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  1. Mystery Grandma Rocks A One-Man Concert On A Drum Kit In Wisconsin Music Store

    Today in Awesome

    I don't think AD/DC ever thought that a viable re-wording of their seminal song "Let There Be Rock" would look like this: "Let there be sound, light, drums, grannies!" Wait, grannies? Yes. Grannies. A mysterious elderly woman walked into the Coalition Drum Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and proceeded to play a mindblowing 15-minute drum solo, much to the surprise of other customers and the store staff. After she finished kicking ass and taking names, the woman left the store without even leaving her name. I choose to think of her as an angel of rock and roll, delivering unto us the holy balm of awesome music. Rock on, metal granny, Rock on. (via Jezebel)

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  2. Wonder Woman Has Never Looked Fiercer In This New DC Nation Short [VIDEO]


    This new DC Nation Wonder Woman short not only looks gorgeous and reveals an alternative mode of transportation to the Invisible Jet, but also makes us excited that a modern, nuanced, and totally badass Wonder Woman like this could be showing up in her own something-something sooner rather than later. That car is awesome, and that hairflip is epic. (via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  3. Being Human‘s Final Season Promo Looks Bloody Good [VIDEO]

    Bloody Good Fun

    The final season of the BBC hit show Being Human is upon us. Though parting is such sweet sorrow, it is better than the languishing fate of so many American shows that overstayed their welcome (-coughLOSTcough-). Also, that last-season sorrow looks pretty darn sweet in this new promo released on Monday. Check it out.

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  4. Console Wars: The Musical!

    Just Go With It

    Xbox One, I just got a console Xbox One, and suddenly that name actually makes sense to me! Xbox One, say it loud and there's games a-playing, say it soft, Microsoft might be preying, Xbox One, I just got a console Xbox One!
    No but seriously, West Side Story is a perfect match for the new generation of console wars. Don't believe me? Check out this awesome mini-musical from AVByte. You'll be singing West Side Story parodies about Sony "Wanting to be in America" soon. (via Kotaku) Previously in Video Games

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  5. Paranoid Dame Helen Is Mean To Her Housekeeper (Because She Has Obviously Never Seen Toy Story) [VIDEO]

    Don't Panic

    In this trailer for the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Dame Helen Mirren gets suspicious when her award starts showing up in places that it shouldn't. I would get weirded-out, too, if my inanimate objects started moving around. Every kid wanted to have live toys like Woody and Buzz, right? Dame Helen has live awards! Based on her reaction, though, it looks like Toy Story's charm isn't quite as applicable to real life. That poor housekeeper. (via Jezebel)

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  6. See What Other People Are Watching With YouTube Trends Map

    If you've ever felt the urge to peek over the shoulder of a co-worker to see what video they're watching, YouTube has a new tool that's right up your alley. Today saw the release of YouTube Trends, which lets you get a look at what videos the rest of the country is tuned into on YouTube. You can even break down the data by user age and gender to make sure you're keeping up with the Joneses and not missing out on all the cat videos, trailers, and lip read dubs that your peers are into right this second. After all, you wouldn't want to look foolish, would you?

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  7. Buying Games Like Call of Duty Might Be a Moral Choice [Video]

    Violence and video games is a tricky subject, but it's just plain factual that many games -- like Call of Duty, for example -- sometimes license the use and depiction of actual firearms. As in, the virtual sniper rifle a player's using might be about as close to the real thing as a virtual sniper rifle gets. So, is buying Call of Duty or Battlefield a moral choice? That's what Mike Rugnetta and PBS Idea Channel explore in their latest and greatest video.

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  8. Hello, World: Folks Behind MinutePhysics Launch MinuteEarth [Video]

    You might recall that we here at Geekosystem enjoy the videos made by the good people at MinutePhysics. We certainly post them often enough. They're both amusing and informative, and that's pretty much the best thing the Internet at large can produce. Now we'll have even more amusing and informative videos to post! See, they've just launched MinuteEarth, which promises to cover science and stories about our planet. Their first video talks about the planet in a general sense, and how we've spread across it, but future episodes promise to be even better.

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  9. What’s the Ultimate Educational Tool? It Might Be Minecraft [Video]

      Could Minecraft -- a game that lets players essentially do anything and build anything they want -- be used by educators to teach students any subject, making it the ultimate educational tool? PBS Idea Channel seems to think so, and they're not alone. They cite some schools currently using the game to teach a wide range of subjects as well as game advocates calling for an increase in game-based learning. We love learning, and we love video games, so we're pretty much all for this.

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  10. Here Are The Trailers You Missed If You Didn’t Watch The Super Bowl Last Night [Video]

    Didn't watch the Super Bowl? Not even for the commercials? We understand -- large men being paid huge sums of money to run into one another very, very fast isn't exactly everyone's thing. In fact, when we put it like that, it can even sound like a rather silly pastime. Or maybe, like yours truly, you watched the game on CBS's stream, and didn't see the big budget commercials the event is famed for, instead being subjected to that stupid Blackberry commercial like a bazillion times. Either way, you're short new trailers -- and some new footage, even -- from Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Worry not, though -- you can check them out below. We won't even make you sit through a half hour of blackout to see them.

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