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  1. Have Some Week-Ending Zen With Helen Dallat’s Short Animation Bare


    On this Friday at the cusp of autumn, have a quiet moment at the end of the workweek with Helen Dallat's "Bare", her graduation film from the University of Wales, Newport. A neat bear tries to keep his natural world unnaturally tidy in this charming, stylish little gem. Our advice? Finish up your own tidying, and get out there. It's the weekend! (via CartoonBrew)

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  2. Dubstep Flying Superhero Kittens

    Obligatory Baby Animal of the Day

    It's Friday, and we know what you want. You want a video of cape-wearing superheroic cats being tossed in the air to some highly-produced hip-hop dustup. That itself is about superheroic cats. You didn't know that's what you wanted, but don't worry. We've got you covered. (As the original YouTube page disclaimer states, no animals were harmed in the making of this video.)

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  3. ‘Cloaxia’ Promises One Hole, Many Confused Laughs [Probs NSFW]

    i'll just leave this here

    Upright Citizen's Brigade gets it. You're a busy woman, and you don't have time to deal with your vagina. This…might not be the solution you're looking for (or even a real one). In a great, almost too weird, sendup of women's medication ads that hits the tone right on, a bevy of smiling, pleased women espouse the virtues of having a cloaca. Yes, the anatomical pathway that birds have. With a rapid-fire stream of jokes that will have you halfway between laughing and repeatedly muttering "what" under your breath, this faux ad for Cloaxia maintains a straight face all the way through. Just remember ladies, eggbinding is a serious condition. (via Laughing Squid)

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  4. Lightly Stroking Your Circuitry: PBS Talks Geek Fandom

    i'll just leave this here

    Ooh, fandom, you strange, sometimes beautiful, sometimes not-safe-for-work beast. Trying to explain you to outsiders can be tricky, and fraught with misunderstanding, but visual aids usually help. Even if those visual aids are quite…revealing. In the above video, fans lend their voices and their fanfiction excerpts to the noble cause of explaining, in simple terms, what fandom is, why so many of us are engaged in it, and why it continues to be popular. Part of PBS' Off-Book video series, this particular discussion of fandom is mostly for the uninitiated, but it's still fun as a fan to watch familiar pictures of convention cosplayers, Bronies, and various fanart fly by in a semi-scholarly fashion. It's hardly the most broad handling of the topic, though it gets some good main points across. However, the video makers seem to have gone out of their way to find some fairly obscure fandom tracks to explore. Somehow, I don't think using erotic Transformers fanfiction or the (thankfully brief) Colorado shooter James Holmes trolling fandom flare-up makes a good case for fans largely being rational, if passionate, people, and not crazy loners hanging out in our basements with a high-speed web connection. Judge for yourselves, Internet.

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  5. Little Girl in Fairy Wings Might Be Future Death Metal Star

    Meddling Kids

    What did you do when you were a kid? Play with blocks? Video games? Running around the yard? Today's young things have us all beat, and we know they do, because they have access to YouTube. Future death metal superstar Murp has a slew of hard-rocking videos, of which this is the latest. See her above, in fairy wings, with her brother on back-up drums, being a boss. (via Death and Taxes)

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Game of Thrones Cake Looks Delicious, Is Deceptive

    Things We Saw Today

    This Iron Throne cake will doubtlessly lead to the downfall, if not of your house, then perhaps to your resistance of dessert. (DeathandTaxes)

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  7. ‘Hidden’ Taken 2 Trailer Clip Shows Daughter Getting In On the Action

    I'll Allow It

    It might strike regular readers as odd that we're posting anything to do with Taken 2, the sequel to the grisly 2008 daughter-rescuing revenge flick, starring Liam Neeson. No one was less enthusiastic than us to see this tired and trope-laden action premise return, now with bonus wife-snatching. But we were willing to put skepticism to the side momentarily and take a look at the 'hidden' scene offered in the latest online clip (above), featuring Kim (Maggie Grace) getting into the action under her father's terse phone direction. We're pretty sure that tossing a grenade out of a hotel window in Istanbul will bring the cops around (at the very least), so putting pants on might be prudent. Still, it's nice to see something a bit different from resolutely mainstream fare. Check it out for yourself, it automatically plays after the main trailer (press 9 to skip most of that, if you so desire).

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  8. This is a Video of Darth Vader Being Foiled By An Overly-Playful Dog

    Elsewhere on the internet

    What did you think this was? You saw the title, right? Do we need to explain the appeal/fascination/likely entertainment contained therein? (To be fair, this Sith Lord isn't so much getting "attacked" as "playfully gnawed on".) Remember, they may be out to rule the galaxy, but meddlers in the Dark Side of the Force are not your chew toys. Oh, get off our lawn already, and click "play". (via Neatorama.)

