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  1. Brianna Wu, Margaret E. Atwood, Orphan Black, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, & More Included in 2015 Shorty Awards Nominations

    Also Bob Vila?

    The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed the nominations for this year's Shorty Awards for achievements on the internetz.

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  2. Mario’s Voice Actor Has His Own Vine Account, Guess What He Does With It

    It's-a me, SELFIEEEEEEE

    For twenty four years, American actor Charles Martinet has delighted Nintendo fans with his jovial portrayals of Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth, Wario, Waluigi, and other characters in the Mario franchise. Now on his off hours, he's further adding to his legacy by carrying action figures of the plumber brothers around with him and making adorable Vine videos of them. Isn't the Internet a magical place sometimes?

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  3. The Very First Vine From Space Captures A Sun That Never Sets

    And it's kind of inspiringly beautiful.

    NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman is about to get Vine-famous, because he's uploaded the first-ever Vine from space. In Wiseman's video, he condenses the ISS's 92-minute lap around the Earth into six seconds, showing us lowly Earthings that, from his vantage point over the day/night terminator line, the sun never sets.

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  4. We React to Kids Reacting to Batdad


    The Kids React YouTube series by the Fine Brothers is one of our favorite things. They show a bunch of kids something trending on the Internet, and as you'd expect, the kids react in a variety of fun ways. This time around, they show the kids a bunch of Batdad vines, then have kids imitate him. It's great.

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  5. Announcing the Winners of Our The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition #Batgeekgiveaway

    Also some great honorable mentions.

    Our friends at Warner Bros. set us up with two copies of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray to give away, so we made our readers scream "Swear to me!" in their best Batman voice on Vine. The results were exactly as incredible as we hope. Here are the winning Vines and some honorable mentions.

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  6. This Video is Four Minutes Worth of Six-Second Science Experiments

    So much science, so little time.

    GE hosted a science fair on Vine appropriately titled the #6SecondScienceFair. This video compiled enough of the entrants to fill a a four-minute video that's densely packed with interesting science clips. There's even a special guest appearance at 1:53 that we're particularly excited about.

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  7. Phil Fish is Back on Twitter, We Try to Decipher His Weird Vine Post

    Welcome back. Now please go finish Fez II.

    After four days of controversy and Internet arguing among the gaming press about his disappearance, Phil Fish has returned to Twitter. In typical Fish fashion, his post isn't some obligatory "I'm back!" kind of thing-- it's a Vine of two rubber toy dudes wrestling each other. I can't think of a better showcase of why people love him, or hate him.

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  8. Facebook Wants Instagram to Be Vine Now or Something, Announces Video Capability

    It's like PS4 vs. Xbox One all over again, except nobody cares.

    Facebook seems pretty eager to get its little blue and white thumbs into every Internet pie, as evidenced by their buyout of Instagram two years ago. While it seems like they're not as interested in acquiring other companies right now, they definitely have no problem trying to move in on other people's turf by introducing their own versions of what they do. So now Instagram has announced that they're going to attempt the type of video publishing that's made Vine a, well, thing. Or whatever.

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  9. Arya Stark Offers Own Take on Red Wedding, Proves the Sixth Stage of Grief is Absurdity

    A girl would do well to spend less time on the Internet taking selfies.

    Maisie Williams is such an amazing actor that we occasionally forget she's only sixteen and, like all those who are sixteen, is also incredibly weird. She occasionally likes to remind us of that fact by recording and posting Vines where she makes strange noises with her mouth. This reaction video to the events of Sunday's most recent Game of Thrones episode definitely takes the cake -- though we're not quite sure how to categorize it in the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief as we did with the rest of the what we saw online afterwards. Then again, I'm pretty sure George R.R. Martin's ultimate goal all along was to drive us all insane, so it makes sense that the actors in the show would be driven to madness first. (Spoilers for Episode 9 -- you've been warned!)

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  10. Vine Comes to Android, So I Kind of Get Vine Now

    Android users won't have to wait to vine some vines anymore. Vine just hit the Google Play Store.

    We all knew it was coming, and it's finally here! Finally Vine has stopped ignoring non-iOS users, and today they're offering the six-second looping video app on Android. As the only Geekosystem writer with an Android phone it's fallen to me to try it out. Now that I can actually vine some vines, I think I kind of get the appeal of Vine. Let's take a look at the app.

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