmen book? Call it a Watchmen prequel, call it Watchmen 2 but it’s been rumored for a while and seems to be finally coming to fruition. Thanks in part to some leaked art from the project, apparently codenamed “Panic Room,” a petition has surfaced trying to end the comic full-stop. And no, the first name on the petition is not Alan Moore.