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  1. You Can Win a Nice Looking Wooden Watch From Jord, Here’s How!

    What time is it?

    Most of us probably rely on our phones to tell the time. If I'm being honest, usually so do I, but sometimes you just need a watch. Our friends at Jord make beautiful wooden watches. They sent us one to try out, and they want to give one lucky a reader a watch as well. Here's how you can win.

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  2. Must-Have Breathalyzer Watch Tells You When to Go Home, You’re Drunk

    The latest watch from TokyoFlash can tell you when it's time to leave the bar. Whether or not you listen is your own business.

    Most of us have had the kind of night where we would have been better off heading home from the bar before that last round. And we probably would have, too, if someone had just told us that we didn't need another beer. Alas, that's rarely the way the world works. Thanks to the constant march of progress, though, you can now tell when you've had a few too many without relying on your friends or your own inebriated brain. The weirdo watchmakers at Tokyoflash have brought the world a boon -- a watch with a built-in breathalyzer you can use to monitor your drinking. 

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  3. Tetris Comes to Pebble Smartwatch, Causes Us to Want Pebble Smartwatches

    I've been skeptical of the Pebble smartwatch. As far as watches go, yes, it looks like a very useful watch, but I stopped wearing a watch when I started carrying my phone with me everywhere. That said, nobody told me we'd be able to play Tetris on these things. Now I kind of want one.

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  4. Win a Free Ingersoll Watch, Here’s How!

    Winter is on its way, and if you're looking for something to keep one of your wrists warm -- since you obviously suffer from a very specific medical condition in which only one of your wrists gets cold -- TouchOfModern and Ingersoll are providing one watch with which we can make all your dreams of winning an awesome free watch come true. Entering into the giveaway is super simple and painless, and you'd pretty much be wasting your time not entering, so head on past the jump and enter the giveaway before you feel silly for doing something else instead of that.

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  5. Review: Tokyoflash Uzumaki

    Being on the Internet for a living, one comes across some really neat products from around the world, from a bubble wrap calender to a USB adapter that allows one to mix and match parts from various video game controllers. One may also come across Tokyoflash, a company that specializes in some modern, sleek, and pretty weird watches. I've never been one to wear a watch, as my parents, who bought me various nice watches over the course of my life only to find them in a drawer years later, will sourly lament. However, upon seeing the Tokyoflash watches, I always thought if I'd ever give a watch a serious go, it'd be one of theirs. Along with our first Tokyoflash giveaway, we here at Geekosystem received some review units, so luckily for me, I got to give a Tokyoflash watch, the Kisai Uzumaki, a serious go. Here's what I think.

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  6. TicTocTrac Watch Tracks Your Perception Of Time, Also Tells It

    Anyone with even the vaguest understanding of the theory of relativity knows that time isn't a fixed construct. How you experience time depends on what you're doing --whether you're sitting around, or moving at near light-speed. Your perception of time also depends on what you're doing in a more mundane way, like whether you're playing video games or sitting in a meeting. The TicTocTrac watch aims to help you learn more about that second kind of time warping. Also, like any good watch, it also tells time.

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  7. Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch Connects with Android and iPhone, Brings Apps to Your Wrist

    I've always thought of myself as an analog watch kind of guy, but after looking at the Pebble, an e-paper smartwatch with Android and iPhone connectivity baked right in, I may be changing my mind. As you can see above, the Pebble has a pretty slick, minimalist design, which makes the digital aspect of it a little easier to swallow. Also helping you choke down the idea of a digital watch is the functionality. Oh, the functionality

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  8. Forget Watches With Gears and Cogs, The Devon Tread Opts For Belts

    In this digital world, it's sort of weird to see someone trying to innovate analog technology, almost as weird as it is cool. Innovating analog technology seems to be exactly what the Devon Tread watch is trying to do, or at the very least, it's trying to make analog technology more stylish, with belts. I don't know about you, but I think they pulled it off.

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  9. Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil Watch Is All About What It Doesn’t Show

    As part of its enduring fondness for watches which aren't immediately decipherable, Tokyoflash has released yet another watch that isn't exactly what it seems. The Kisai Stencil Watch, while a little weird at a glance, is probably the most intuitive Tokyoflash watch I've seen in a long time. The trick is easy; the numbers are drawn with the whitespace. As you might have guessed by the watch's name, its face is conveyed via stencil, making it look like jumbled lines at first glance, but also exceeding easy to read once the trick clicks.

