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  1. Nobody Voted on Facebook, Now Nobody Can Vote on Facebook

    Earlier this week marked the end of a site-wide vote on Facebook's new privacy policies. The vote ended with 589,141 users voting against the new policies, and only 79,931 voting to approve them. That doesn't matter, because less than 30% of users voted, the results have no impact on Facebook's decision on the policy. The other notable consequence of the vote is that because not enough users turned out to vote, Facebook is discontinuing its policy of letting users vote on policies at all. This is why we can't have nice things.

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  2. This Is Your Last Chance To Vote On Facebook Privacy Terms And Your Right To Vote In The Future

    Did you know you could vote on Facebook? Not just about things like "Which cat is cuter?" or "What's the best Full House episode?", but on substantive things like the actual policies of Facebook? Well you can, at least for the next hour or so. Voting closes today at 3:00 (EST) on the newest round of privacy chances to Facebook. So how about you stop posting meaningless copyright notices on your wall and take a minute to do something that can actually affect what Facebook does with your information? This could be your last chance, since one of the changes is whether Facebook will let users vote in the future.

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  3. The Best Apps For Following Tonight’s Polls

    Earlier today we offered readers who are tired of the election a brief respite with a rundown of some of our favorite fictional presidents. Some of you, though, will be following the elections to their bitter end later tonight -- or their sweet end, depending on what side of the aisle you sit on. No matter what horse you're backing, we've got some convenient apps for keeping you in touch with the latest polls and election results, figuring out where to vote, and staying busy in what can be some long lines. Because if something is worth doing, it is worth doing in the nerdiest and most obsessive way possible. Of course, we'll be watching with our friends over at Mediaite, who will be dishing the dirt on the election all day and all night, but that doesn't mean our phones won't be doing double duty to keep our fingers on the pulse. And whatever happens, remember -- don't blame us. We voted for Kodos.

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  4. There’s Nothing Funny About Voter Fraud, Except Maybe This Reddit Thread

    When a video purporting to be of  a malfunctioning voting machine in Pennsylvania showed up earlier today, a pair of web-savvy CNN reporters were hot on the case, looking for assistance from the Reddit community in confirming the veracity of the video. That is some well-intentioned, shoe leather journalism...that went about exactly as well as you might expect. It probably didn't help that the two reporters in question go by the handles CNNkyle and CNN_eric, a fact that opened the door to a lot of South Park jokes, and that's just for starters.

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  5. Google App May Have Sent Thousands of Voters to the Wrong Polling Stations

    Google's civic-minded search tools providing information to Election Day voters won wide praise among followers of tech and politics alike. But according to an analysis released by a political tech firm called Aristotle, one of Google's Election Center apps could have directed many thousands of voters to the wrong polling station.

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  6. How Russian Parliament Works: 88 MPs Cast 449 Votes [Video]

    Absenteeism is apparently a major problem in Russia's Parliament: A recent report on a Russian news channel highlights just how many Russian MPs regularly take the day off rather than coming into the dreary old Parliament to cast their votes.

    In the video below, just 88 MPs out of 450 show up to vote on a bill that bans drinking while behind the wheel of a car (somehow, not a Russian law already). Rather than just have 88 votes, what we see is the amusing yet alarming spectacle of the MPs present literally running around the room and casting votes for their compatriots -- an average of almost five votes cast per member.

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