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  9. Ask a Mortician Covers Not Dissolving Your Grandmother in Acid, Other Pressing Concerns

    Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

    Who doesn't need a little death in their life? If you're not already following Caitlin Doughty and The Order of the Good Death, consider this your chance to catch up. A licensed mortician with a wry sense of humor and no fear of cameras (not to mention an endearing love of her cat), Caitlin has an interest in death and the death industry that's as academic as it is professional. Determined to use her powers of morbidity for common good, she began the web series Ask A Mortician to do just what it says on the tin; answer burning (sometimes literally) questions about bodies, decomposition, funeral rites, exploding caskets, and yes, even zombies. Recently, she's eschewed the longer, multi-question videos for single-question ones, meaning that AaM is more frequent. To our minds, that's nothing but a good thing. Go forth and be fascinated, by subscribing on to her YouTube, and checking out her trove of posts at Order of the Good Death's main site.

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  10. Conan’s Mr. Buttons Strikes Fear Into The Heart of Skyrim’s Fauna [Video]

    In the latest addition to his "Clueless Gamer" series of videos, Conan O'Brien plays and reviews The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here we see him scream at the sight of a woman, reenact junior high school conversations, and give surprisingly good advice on how to kill mammoths. I have to admit, he's making really good points about the game, just more bewilderingly and with less gamer jargon.

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  11. Magic Machine Plays the Shell Game [Video]

    You know the shell game. This game is in magic shows, marketplaces, ballparks, you name it. You put a ball under one of three cups, move them around, and make your audience guess the cup. Here's a wooden machine that plays the shell game when you turn a crank. Nothing special, right? How wrong you are!

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  12. A Bit of Trivia Regarding the History of Trivia [Video]

    How much trivia do you know? Probably quite a bit. How much do you know about trivia? Not as much, I'd guess. YouTuber jerimiahjw has come to fill that particular gap in your knowledge with his video outlining the history of trivia. Take a break from memorizing every English monarch born on Tuesday to watch this neat little video!

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  13. My Pet Clam’s Only Trick: Eating Salt [Video]

    A clam's no pet, they said. Get a pet rock, they said. Well, the joke's on them! Wonder Clam can eat salt all day and all night! Next, she'll learn "shake hands" and before you know it, she'll be catching frisbees and jumping through hoops. Soon, she'll be doing a victory lap in front of the judges after she's named "Clam-of-Show." They'll see who's laughing then. That'll show 'em. That'll show 'em all!

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  14. Get Your Fix of Game of Thrones with These 7 Takes on the Iconic Opening

    It's been over a month since the conclusion of season 2 HBO's Game of Thrones, and production of season 3 is set to begin in the next few weeks. We are unlikely to see the next season until April of next year. What the hell are we supposed to do until then? We at Geekosystem have provided you a quick hit of GoT by assembling some renditions of the opening credit sequence that we have grown so fond of. Enjoy!

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  15. Game of Thrones Political Attack Ads are Pure Genius

    The Game of Thrones world is steeped in court intrigue and political maneuvering, but for all that it lacks something we take for granted: Democracy Political attack ads. The folks over at Mother Jones decided to put their tongues firmly in cheek and show us what attack ads from the land of Westeros would look like. C'mon, Joffrey, we want to see a birth certificate! See them all, after the break.

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  16. ISS Passes Over African Storms While the Milky Way Rises [Video]

    This all too brief time lapse video from the International Space Station shows our home planet with storms sparking over Africa. It's a breathtaking, if humbling, view, made all the more so by the enormous Milky Way galaxy rising behind Earth. Just a little reminder of how staggeringly huge and beautiful the universe is and how small we are.

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  17. YouTube Announces the 10 Most Popular Videos of 2011

    It's hard to imagine a world without YouTube, as the video sharing service has entirely changed how we take in content on these wide interwebs. That's why the service's year-end retrospective covering the most popular videos of 2011 is so fascinating, as it features many of the vital videos that came to define this year. And that's both a good and bad thing.

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  18. Here's a Question: Which of These Musical Videos is More Nightmare Inducing?

    We're having a bit of a friendly discussion here at Geekosystem about two videos. One features the musical stylings of Pete Drake and his talking guitar, the other is a bizarre OtamaTone instrument with a "talking" rubber mouth. Both feature the tone-shaping ability of a mouth, or some kind of mouth, and both are thoroughly weird. But which is truly the strangest?

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  19. YouTube to Launch Over 100 New Channels

    In a bid to move away from user-uploaded content, YouTube is announcing over 100 new channels with some fronted by big names in entertainment. The channels will feature original content for YouTube, and will be fully controlled by the channel's creators who can potentially bring in some advertising dollars via their channels. According to Business Insider, YouTube apparently shelled out huge advances, some up to $100 million, to get the content. The move is an interesting one for YouTube which has, since its launch, focused primarily on acting as a service for people to host and share videos. Though YouTube, with some help from its owners at Google, has made moves to introduce advertising and even feature-length films to the site's repertoire of videos, this seems like a much larger effort. New channels will begin coming online next month and continue over the next year. How this will play out for the cat video service, and whether or not YouTube can really hold its own with these new channels is yet to be seen. Read a full list of the new channels, after the break.

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  20. Twilight Zone Parody Asks: “Why Is Everyone Here?” [Video]

    Questions! Questions That Need Answering

    Submitted for your approval ... A small town. Okay, a large city. Suddenly populated with people ... people on laptops. So many people, with seemingly little to do, yet somehow too busy too move ... in ... the Twilight Zone (parody by comedy group Killing My Lobster). I hate when that happens. (via Laughing Squid)

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