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  10. Concept Decypher Watch Looks Complicated, Is Deceptively Simple

    If you're anything like me, over exposure to digital clocks has made even standard analogue watches a puzzle to look at sometimes, but if that's not enough for you and you want digital to look weird too, check out the Decypher Watch. A concept device posted by a fellow named Llyod over at Tokoyflash, the Decypher takes an interesting spin on pure digital by obscuring it with seemingly random triangles. There's a method to the madness however, and once it clicks, it's pretty easy to spot.

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  11. Touchscreen Watch Tells Time With Optical Illusions

    In this day and age, when you've got your Walkmans and your iTablets and your new fangled pocketual telephones, people don't wear watches as much as they used to. Just wearing a watch is enough to perplex some of your fellows, I'm sure, so why not wear a truly perplexing watch to perplex them further? The new Tokyoflash Kisai Optical Illusion LCD watch is tops at that, displaying the time via an optical illusion that -- if I'm any indication of "normal" -- takes a bit of training to learn to read, but no training to appreciate.

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  12. Keypad Watch Lets You Type for the Time

    For as simple as their function actually is, watches can be an interesting venue for innovation when creative people try to eschew your standard analogue or digital display. The Click Keypad Watch is definitely an interesting way to approach time-telling. Whether or not it's a good one is a matter of personal opinion. With the keypad watch, you press any number, and then a sequence of lights corresponding to the numbers in the current time will light up. Hit #, and you'll get the date. It's available for $90 and seems pretty cool to me, but the one thing that gets me a little worried is that lack of a hand for scale. How big is this thing, exactly?

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  13. The 2LMX Watch: Analog Meets Digital, Expensively

    When it comes to wrist watches, I've always been an analog guy. There's just something about the phsyical movement that appeals to me. Despite that, I've always preferred digital readout because, well, I'm stupid and lazy. The 2LMX watch, brainchild of Arnaud Tellier, looks like the perfect marriage between the two combining intense mechanical movement with your typical digital-style readout. Want one? It might be tough. Each one is hand finished and assembled requiring some 1,000 man hours; only 5 are released each year.

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  14. Sleek Watch Tells Time With Two Pulsating LED Rings

    Neat-but-eccentric watch designer Tokyoflash is at it again, this time unleashing the Kisai Seven, a watch that tells time with two pulsating LED rings. Though possibly confusing at first, the two LED rings closely resemble any analog clock: The outer ring displays minutes in increments of five, while the inner ring displays hours. The top and bottom LED strips help display the precise minute, with the fill of the bar signaling anywhere from one to four minutes, so half of a fill would be two minutes.

    The watch is a limited edition, is available in blue or white LEDs, and is on sale for $99 through October 28, at which point, the price jumps to $139. Head on over to Tokyoflash to check it out and maybe put in an order.

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  15. Sleek Concept-Turned-Real Watch Tells Time With Words, Has Some Questionable Words

    15-year-old Tynan Mayhew is a fan of Japan-based watchmaker Tokyoflash, so he decided to design a concept watch and send it in to them. Awesomely for him, Tokyoflash liked the concept design (seen after the break) so much, that they actually created the watch, dubbed the Kisai Kaidoku. Aside from the sleek, modern look, the watch uses words to tell the time rather than numbers. However, looking more closely at the watch, one may notice something a little amiss: Among the numbers, one can plainly see the words "ass," and "poo," (although one of the letters of the "poo" is being used for "one") something that wasn't included in the original concept design. Either way, neat watch, but possibly weird easter egg?

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  16. $10,000 Space Invaders Watch Invades Your Wallet

    Romain Jerome made some very pretty limited edition Space Invaders watches that will burn a 10,000 dollar-shaped hole in your wallet. There are two versions of the watch, a "day" version (the colorful one seen above) and a "night" version (white with glowing invaders, which can be seen after the break), both of which have a limited run of 78. Romain Jerome teamed up with TAITO to make the watches, so they aren't unofficial. They still cost $10,000 though.

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